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Encoding Blu-ray’s to MP4 with RipBot

Since I haven’t written anything in a while and I have been experimenting with the awesome program, RipBot. I thought I would go ahead and write up how to use this awesome program to convert your Blu-ray rips to something more manageable like a console (Xbox 360, PS3) compatible MP4.

Okay, let’s get started then, shall we!

Step 1)

Make sure that you have ripped your disk to your hard drive using something like AnyDVD HD or DVD Fab. If you need a tutorial, or your not exactly sure on how to rip the disk, see the one that I wrote here.

Step 2)

Open up RipBot. If you are missing any of the necessary programs it should warn you and give you a download link to a compatible version. It takes the usual suspects (Avisynth, FFDShow, Haali’s Media Splitter, etc…)

When you are sure that all of your dependencies have been satisfied, click the Add button.

RipBot Add Queue

Step 3)

The main configuration dialog window should open (below). Next to the Video field, select the “” button to select your video source.

RipBot Select Video Source

Step 4)

You will be presented with a file selection dialog box. Navigate to the directory that you ripped your Blu-ray in and navigate down until you hit the Stream folder (like you see below). The main movie is (usually) the largest .m2ts file, so we are going to go ahead and select it as our source. Press Open.

Note: Be sure that you are selecting the right file. Preview the file before hand using something like Media Player Classic or your own Home Theater software.

RipBot Select Video File Stream

Step 5)

RipBot will proceed to analyze your input video (this can take a few minutes) and then present a stream selection window like the one below. It’s usually safe to leave it at defaults, but you can edit your stream selections if you desire. Just know before hand what you are getting into. When you are done, press Ok.

RipBot Select Blu-ray Streams

Step 6)

After you have selected your stream settings, RipBot will go about demuxing the necessary files from your source. This can take a little while (sometimes an hour or more depending on your system) so be prepared to wait. Go make some coffee…

Note: Demuxing the necessary files can take up some serious space, so make sure that you have plenty of free space on your hard drive before even ripping your Blu-ray. HD material is HUGE and you don’t want to get stuck half way through.

RipBot Demuxing Streams Progress

Step 7)

Once your streams have been properly demuxed, you can about editing your encode settings.

Okay, now here is where the interesting part begins. I’m going to assume that you want to create an MP4 that is compatible with your Xbox 360 or PS3. If so, you can leave part 1. alone. Otherwise, take a look at the drop-down options and chose one that fits your needs. Or create a custom profile by pressing on the little “” button. It’s your choice.

Next, choose your audio settings in section 2. Since this MP4 is aiming to be compatible with an Xbox 360, I am encoding my audio using the Stereo, AAC-LC at 128 kbps. I am doing this because the Xbox 360 does not support 5.1 audio using the (high quality) AAC compressor. The PS3 on the other hand does support 5.1 AAC (when used with the PS3′s PCM 5.1 output over HDMI to a capable receiver), so use it if you want. Again, if your target is not going to be a console, I leave the settings up to you. Leave a comment if you are curious about a specific setting.

Choose your encoding mode in section 3. Since I wanted to shoot for a specific file size, I went with a 2-pass encode at 1024 kbps. You can see the size estimate in to bottom right hand corner (“1264 MB”). You can use the default CQ mode, however you risk over shooting the consoles’ supported bitrate if you choose to low of a number (18 or below).

Last but not least, select your output directory. Make sure .mp4 is selected as your output format.

Before we are done, lets shoot back to section 3. and the Properties button.

RipBot New Job Settings

Step 8)

The area below is what you will see after clicking the Properties button on the previous window. Since most Blu-rays these days come with black bars in the source, I have developed a habit of cropping them off, as they don’t really do me any good. However, if we are going to resize later, or need the video to be a certain size, then keeping the black bars is a good idea. As we will see later when resizing, RipBot will automatically add in black bars for padding to attain a specific aspect ratio.RipBot Auto Crop Select

Step 9)

Now, of my final encode, I want a resolution of 720p (or 1280 x 720 pixels). You don’t have to do this step if you don’t want to. It’s perfectly reasonable to leave it at the original size (plus or minus the cropping that you choose to do). I am resizing here to show you what is possible, so take it or leave it at your will. As you can see there are a plethora of built-in resizing profiles, ranging from HD-full to a tiny little iPod. You can also choose your own output size using the custom options!

