Solve DVD Decrypter's Closing Error on Windows 7

The Problem§

A reader of mine contacted me today about an error he was seeing with DVD Decrypter on his Windows 7 box. The error spoke about 'Failed to set data for  "DVDDecrypterPlayMovieDVDMovieOnArrival"'. Reading his email reminded me that I had seen the error myself before.

The error is actually two errors which occur when you try to close DVD Decrypter on a Windows 7 machine.

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Ensuring Proper DirectShow Filter Setup in Windows 7

Backup Bluray and DVD to MKV with MakeMKV

Since I have been dealing with backing up both my Blurays and HD DVDs (yes, I have some of these) to hard disk recently, I stumbled across a pretty darn awesome program called MakeMKV.

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A small update

How to Hardsub Blurays with RipBot

A few weeks ago (sorry it took me so long!) a few readers asked me about hardsubbing (embedding subtitles into the video stream) videos from their ripped Blurays. They specifically wanted to do it with RipBot.

After playing around with it for a few minutes, I discovered that it is actually very easy to do!

Here is how...

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How to Convert Blurays to DVD with VSO's Bluray-to-DVD

So a little while ago, I received an email from a little company called VSO. They asked me to check out some of their products, and possible write guides for them.

Considering that Bluray is the big thing these days, I decided to checkout their Bluray-to-DVD program. I think you get what it does just from the name.

My first reaction: It actually does quite well!

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Converting Anything to DVD on Mac Using Burn

For those of you who have been following along with this site, you may remember that I promised you some Mac tutorials to go along with the abundance of Windows tutorials that I have published. Well, here is my first Mac-based tutorial!

It's about the use of the free software Burn and it's uses in converting media files to DVD.

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Convert Home Videos to AVCHD and Bluray

Okay, so you just bought that brand new TV and your shiny new Bluray player. But your wondering what good is it actually for when you only watch movies every now and then? Ah, but then you remember all those home movies that you have recorded over the years. You know, the ones of the kids on Christmas, or when little Timmy first learned to walk. If only you could keep these in one place with an easy to navigate menu. Well now there is, through the use of your shiny Bluray player and multiAVCHD.

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Convert multiple DVDs to AVCHD / Bluray using multiAVCHD

At the request of a visitor to this site (in addition to it being on my TODO list for guides to write) I present to you the steps necessary to convert a DVD (or several) to AVCHD or Bluray. All that is necessary are some ripped DVDs and the always wonderful program multiAVCHD!

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Mux? Demux? Remux? Huh?

Recently I had a reader contacting me about demuxing files. He wanted to know what it was, and why on earth would you want to do it?

So I sent him an email explaining what "muxing" as a whole is and how demuxing factors into it.

I thought that the rest of my readers might be able to benefit from the knowledge that I expressed to him, so here goes!

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