Blu-ray Backup with BD Rebuilder

How To Stream Audio/Video to Your PS3, Xbox 360, and more!

Well, it's time to give a little update, since it's been so long (oops....). Since I have been messing with video streaming in my apartment recently, I thought I would publish an article on how to stream music, videos, images, and more from your Windows PC, Linux PC, or your Mac. It's all possible through the wonderful use of PS3MediaServer.

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How To Encode Videos For Ipod Using EncodeHD

This may be the simplest way in existence to encode videos for your iPod Classic/Touch/Phone etc. The secret is EncodeHD.

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Basics of MeGUI's Avisynth Creator

Okay, I thought I would go ahead and post this little explanation of MeGUI's excellent Avisynth Creator tool. It's a fantastic tool, and not just with respect to use with MeGUI. I (and many others, I'm sure) have used the Avisynth Script Creator to create scripts for their personal use in a number of different situations. It is a nicely versatile tool with a number of useful features varying from Anamorphic encoding to an interlacing detector. Well, let's get started.

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X264 Defaults Changing, Plus a Few More

Well, it has been a while now hasn't it? Okay, well lets start off with some "industry" news. It appears that Dark Shikari over on the Doom9 forums has announced that the defaults for X264 (the free implementation of the H.264 encoder standard) are infact changing. The reason most often stated is "to make it faster and easier for users to select encoding options".

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How to convert Blurays with HDConvertToX

Okay, since I myself have been getting more and more into Bluray backup and the like, I will be posting a series of articles on Bluray conversion, both to MKV and to Bluray/AVCHD. This article is a tutorial on converting a Bluray disk that you have already ripped to your hard drive. The only tool necessary is HDConvertToX!

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AnyDVD HD Settings Explained

How to rip DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray with AnyDVD

Okay, since I know a lot of people visiting this blog are completely new to backing up their media, I thought I would take a couple of minutes to sit down and talk about one of the easier ripping programs to use.

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Ripping with AnyDVD

DVD Decrypter Explained