RipBot 720p Resize Select

Step 10)

Now on to subtitles. Since I don’t want to include any subtitles in my final output (as I speak English and the movie was produced in English) I am going to go ahead and say “Do not use subtitles“. On the other hand, if you do want subtitles burned into your final video, you can use the drop down menu to select your source subtitles that will be burned in to your final encode.

Note: Burning in subtitles means that they cannot be deselected on playback. So only use this option if you want to have the subtitles on all the time.

Additionally, if you understand Avisynth scripting a little bit, you can view the final output script by clicking on the Show Script button that I have highlighted. Again, not necessary but a nice “advanced” feature.

It is a good idea to preview your output using the Preview Script button before hand, however it’s not mandatory. If you trust your settings, go ahead and click OK or continue on to step 11 for details on denoising. When you return to the main window, check your final settings and then press Done. This will add your video to the queue and you can continue on to step 12.

RipBot Script Check and Subtitles

Step 11)

Some people may want to denoise their input video before encoding, and this is the place to do it. Again this is optional. Simply use the small arrows at the bottom of the window to arrow over to the right until you get to the page displayed below. Select your preset from the drop down box, or use the Show Script button that I talked about earlier to fine tune the settings your self. Remember, the latter option is for advanced users.

When you are finished, you can preview your script using the Preview Script button, or click OK.

RipBot Denoise Select

Step 12)

At this point, I assume that you have all ready entered your desired settings for everything and have clicked Done on the New Job window. The window you see below is the queue detail. You can use it to see which video encodes you have queued up, or add a few more. When you add additional videos to the queue, most of the settings from the previous video encode will transfer over (with some exceptions in the Avisynth settings), so it never hurts to double check your settings on a new job.

When everything is said and done, go ahead and press the Start button and then sit back, relax, and let RipBot do all of the hard work for you!

RipBot Queue Check and Start


RipBot is a truly fantastic program and it takes a lot of the guesswork out of high quality video conversion. I hope that this tutorial helped you to be come more familiar with this wonderful program. Good luck in your encoding!

Note: I am not the developer of this program. This gets confused a lot, so I’m just saying it here to clear up any misunderstandings.”"

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  • JP

    Very good guide thanks. I have been using Ripbot myself for some time and your guide helped me to solve an ongoing noise related issue causing large amounts of grain.

  • Adub

    Great! I’m glad it helped you, JP.

  • Adam

    I cant get past the demuxing streams i get this error message after it finishes

    DirectShowSource: couldn’t open file C:\temp\RipBot264temp\job1\video.mkv:
    Cannot play back the video stream: no suitable decompressor could be found.
    (C:\temp\RipBot264temp\job1\getinfo.avs, line 2)

    Any ideas

  • Adub

    This is often caused because you do not have the required codec installed.

    In cases such as these, I highly recommend that you download and install ffdshow, which is a multipurpose decoder that should solve most of your problems.

    In addition, make sure that you have a good media splitter installed, like Haali’s Media Splitter.

  • Kiefer

    Hey Abdul,
    Thanks for the info mate. Very helpful indeed. If i’m backing up a blu ray to place on my media centre, will it make any difference using mkv as your output instead of mp4?

  • Adub

    First of all, it’s “Adub”, not “Abdul”.

    Second, it will may make a difference if you choose mkv instead of mp4. When you say “media center” do you mean an HTPC, or something like a set top box / network media tank?

    The reason I ask is because the MKV container has less support on set top boxes than MP4 does. For example, the PS3 can’t play MKV’s but it can play MP4′s. It’s the same video encode, but a different container.

    If you are wondering if quality will differ, it won’t. The quality in either container will remain the same.

  • rocket71

    Typically you selected the largest mt2s file correct? What do you do with Blu Ray movies that when ripped by AnyDVD are no larger than like 4gb. It seems the main movie has been split into many files. What do you do?

  • Adub

    Find the first m2ts file that corresponds to the main movie. Ripbot is usually smart enough that it will back track and find the corresponding playlist for the main movie and automatically join the rest of the files.

    I’m not sure if you can load playlist files directly with RipBot, but it’s worth a try. You can find the playlist files in the “PLAYLIST” subfolder in the BDMV folder.

  • Kiefer

    Oh man Adub, so sorry about the name mix up:) Long day and the eyes didn’t register with the brain.
    The media centre is a HTPC, I should have made that more clear..sorry.
    I am ripping with Ripbot (mkv files) and it is taking so much longer than other people’s experiencing.
    Would using a Celeron instead of a Core 2 Duo affect the time it takes. I have a Celeron and it is taking about 3-4 straight days per blu ray rip? Seems excessive that’s all. Any knowledge on this? Muchly appreciated.

