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How to rip DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray with AnyDVD

Okay, since I know a lot of people visiting this blog are completely new to backing up their media, I thought I would take a couple of minutes to sit down and talk about one of the easier ripping programs to use.

That program is AnyDVD.

Now, it’s not free. It’s about €79.00 or $105.00 for a 2 year subscription (yeah, I know, expensive huh?), but that varies as they have sales all the time. However, for something that is simple, easy to use, and readily updated, it’s a decent deal.

AnyDVD adds a sort of decryption layer to your operating system. What this means is that when you place a disk into your disk drive, AnyDVD will “intercept” the disk, scan it, remove all the protections it can find/handle, and present a “clean” disk to the operating system.

This then means that you can completely drag and drop the files from the disk onto your desktop and you have fully decrypted files just sitting there in your folder for you. Well almost. Sometimes there comes a time when you actually need to perform a full on rip, and for that you need to use the “Rip to hard disk” option of AnyDVD.

Here is how you do it, and for those of you who like screencasts, click here.


First, place the disk into your disk drive. Make sure that AnyDVD is actually running. You will see a small window appear like this:



After it has finished scanning your disk, the bubble will fade away. You can check to make sure that the disk is actually decrypted by hovering your mouse over the fox icon. You will see something like this:


Note: The “On: 1″ part is telling you that you have 1 disk that is ready and decrypted sitting in your drive.


Next, right click on the fox icon. You will see a menu like the one below. Click on the “Rip Video DVD to Hard Disk” option.



Once you have clicked the “Rip Video DVD to Hard Disk” option, you will be presented will a small, simple dialog box. Select your output directory by clicking on the folder icon like so:


You will be presented with another dialog box. Use it to navigate to your desired folder.



Next, click the “Copy DVD” button.



The rip begins!! You can abort at any time if you so desire, and at the end of the progress bar, you should have a full fledged, working copy of your disk waiting on your hard drive.


That’s it! Simple huh?

AnyDVD really is an excellent program for what it does. It doesn’t have a lot of feature bloat, and can be incredibly fast.

  • Victor

    What about the Settings option?

  • Adub

    Well, the point of this post was to act as a sort of “Quick Start”. You can actually leave the settings of AnyDVD at default and everything should work fine.

    Do you guys want me to go into depth about the different settings of AnyDVD?

    Edit: Well, I have! I made an in-depth explanation of AnyDVD HD’s settings, and here it is!

  • Phyute

    Wow, that was easy !!! My question now is, how do I play it back with my WinDvd8 ???
    Thanks in advance.

  • Adub

    There should be a ‘Open DVD from Hard Disk’ option in WinDVD. Look near the area that you would normally use to select a movie.

  • david

    any dvd keeps quiting on me when i try ripping the 5th element.
    it gets to about 1% then stops, and i dont know why

  • Adub

    Make sure that you are using the latest version. Also, a clean install may be necessary if you continue to encounter problems. Check the quality of the disk as well. You want to look for smudges, scratches, etc…

  • david

    ok so ive done all of that and tried ripping it again and i got the erroe device not ready.
    any ideas

  • Devin

    Why would I want to use this instead of Ripit4me and DVD Decryptor? Just curious if there was any advantage to using this program. I’ve only had a few DVD’s that it couldnt’ rip, namely Disney DVD’s.

  • Adub

    Pretty much for the reason you mentioned. Newer DVDs have forms of protection that DVD Decrypter can’t handle. AnyDVD can handle these and more. Plus the HD edition offers Bluray support. And there service updates are extremely fast. So in short, you get what you pay for. Yes, DVD Decrypter is great, and it does work on most DVDs, but not all. This is where AnyDVD comes in.

  • Gary

    I’m trying to burn an iso file in ImgBurn… Write mode in ImgBurn. But it won’t work, I get the “Device not ready (Medium not present) What should I do to fix this? Any help would be very appreciated.

  • Adub

    Make sure that you have a disk in your destination drive and that the drive is properly selected in the destination drop down menu.

  • Ron

    I have ripped movies with AnyDVD to my hard disk that I would like to burn into a BD-R disc. What type of burning software should be used? I would like is a step-by-step instruction on how to achieve my purpose. Thanks in advance for your Advice.

