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Here is an accompanying screencast for this post. It outlines the basics of ripping a backup for a DVD, HD-DVD, or Bluray disk with only a few clicks.

  • Robert

    Great tutorial. Hey listen. I am interested in backing up my Blu-ray movies investement.. Is Anydvd the best way to go? How long will it take (I am sure there are a lot of variables.., but a ball park figure) ? And what is the time if I want to convert the rip into something I can watch on my PS3 as a AVHCD format?

  • Adub

    In terms of constant decryption updates, and the largest decryption support overall, yes, AnyDVD is the best way to go. Usual ripping speed depends on the speed of you harddrive and bluray drive, but you should see times between 1-2 hours.

    The time it takes to convert a rip also depends, mostly on processor speed, but if you have a standard, dual-core processor, you should see times around 4-5 hours. Usually, you could just let it run over night without any issues.

  • Robert

    Thank you!!