  • Adub

    No, it’s not too excessive.

    Too be blunt (and I mean no offense), Celeron’s are crap. They are built on an old and inefficient architecture and are usually single core.

    Core 2 Duo’s are faster clock for clock, have a better architecture, are dual core, and have support for some of the newer media acceleration instruction sets (SSE4, SSSE3, etc).

    To sum up, you are using a pretty old and slow processor. One thing you could try doing is using a faster preset, but you will lose quality if you do this.

    I hope that I was able to answer your questions.

  • Hawkeye712

    Greetings Adub, and please excuse the wordy comment.

    I am running an HTPC with Core i5-750, 4GB RAM, and Win7 x64.

    I used AnyDVD HD to copy a bluray .m2ts to my HD, then started working through a tutorial I found on Gizmodo for converting the .m2ts to an mp4.

    I installed all four programs/codecs required by Ripbot264: ffdshow, avisync, haali media splitter, and .net framework 2.0. However, I did not use the versions linked by the Ripbot264 installer, as they were old versions and some links did not even go to an operable webpage.

    The Gizmodo guide referenced the possibility that I would have to change a command for “CheckRequiredSoftware=1″ to a “0″, in order to get around the problem of Ripbot not completing the install. I ran into this problem, but when I tried to find the command in the .INI file, I could not locate it. After some frustration, I downloaded version 1.11 of the program and got past the problem that way.

    I was able to get the program to create an .mp4 from the .m2ts file. I recall reading from other commenters on the videohelp page for the program that they were getting upwards of 20fps processing speeds. I was only able to get about 6.2fps speeds. Is there something I missed when installing version 1.15? And am I running at less-than-optimal speeds since I am using a previous release of the program? I would just hate to think that all the hard work I put into this build is not being utilized because of a simple mistake I overlooked.

    Here is a link to the Gizmodo tutorial:

    Thanks for your help!

  • Adub

    Hmm… your problem is probably not from using a previous version of RipBot (although using the latest version could certainly help).

    I am talking to the author about the software requirement test, so let’s hope that something gets fixed soon. There is a bug where it won’t properly detect upgraded versions of FFDShow.

    As for Haali’s Media Splitter, use the version it recommends, as the newer versions have a minor bug when dealing with VC-1 content in M2TS containers.

    Your encoding speed depends the most on your encoding settings. It appears that the Gizmodo tutorial choose to go with an iPod encoding profile, which will certainly bring up the encoding speed.

    In addition, newer version of RipBot support newer versions of the X264 encoder, which has an ever increasing amount of optimizations with every version upgrade. The version included with 1.11 is very old indeed, so this may be the root of your problem.

  • Hawkeye712


    Thanks for your help. I installed the recommended version of Haali Media Splitter, and Rev 3301 of ffdshow (RipBot264 recommends rev3300 or later, so I took the first rev after 3300). The first couple times I ran the software it prompted me to choose to never, always, or just this once to use ffdshow with avisynth. It referred to the fact that the program wasn’t listed on my whitelist or blacklist. I chose to always use it. Is that correct? Also to note: I installed all required programs with the default settings.

    I’m now using the current version of RipBot264, and seeing average speeds around 14.5fps- much better!

    Could you explain about volume normalization, and the advanced settings for the video menu?

    The reason I ask: my objective for encoding is not to convert to compatible video formats for smaller devices, or to reduce file size due to HD space limitations. I want to have a simple one-click file to play a movie, and want to maintain quality as much as possible. On my first successful encode, I found that the volume, while still 5.1, was much quieter on the mp4 movie than the original bluray at the same volume settings, and while the video did look great, it was noticeably less crisp and vibrant than the bluray. I set the quality to CQ, but did not understand what bitrate would do, so I left it at the default value of 22. I also did not change any of the video settings under the “…” menu since I did not know what their effect would be.

    A little explanation of these settings would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for your continued help!

  • Adub

    Yes, whitelisting Avisynth and RipBot is just fine.

    Volume normalization will scan your audio file for any spikes in volume and then encode the file at a compensated volume level based on any spikes it found. If you don’t like the way it’s turning out, then disable it.