  • Adub

    I suggest you look at my Bluray Backup post. If your main movie is small enough, you can use BD Rebuilder to rebuild a Blu-ray structure out of your original rip, and then use IMGBurn to burn the resulting files.

    Since I don’t have a Blu-ray burner myself yet, I can’t provide a fully accurate guide to burning a Blu-ray disk. However, the author of IMGBurn (which is free by the way) had put together his own guide here.

    Let me know if you need more help!

  • Sri

    I install anydvd; after windows reboot, it scans all my 750GB hard disc. It takes hours and then it hangs.. I don’t have control during scanning process, even for opening task manager.. This software is suck.

  • Adub

    That is extremely odd, as AnyDVD HD was designed for disk drives, not harddisks. Are you sure that you didn’t install a beta version that is still in testing? I have used AnyDVD for years and not once has it mistaken a harddrive as a disk drive.

  • Rebecca

    I installed AnyDVD and it says that “No DVD drive detected” and then when I open it from the tray the status says, “AnyDVD is disabled for Drive E:!
    TEAC DVD+-RW DVW28SLC A.06″, which is obviously my DVD drive so it won’t work. I’ve restarted my computer several times and even uninstalled and then reinstalled. Any solutions?

  • Adub

    This is a very strange error, Rebecca. Since your drive isn’t very common, I can only suggest that you check to see if there is an update to your drivers or an update to the drive’s firmware.

  • Ed Hnat

    I’ve been trying to do this for 6 months and I foundd this. How easy. Thanks so much. We need more people like you.

  • Adub

    I’m glad that I could be of service!

  • joe

    Hi Adub, Thought i would mention something here as well, seeing you answered back my question in the other forumn regrding ripbot and the audio issues i was having. I would just like to say when i was backing up my movie as i want to stream line it, all i have been doing is putting the disc in, let anydvd read it and then do all the stuff with ripbot while the original source is still in my computer drive, without sending it to my harddrive first, and it still works, so is there a difference to make a image first to the hard drive, i thought this would just prolong the completion time. Would this in anyway cause issues with not getting non english speaking parts. thanks

  • Adub

    To only encode a section of video, open up the video properties and edit the AVS script. Simply add a line like the following to the end of the script “Trim(0, 10000)”. This will only encode the first 10,000 frames of the video. Change this command to your liking.

    No, the audio and video should all be in the same file.

    No, it is not possible to add two files while encoding. It wouldn’t make any sense.

    Yes, the non-speaking english parts are in the main movie / largest file.

    As for the double speed playback, make sure that you can play the original file correctly first. If the original file plays back in double speed, then you most likely have a decoder problem. Else, try forcing the framerate in RipBot’s video properties window.

    As for your decision in not ripping the disk to the harddrive first, all I can say is that it will be WAY slower but shouldn’t cause the problems that you are having. However, since 99% of people rip to harddisk, and I have never heard of this problem before, I’d say you should try ripping to harddisk and see if that solves some issues. I don’t see why it would, but it never hurts.

  • joe

    Adub, Thanks once again for your coments, its all been taken on board. Will try the frame rate issue, yes, the original video is fne, but i thought i may of been able to compress it smaller, but i will give it a go. Also as for ripping original source to hard drive first, will try that but i am with you, i can not see what difference it would make a you still see all the files to choose from, but, hey, if yoy dont try, you dont know. Thanks again.

  • rgfg

    when anydvd hd rips a blu-ray commerical movie disc to a hard disk, is ripped copy a 1:1 backup without any quality loss?

  • joe

    rgfg : Hi , i am not a expert , but have done a few, but not recently. Adub is the expert and i am sure adub will leave you a comment. As i am always eager to get my disc done and dont like to wait to long i dont normally rip to hard drive, i just do everythng else but that, and still seems to work, i would not think quality makea a difference by skipping that part. Only thing maybe , is that if movie has hard coded sub titles , there could be issues with this, especially if subs are not encoded in the movie itself but hasa seperate file. This is still one thing i have not got right, and probably a big job in doing it, so cant be bothered.

  • Adub

    Wow, sorry for the late response. Been busy.

    Yes, the movie is a 1:1 backup with no quality loss. AnyDVD does a bit-for-bit copy from the disk to your hard drive. Sure, it removes protections, so it’s not EXACTLY the same, but the video quality does not change one iota. Imagine it like transferring a video file (like an mkv or mp4) from one hard drive to another. Same idea.

