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How to Hardsub Blurays with RipBot

A few weeks ago (sorry it took me so long!) a few readers asked me about hardsubbing (embedding subtitles into the video stream) videos from their ripped Blurays. They specifically wanted to do it with RipBot.

After playing around with it for a few minutes, I discovered that it is actually very easy to do!

Here is how…


To begin, make sure you have your Blu-ray ripped to your hard drive. I have several guides on this procedure already, so simply look around if you are lost on this step.

When you are ready, open RipBot.

Selecting Your Bluray

RipBot will automatically open a “open file” dialog box. Navigate to where your Bluray is stored, and select the main movie. You will then see a window like the one below. Feel free to edit the settings like you want, but make sure to at least extract the subtitles you desire.

As you can see, I selected to extract all subtitles as that way I can hardsub any subtitles I like.

The RipBot subitle selection dropdown menu.

When you are satisfied with your choices, click the OK button.  You will see RipBot’s demuxing progress in the bottom left-hand corner, like this:

The demuxing status in RipBot.

Embedding Your Subtitles

Once your demuxing has finished, select the Properties button like I have highlighted below.

A highlight of the RipBot processing settings button.

You will be presented with the processing properties for this video encode. Look at  the bottom of this new window and you will see the Permanent Subtitle section.

Under the drop-down menu, select Build in picture.

The RipBot subtitles dropdown menu with "Build-in subtitles" selected.

RipBot will present you with a file selection dialog window. It should display the subtitles that you demuxed earlier. Choose whichever subtitle file you want to hardsub (you can only choose one). When you have selected your subtitle, click Open.

A file open dialog box for selecting your desired subtitle

RipBot will go about converting your subtitle to a more usable format automatically. Take note that this step requires that you have Java installed, so be sure that you do.

The subtitle conversion status in RipBot

When it has finished with the conversion, you can either preview your video, or just view the generated Avisynth script by clicking on the Script option in the upper right-hand corner.

The RipBot generated Avisynth script.

Note: In the above screenshot, the selection says Show Margins, but that is because I am already viewing the Avisynth script. It toggles back and forth as you switch between the margins and script modes.

Get Encoding

Okay, that’s it! You can start the encode process are you normally would, and then enjoy your freshly hardsubbed video!

  • Brad Kaufman

    Thank you for this procedure! I was having problems finding a procedure/program that would allow hardsubs to display on my Samsung TV. Other procedures/programs worked for my LG Bluray player but not my TV. This worked flawlessly this first time. Thanks again!

  • Randy Johnson

    How do I know which subtitle is only translating the foreign language parts of a movie? I do not want subtitles for english.

  • darkwstuff

    how do know, well its more trial error than anyting. go for forced subs, then use preview to work out correct ones, dosnt take long, compared to doing manually in megui…hope this helps.

  • Adub

    Indeed, I usually playback the original file to determine which subtitle is which first.

    darkwstuff is correct, just use the forced subs preview to determine which stream is which.

  • Morris

    How to Hardsub Blurays with Megui?

  • Brad Kaufman

    I don’t think you can hardsub with MeGui. At least I never figured out a way.

  • darkwstuff

    I think you can Hard Sub with MeGUI, by using AviSynth Creator, instead of muxing into a MKV with audio/video.

    VSfilter / VobSub.

  • Adub

    Indeed, you can hardsub with MeGUI, but it isn’t as easy to create a Bluray in MeGUI as it is in RipBot.

    If I were to ever hardsub in MeGUI, it’s for a single target file, like an MKV or MP4. If you want to hardsub Blurays, stick with RipBot, as it supports Bluray output directly.

  • Jason Falk

    Would love it to be included in batch mode with MKV or other container. Problem I face is encoding multiple videos and have hard coded subtitles added automatically. A setting to do this would be priceless.