    As to the CQ mode, if you want a “lossless” encode, use a CQ around 18. Just remember, the lower the CQ the higher the quality. However, after a point you just start mindlessly increasing your filesize with no perceptual increase in quality. So, do not go lower than 17-18. I usually do some of my backups at around 19 if you want some reference.

    When dealing with 5.1 audio, make sure that you are using a 5.1 audio profile or else all of your audio may be downmixed to 2 channels (which you may or may not want).

    However, I have another suggestion for you. Based on your desire for a “one-click” file, and optimal quality retention, you may enjoy the new MakeMKV software. MakeMKV will rip a DVD to one MKV file that you specify, without any re-encoding. So, the same video that you see on the disk, you will see in the MKV file. In addition, you will be able to keep chapters, audio, and subtitles if you so desire.

    Since it’s still in beta form, the entire program is free! Once it get’s out of beta, I think the only drawback is that you will have to pay for Blu-ray support. But you will still have free DVD support!

    Give it a try here:

    If you need help, I can look into writing up a tutorial, but I believe several are already provided in the “Online Help” area.

  • WillP

    Hey Adub thanks for the info, but I seem to run into a problem over n over. I only get up to step 7, part 2 the message I get is “Please wait gathering information” and it seats like that for more than a day. Please help!!!!

  • Adub

    Okay, that is very strange. Very strange indeed.

    You are trying this on a Blu-ray, correct? Or is this with a different source?

    Is your source harddrive directly connected to your computer via SATA or USB, or is it connected via network connection?

  • Will P

    I have an external “LG super multi blu ray drive” is connected via USB

  • Adub

    Will, there is a reason why I wrote Step 1.

    If you are reading directly from your Blu-ray drive, then it makes sense that it would take days, as there is a lot of backward and forward seeking that has to happen (plus a demux) and on a low-bandwidth drive like a Blu-ray drive (especially since it’s connected via USB) you get a significant bottleneck.

    Try decrypting the Blu-ray to your hard drive and try again.

  • ricky

    I too can’t get past the “Please wait gathering information” stage (now at 12hrs). I am trying to bakup a 43GB movie (Avatar) onto a NAS drive working as a media server. I want to strip out the subtitles and other audio channels but at 100% processing there is a perfect looking and perfect sounding video and audio file (mkv and wav) in the job1 folder but they only represent about 60% of the movie. All files are being processed on a local hard drive with tons of space and the PC is good spec.

  • Adub

    Which version of Ripbot are you using? Also, how did you decrypt the disk? Have you checked to see that the decrypted disk actually shows the full movie?

  • John

    Hi, thanks for a great guide, works great and is nice and quick on my PC, the quality is excellent !

    But I have a problem, not sure if its just with this movie as ive only done the one so far, but I cant seem to use the Denoise filter..

    If I pick either Film or Ani I get an error when trying to use the priview, and I cant even start the encode, I click start and it just pops up saying Finished in like 4 seconds.. if I dont use the denoise filter it works fine.. but the movie is Rambo, and the source bluray is a bit noisey so the denoise filter would be good.

    Any ideas ?

    Using ripbot 1.16.1

    Thanks for any info..

  • John

    Also a question about the file size, I pick the size and set about 4gig for a 720p rip so I can use mose of the space on a DVD, with rambo it was 5630 KBPS..

    Just wondering if that was overkill or the higher the number the better regardless ?


  • John

    Sorry, last question :)

    Why cant we sellect 640 kbps 5.1 audio with MP4 ? can with the other option like MKV etc.. can only pick 320 kbps 5.1 for some reason.

  • Adub

    Okay, first of all, you have to figure out what the error is with the denoise filter. Usually you can enable the filter and then use the preview button. It should generate a small playback window. If that preview works, then the encode should work. If that preview doesn’t work, it should output an error telling you what is wrong.

    As for your output size and using a high bitrate, that is up to you. Yes, theoretically, the higher the bitrate the higher the quality. But there comes a point of diminishing returns and more often then not, you are just adding in useless space. In fact, it would be reasonable to be able to fit 2 720p files onto one DVD.

    As to your last question, I’m not quite sure as I don’t develop the program. The development thread can be found here. My guess is that it is either a bug, or a limitation in the MP4 spec that says you cannot have audio over 320 kbps.

  • John

    Thanks for the reply, I guess ill learn what size is the best, fitting two movies on a dvd would be nice so ill mess with that :)

    With the denoise filter I tried it on all 4 rambo movies and had the same problem, with it on, the encode and preview wouldnt work.. no error though, just a blank window when I hit preview.