    I usually recommend ripping to hard drive because you can get greater manipulation speeds if you do a lot of demuxing / seeking. But Joe is right, in that you can work from the disk directly with AnyDVD HD.

  • Jonty

    I am coming late to this game and very frustrated that I have not so far been able to achieve what I want: to rip a dvd and then convert the ripped copy on my hard drive to a format that I can play on my TV, as well as on my computer.

    Before I go to the trouble of buying Anydvd, I would like to be sure that using this software WILL enable me to do just that. I want this so that my wife and I can both watch the film on the TV downstairs in the lounge – our computer is upstarirs in a small room we use as an office – it is much more fun watching the film together !! So my questions:

    Do I need to make a specific change in the settings to achieve that aim ? Once I have the film on my hard drive, do I burn it to a new dvd using (for example) Ashampoo and will it then play on our TV ?

    Many thanks for helping……I am in the UK by the way.

  • Richard

    Hi Jonty. Describe in a little more detail what hardware/network you have. PC —> TV and everything in between.

  • joe

    Hi Jonty, Havent done one for a while, but if youre actually talking about DVD not blu ray, i would think you could still use the old favourite , DVD shrink. If not theres other software like clone dvd. As Richard said, need more info in what you actually want to do.

  • joe

    Jonty, forgot to mention also , perhaps you should consider getting a dvd player that plays divx, so much more easier, or if depending what kind of tv you have , theres set top boxes out there on the market that have usb ports, just put your file from PC to the thumb drive , plug into set top box, and whamo! Plus it will play most formats, no converting, thats presuming you download your stuff.

  • Jonty

    Wow ! Such prompt responses. Thanks……

    I have a PC using Vista,Home Premium, Service Pack 2. The Writer is an Optiarc DVD RW AD-7200S ATA Device [CD-ROM drive]. The PC is freestanding. It is interesting that Joe mentions Shrink. For many years I used Shrink. When it had finished the process of ripping the dvd, it would eject the original dvd and ask for a new disc to which it would then burn the film (probably using some other programme (WMP ?) in my computer without my being aware of this. Some minutes later and hey presto, I had a dvd I could take downstairs and play in my Panasonic (TX-L32G10B) TV. Wonderful………….

    Last year Shrink stopped doing this for reasons I do not understand. What happens now is that it still rips the dvd but deposits it as a folder/file in the C folder. This is where I ran into difficulties because I could not then work out how to write the film to a dvd that I could play on my TV. I can now with diffiulty persuade Ashampoo to write the film to a dvd but it will only play in the computer, not the TV.

    Does that give you guys a clearer picture of what I am trying to do ? I guess it’s not too difficulty; it’s just that I am a total amateur in these matters so need the assistance of helpful people like you…….Do you need any more info ?

  • Richard

    Right then. So it’s a straight forward backup of existing DVDs you’re after? ie you have an original DVD but for one reason or another like to keep that safe and burn copies. No problem. (The reason we were asking about hardware/network details was because there are a whole load of ways of viewing content)

    You need something to rip the DVD. AnyDVD will do this job perfectly but the downside is you pay for it. That said, I paid for it and don’t regret it. You could also look at that old faithful, DVD Decrypter. But it hasn’t been updated for years and will struggle with newer encryption. AnyDVD on the other hand will rip just about anything you throw at it.

    It goes without saying to follow Adub’s guide above to rip your DVD.

    Now you need a burner and I can strongly recommend ImgBurn. Just take the output from AnyDVD and point ImgBurn at it. ImgBurn is free btw. It’s also made by the same guy who wrote DVD Decrypter before he got his ‘Cease and Desist’. Adub very helpfully also wrote a guide to ImgBurn

    Let us know how you get on. And I recommend you properly uninstall all that other software you have.

  • Richard

    And I think you can get a trial of AnyDVD too. Try it before you buy it.

  • joe

    Jonty: Great when you get people responding to your questions, many helpful people around. Richard’s comments seem to be quite good, if you understand what he means, you being new to all this, give that a go. Check out adub’s tutorials as well. As i mention in my other comments, it all comes down to what you really want out of all this eg do you want to back up your dvd’s, do you want to make a copy of them just so you can watch in another room, and how much time you want to spend on converting etc etc. I can not really comment on Richard and others comments in regards to the progs mentioned as i have not used them all,except that anydvd is a great programe, you have to pay for it, not overly cheap, but does work wonders. Not sure about free trials, but you would need to check that out as mentioned on their website. If you are considering buying it, may i suggest pay the extra now and get the HD one.Otherwise its a matter of trialling different progs until you find the one you like. There is another i have tried , i think it was called Magic dvd ripper, or something like that, and that converted dvd to avi’s, if you were going to go that way. You also mentioned you had a panasonicplayer, how old is it? Most of the recent ones in panasonic should play divx files, or may even have a usb for thuimb drive.Yes , this is all fun, but at times can give you grey hairs. Take care, and have fun

  • joe

    Jonty check this site out and have a read, might be what you are after.

  • Adub

    Great! I didn’t even have to comment. ;)

  • Jonty

    I am overwhelmed by the warmth and helpfulness of all your responses. Give me a few days (it’s holiday time here at the moment) to read, absorb abd try out your suggestions. I will certainly let you know how I get on………….

  • Jonty

    Ah no a question for Richard: I did try Imgburn a couple of weeks ago. It was rather tortuous but I did get a dvd at the end which played on my computer but NOT on my TV. Does the tutorial you mention give a dvd that WILL play on TV (perhaps as well as on computer) ?

  • Richard

    I really can’t think why it would have been tortuous. And if I burn DVDs with ImgBurn they always play on a DVD player. The only thing I can think of is that you may have to reduce the size of the back up if you’re unwilling or unable to use dual layer disks.

    Oh and never burn video at more than 4x

  • Richard Illingworth

    If I do this process can I watch the ripped file on a DNLA TV or a Media Player?

  • Adub

    Possibly. The DNLA specifications offer a lot of optional functionality, so it is up to the hardware creator to include support for DVD or Bluray structures.

    The thing is, this method does not result in one file. It will result in a whole DVD/Bluray structure, which is more difficult to parse than a single file. The reason for this is that ripping with AnyDVD is to decrypt a disk into a form that compression software on a PC can handle and transform into a single file at a specific compression level.

    So in short, it’s worth a try.

  • Iman

    Thanks, you helped me.

  • hogday

    Hey there – I’m back but with a new name to replace jonty…some problem with wordpress, would not ler me submit under my old name. Wow !. After some holidays followed by a long spell with a severe bout of ‘flu. Fully recovered now……..

    I finally bought AnyDVD and have found ripping extremely easy – as Adub said. So thanks for the paper lesson. I did try the video as well but could get only sound, no vision – though it was good to know that you are a real human being Adub. But why no vision ?

    Unfortunately I ran into problems with IMGBurn.

    I got to Step 3 and selected the dvd, though I did notice that there was no AUDIO_TS folder.

    At Step 4 I ran into difficulties. When I ran the Calculator I did not get asked any questions but went (via a window that appeared and disappeared in a second) to ‘Crate Layer Break Position’. This foxed me so I simply went for the larger file with 131977 padding, whatever that means. Clicked OK but the calculator would not go beyond 88%. I did try the other file but that went only to 85% so no use either. The Folder to Disc button did not get selected so i could not proceed.

    So you brilliant people out there, where do I go now ?

  • Adub

    I think you are misunderstanding what IMGBurn does.

    It does not do ANY conversion. So the size of your input files will be (relatively) the size of your output files.

    It sounds like you have a disk that is of greater size than the standard single layer allotment. That is what the “Create Layer Break Position” alert from IMGBurn was all about, it was saying that your input file was larger then a single layer disk can handle and was preparing a dual layer disk for you.

    Now trying to achieve 100% space utilization with a disk when the input is less than the maximum size is just ridiculous. You are already at maximum quality for your input, since you are doing a 1:1 rip. Again, you must remember that IMGBurn does NOT do any conversion. It just takes in the files that you give it and prepares them for burning.

    IMGBurn is a VERY smart piece of software, which is why you can normally trust its decisions.

  • hogday

    Hmmmmmm. OK so IMGBurn was telling me that the input dvd was going to require a dual layer copy dvd as output. That’s the first time it has ever happened with an ordinary film that I was trying to rip/burn but there is always a first time. A useful lesson – I will go out and buy some dual layer discs this morning !

    I assumed (obviously now wrongly) that I needed to obtain 100% on the Calculator in order to proceed. But if it says less than that – 88% in this case – and the Forlder to Disc button does not come up, what do I do next ?