    Will ask on the forum you gave, have a 5 day wait to post.. arrgg :)

    Thanks again !

  • Richard

    Great site Adub! Stumbled across your corner of the intertubes totally by accident and your guides are superb.

    Running my first encode with RipBot as I type. More of a test than anything else as I found out after the 40GB d/l that the file didn’t have English subs. Doh!

    Anyhoo, keep it up.

  • Adub

    Will do Richard! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Erik

    Amazing Guide. Thank you so much. It all work out perfectly. I messed up before trying to do it on my own. Basically I didn’t crop and the aspect ratio was 4:3 on an HD movie…it just wasn’t cutting it for me. I like this because I think the quality is great, and some movies I want a smaller file size and not have to burn them onto a blu ray. Thanks again.

  • Vaspap

    Hi Adub, thanks for the detailed instructions. Just a Q. What is the difference between option “Do not resize” and “Full HD 1920×1080″ in terms of quality? Can it be distinquished ?

  • Adub

    Assuming that you input is a Full HD bluray, not much. Usually the “Full HD…” resize will use Avisynth to resize your content. Since your content is already at 1920×1080, nothing will be done. You only want to use this option if your source content is different than you desired 1920×1080 output resolution.

    If you are essentially going Blu-ray -> Blu-ray, then just stick with “Do Not Resize”.

  • joe

    Hi, i am new to all this as well, but was going alright until i discovered the non english speaking parts will not come up. In Bourne Ultimatum i have selected the largest file, but on play back the non english speaking parts dont appear. I am stream lining thru ps3 and media server, is there perhaps a setting in there somewhere. which brings me to another question, when using ripbot, should it automatically be in the largest file , the non speaking english parts, or is it a seperate file. thanks

  • joe

    also in the option box if i change the setting to 1920 will that be any different then the original source. I thought all blu rays in 1920 give you a full screen.thanks

  • Adub

    Hmm… your audio problem certainly is strange. As for why it occurs, I can’t really say, other than it’s probably not RipBot’s fault. In this case, the original authors of the Blu-ray must have done something odd with the audio track. Another idea is that the channel setup in your audio track got switched around.

    I’d try updating all of your tools, and then re-rip and compress again. RipBot or any of your other tools may have corrected this issue already.

    As for the 1920 question, yes all Blu-rays are natively in 1920×1080 resolution. However, this is a widescreen format. So, if you have a display in a different aspect ratio than 1920×1080, you will see black bars appear to pad the content and keep the displayed aspect ratio (DAR) correct.

    In fact, quite a few Blu-rays have black bars hardcoded into their content, which means that you can only remove them by cropping.

  • joe

    Thanks for reply…yes it is a strange issue. Is there a way to do a trial first in ripbot, eg like only do a 10 min segment so i can play back to make sure all is ok. Is there also a way of finding the file that pehaps has the audio i am after, maybe its a seperate file. Is it possible to add 2 files when recoding. I have done all updates and still the same….its got me!…Finally in most movies is the non spaking english parts always built into the main/largest file. Thanks again.

  • joe

    Hi once again Adub, thought i would throw this question at you, not sure if you will able to answer it, but we will see. i have a Panasonic TZ10 with video output in Pal[ set to pal] , off course in AVCHD. Have been doing some practicing in video and thought i would try and use Ripbot to compress the size without losing too much quality, on play back it runs at about double the speed, and seems to always repeat the last few seconds of the video file. any ideas? thanks

  • joe

    hi again Adub,Thank you for your past help and i hope you dont mind answering some more questions please. Firstly i will just let you know i have a panasonic full HD TV 50”, about 18 months old.I have a PS3 connected up using Media Server to play all my contents streamlined from my computer. In regards to Ripbot..backing up /copying bluray movie..after selecting my file after Anydvd has done its tricks and after it has done its remuxing, i notice when i select 2Pass, the KBPS is always the same, Under Properties i keep as the original source 1920×1080 .Under audio i select the AC3 5.1. Under output i am selectingAVCHD, and i am locking in size at 4000mg.
    Now, i ask you, do you believe these settings are pretty good or correct. Is there a better way to get better quality eg if i changed to MP4 instead of AVCHD or if i made the size say 6gb.I have done some movies recently , and some of these movies probably around 12 months old or older. I am finding that there still seems to be some grainy look in the background of movie. Pretty good picture , but thought would look better.As a comparison i downloaded a 720p movie in MP4 and was only 2.5gb and picture was faultless except for the black lines top and bottom. Resolution was 1280×720. So now i am wondering am i better to drop the resolution from the 1920 to 1280 and make the file arond 2.5gb, would i have a better qulaity picture.Maybe the movie i am doing at 1920x 1080 the 4gb file is not big enough to get the quality.AS i mention in a previous forumn i have not been ripping movie to hard drive first, just letting ANYDVD do its tricks and then using ripbot and leaving disc in the drive. Some advise please. thanks in advance!