    You write: “it was saying that your input file was larger then a single layer disk can handle and was preparing a dual layer disk for you.” IMGBurn is smart, as you say, but hold on a minute. I had not got to the stage of putting in the output dvd so did I miss out something along the way that would have enabled the Folder to Disc button ? Quite simply, faced with this situation and assuming I have a dual layer disc to hand, what do I do next ? And (sorry to add complications) given that I want to play the output dvd on my TV, is there anything else I should be doing (within the tabs for example) to ensure that I will be able to do so ?

    Keep going – we’ll get there in the end.

  • sempei

    HOGDAY: Can i just confirm once again please, Is it just dvd’s you want working or blu rays. If its only dvd you are doing, i tried doing one today, though i admit it was a older dvd movie,so maybe newer ones have different encrytions, i used dvd clone 2 , i am no expert on the prog, but i did a straight out copy inc menus etc, you can delete them if you want. Anydvd works in the background. Was simple, fairly quick in converting and burning onto a disc.played fine on a dvd player and ps3. Also i used magic dvd ripper which i mentioned to you before in a previous email, and converted it into a avi which i can play on pc or streamline .dvd clone made by elby. you still need anydvd as it it works in the background.

  • Adub

    Now a dual layer disk is not strictly necessary if you are okay with compressing the DVD. If so, you can use programs like DVD Rebuilder, DVD Shrink, Nero Recode, etc. etc. to shrink your input disk down to the size of a single layer disk.

    As for the “IMGBurn is smart….preparing a dual layer disk…..” item, it doesn’t matter that you haven’t inserted a dual layer disk yet. Your input file is too big to fit on a single layer disk. The obvious next step is to build for a dual layer disk which has roughly twice the capacity off a single layer disk.

    IMGBurn’s logic is like this:
    1) How big is my input file?
    -Answer: Over 4400MB
    2) Okay, so is this greater than a single layer disk?
    -Answer: Yep. Yep, it is.
    3) What do we do now?
    -Answer: Prepare for a dual layer disk, as those can handle this file size.
    4) Okay, I’m prepping for a dual layer disk.

    ^^Make sense?

    In order to be clear, are you following the guide I wrote for IMGBurn? (

    Or are you trying to do it by hand? Because the guide should get you from start to finish with no problems like “the Folder to Disk button doesn’t appear”.

  • hogday

    I have a feeling I’m going to try everyone’s patience before long…. First, I am NOT using Blu rays at all, only ordinary dvds.

    Second (as I thought I indicated in previous message), I did use your excellent guide Adub. I follow IMGburn’s logic very well; I asked about the input/output only to be clear. I am aware that computers are excellent at predicting the content of a disc or a download but thank you for setting out the proces so clearly.

    What you do NOT tell me is what I should do/should have done to avoid the Folder to Disc problem arising. I clicked on calculator; it came up with 88%. What, EXACTLY, should I have done next to avoid the Folder to Disc problem ? Do you have a separate guide on copying where a dual-layer disc is required ? (I have bought some now).

    Sempei: I am aware that you can delete some of the menus in order to compress but for the moment I want to get this to work without further complications for me ! If I can do that, I will try compressing later.

    Please bear in mind that my aim is to produce a dvd I can play on my TV – not just on my computer.

    I am away from tomorrow (Wednesday) for 12 days with my family in a house in Cornwall, the most south-west county in England and a very beautiful spot. Given our cllimate, we have to hope for no rain and lots of sun – the weather forecast is excellent !

  • sempei

    hogday : Iit dosent matter for me personally how many times i answer you, if at the end it solves your issues great. I am no expert but as i have said previously i always look for the easiest or what i can understand. If all you are trying to do is rip a dvd i dont see any issues with Clone dvd , but from what i said before i had not tried one for a long time except the older type movie when you put your last query in.Yes, you still need anydvd, but hey!, at the end you have a copy that burns on a disc and plays on a dvd player, simple. Even i dont follow or understand all the other suggestions, with IMG burn etc etc with all due respect to all others with their comments, i have not tried their methods before so can not really comment. If perhaps you can mention the movie i can have a go as well with my method and see what outcome i get. enjoy your holiday!

  • Richard


    I might have to burn a DVD tonight for the parents. Should be a dual layer too. If I can post up some more pics to supplement Adub’s guide I will do. It’s been a little while since I burned one so I can’t recall exactly the whole procedure. I do know that I don’t bother with the calculator because ImgBurn does all that automatically anyway. It’s more of a manual check than anything else if I recall. And anyway if you’ve ripped a DVD to your HDD you’ll know how big it is just by checking the file properties. Below 4.7GB and it’s a single layer disc you need. Over and it’s a dual layer disc that’s required. For 1:1 copies of course.

    Regarding ‘Create Layer Break Position’ that’s just asking where you want to split the movie for the dual layer. You may not want it right in the middle of a really tense scene as there could be a slight hiccup in the movie as it changes layer. I think there’s a star rating for whichever options you have. There’s also a preview button so you can choose between them.

    Anyway, I hope that makes sense and that I’m remembering correctly. Check back after your hols.

  • sempei

    HOGDAY: sorry, i think i have been misunderstanding your problem, i see now its to do with dual layer, not normal dvd ripping. Havent done one so will leave to the experts.

  • Richard

    Here you go hogday. I hope it helps.

  • Adub

    Well done Richard! Good to see another blogger writing guides.

    Speaking of writing guides, I realize that things have been a little sparse around here, but that is going to change once finals finish and summer rolls around.

  • Richard

    That’s praise indeed Adub. Thank you. Two posts hardly makes me a blogger though! As you know, it’s finding time.

  • hogday

    Here I am again….refreshed and ready to complete the final straight…..

    I have now burned seberal single-layer discs and played them on my TV. So, thanks to you all, I have mastered that much.

    Now to the DL problem. I have just tried to burn DL using Richard’s guide. All went well till I got to about half way when the following came up (I’ve tried Prt Scr but it won’t paste to the blog):

    I/O Errod
    Write Error
    Sesci status:0×02
    Interpretation: Check condition

    CDB: 2A 00 00 34 3E 70 00 00 20 00
    Interpretation: Write (10) – Sectors 3423856 – 3423887

    Sense Area: 70 00 03 00 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 00 00

    Interpretation: No Seek Complete

    Tedious – and incomprehensible ! I tried the IMGburn forum but was referred to a google website that was equally incomprehensible.

    Any clues out there ?

  • hogday

    Sorry…one small clue. Lightning UK on the Forum did suggest in a general blog that the problem might be my choice of dvd. He suggested that we use for DL only Verbatim MKM 001 (2.4x) or 003 (8x). Anyone know anything about this ?

  • Richard

    Using good quality discs is crucial to successful burning. My money would be on this too. Verbatim d/l discs are more expensive but I’ve never had a bad one. 20 quid for a box of 5 in cases from Maplins or sometimes a bit cheaper from Amazon. You can usually pick them up on a spindle from Amazon too. Out of interest what discs are you using?

    It might also be worth you reading up on the AWS feature of ImgBurn too. Set correctly it will recognise what brand/type of disc you’re wanting to write to and automatically adjust the burning speed according to what you’ve set it at. More info here The guide is a few years old but you’ll get the idea.

    And don’t give up. It’s not usually this complicated!

  • Adub

    Richard is 100% correct. High quality media is crucial for successful, long lasting burns.

    Any time I had a write error with IMGBurn was due to crappy burn media.

  • hogday

    The DL discs I am currently using are cheapies – £5 for 10 – I bought in some computer shop…I should know by now: you buy cheap, you get cheap ! They are the white top type and I’ve chucked away the strip round the tub so I can’t tell you the brand. I will get the Verbatim discs this week and let you know the reuults….and have no fear, I will not give up – I don’t. Thanks also Richard for the AWS guide – I’ve just printed it out and will use it now for the single layer discs.

    Be in touch soon………….and thanks again both of you.

  • hogday

    Ahhhh a question. Lightning UK suggests in one guide that it is better to use the Verbatim MKM 001 2.4x than the MKM 003 8x. Any views on this ? Which do you use ?

    Maplins offer the 003 at £24.99 for 10 – a bit more than the £5 I paid but what the hell !

  • Richard

    I wouldn’t get too hung up on which particular disc so long as they’re a quality brand like Verbatim. Whichever you can get hold of really. There are many arguments online about different discs, where they are made etc but that’s going a bit far I reckon. But don’t forget to drop that burn speed down to no more than 4x for any video. If you set up AWS for your single and dual layer discs it’ll do that automatically.

    Just a thought but rather than all this disc malarky have you considered getting something like a WDTV Live or PS3 instead?


  • Hogday

    I thought that might be the case. I’ll go for what is convenient but keep to the speed you suggest.

    On the second point. Yes I am aware there are other ways round the problem but you would have to explain to me (in simple English !) what WDTV Live and PS3 are. I’ve certainly seen many references to PS3 so, if you feel like having a go, do please explain what PS3 is and how it works. The other thought I did have is that I am aware that you can reduce the size of a dvd by deleting certain parts of the files without interfering with the main film so that you end up with something that will fit on a single dvd. Is that another way and how does that work ?

    You shouldn’t have asked……………

  • Richard

    Reading your previous posts you like to make a full back up of a purchased DVD and watch the copy rather than the original. Avoiding the possibility of the original becoming damaged in some way. Am I correct?

    If so I’d say an altogether more convenient method than burning copy DVDs would be to back up the original and stream the content to a suitable media player such as the WD TV Live ( & ) or PS3 (PlayStation 3). There are many others but I only have experience of those two.

    The WD TV Live is a great bit of kit that handles just about any format you could care to mention with the added bonus that if streaming isn’t an option you can just plug in a portable drive loaded with your content and it plays. It’s also cheap, easily available and made by a brand you can trust. The PS3 is a bit more restrictive and expensive if it’s just the media streamer side of things you’re after. That said it’s an excellent Bluray and upscaling DVD player.

    If you want more information then let me know. But maybe Adub will want us to carry this on elsewhere. Adub?

  • Richard

    My comment is ‘awaiting moderation’ apparently. Must be because I put some links in.

  • Adub

    Comment Approved.

    I’m not sure why it wanted me to approve it, but you should see it above.

  • Hogday

    You’ve got the gist of it. I rip the dvd, burn a copy and play the copy on my TV so that both my wife and I can watch. We’re oldies so more used to watching films on tv than on a tft. Anyway, the computer is in a small room (“the office” !) upstairs where there is not room for two; the tv is in the front room.

    So the immediate question is whether the methods you suggest (either of them) would work in this situation. Let me do some research on the websites you suggest and by googling some things. Then I’ll come back to you – with questions of course !

  • Richard

    Fair point. I never watch movies on the PC either. Seems a little silly. At 41 maybe I’m starting to fall into the ‘oldie’ bracket too. I’l bet Adub’s about 12. Then again, I’ve watched his tutorials. His voice must have broken really early.

    Now I know a little more about your situation I’d forget the PS3. If you are interested in another approach to watching your video content I think the WD TV is a good option. Easy to set up and easy to use. I think it may even read the DVD files that AnyDVD spits out. If not you can always convert them to .mkv using MakeMKV Using that particular tool you can also choose what you want ie the full disc including all the trailers, ads etc or just the main movie. Then just drop the output onto a USB drive and plug it into the player. Hopefully you’ve got a fairly new TV with HDMI connections too.

  • sempei

    Hogday : as per Richards view, the WD TV option will be the way to go,they basically play everything, it sounds like that it would be a issue to run cables from PC
    modem/router to your tv . As i dont have that issue, and now being already a couple of years since using the PS3 to stream line[ using ps3 media server] there is probably some new technology out there to do the same thing. Back then the PS3 was a good option as i got the blu ray player, a gaming machine and media player all in one, that is not a bad option in cost ways. Plus myself being in ealy 50′s ” If it ain’t broke, dont fix it! Wife now knows how to use it, as long as shes happy, and she gets the shows she wants, i am happy. Also i will mention, to others reading this, a mate did a copy of a dual layer movie, and had no issues and easy to do using a program called Dvd Clone, a product i mentioned a while back here, so soon i will be giving it a go.

  • Hogday

    OK enough ! Give me time to explore WD TV. We’re off to France for a couple of weeks next week so I may be a bit slow getting back to you. Meanwhile, I’ve ordered some Verbatim discs to keep me going.

  • john keeney

    Anydvd-hd is also available for one year for about $85,but they only take Visa andPaycheck.Their product to me is the best there is.

  • Mark

    I use AnyDVD HD with Clone DVD2…Flawless copying of DVD’s. Im about to try Blue ray here soon.

  • Louis T Noyes