  • Adub

    Okay, this purely comes down to bitrate.

    4GB for 1920×1080 is honestly a little low, but not unfeasible. There are 2 reasons why that 720p rip that you downloaded looked so good. First, when resizing down to 720p, a lot of detail is thrown out. This means that less bitrate is necessary to obtain the same level of perceived quality. The second reason is that the “Scene” rippers (that is what they are called) used some very specific encode settings, and more importantly filters to clean up the source and make it more compressible.

    Filtering video tends to remove excess noise and grain, which means that less bits will be allocated to storing these seemingly meaningless particles, and more bits can be used on the “main content”. Now, some viewers like grain, as it has that “cinematic” effect to it (a la the “300″ movie), but that choice is totally up to you.

    Now, the choice is yours. You can increase the output size, and see a higher quality encode. Or if you prefer the smaller file size, either filter some of your content (you will lose some details mind you) or reduce the output resolution. Or both for that matter. Another thing you may try is using a slower encoder setting. You can custom configure many of the encode settings by pressing the edit button next to the video encode profile dropdown menu.

    Actually, now that I think about it, messing with your encode profile may not be the best thing, as the PS3 has very specific settings that it supports.

    One last note, locking your filesize will cause RipBot to automatically calculate your bitrate for you, based on what it thinks is the most accurate bitrate to achieve your desired filesize. It does this quite well in my opinion.

  • joe

    thanks again for your advise Adub, Its starting to get a bit technical now with all that encoding settings etc etc and bit rates, but hey! still repect your opinions. You mentioned that by locking in the size which i normally do ,it automatically sets the bitrate, its just that when i dont lock the size the size in the box always seems not to alter much and is always smaller then what i lock my size into thinking that mine should be a better quality.Can you suggest where perhaps i can get some info or tutorials on adjusting or setting up bitrates etc. Thanks for all your help and shariong your knowledge i am sure you are helping so many other peopleas well.

  • Adub

    The output size shown will increase with bitrate increase (which can be adjusted using the “KBPS” dropdown next to the encoding mode dropdown), assuming that you are unlocked.

    Quality (and therefore size) are directly dependent on bitrate. Therefore, increased bitrate means increased size.

    If you are locked, use the size dropdown menu to select your output size, or type it in by hand. This will adjust the bitrate displayed under the “KBPS” dropdown that I mentioned earlier.

    I just played with my version of RipBot and everything appears to act as it should.

  • joe

    thanks for reply….i guess i will continue experimenting with different settings. As i said in my earlier email when i keep the original source of blu ray i usually set the lock size to 4000mb which you suggested was probably a bit small, thats why i thought that maybe if i changed it to basically a 720p and have the file size at around 2.5-3.0gb quality may be better, buts its more about having the whole screen and not having black lines top and bottom.

  • Adub

    Ah, I know what you mean. In fact, cropping the black bars from your input Blu-ray can help to increase the quality at a constant bitrate. This occurs because the bits there were previously necessary for the black bars can now be used to represent some finer detail in the main content.

  • joe

    so is it best to have the setting set to automatic in the cropping box. I presume if the bluray movie has no black lines it will copy the original source, but if the movie has black lines and i still have it set to 1920x 1080 it will crop it and i will have full screen. I would of thought the opposite, that by removing the black lines you are adding picture to the file so file would be less quality if keeping at lock size of say 4000mb.

  • joe

    sorry to bombard you again with questions but if i downloaded a 720p movie and was happy with quality but had black lines would i be able to run it thru ripbot and crop it but still have the quality?

  • Adub


    Cropping off the black bars requires re-encoding in RipBot. It’s just a fact of life.

    There is a sort of “hack” that can be accomplished using MKVToolnix. If I remember correctly, you can set a cropping value in the container. You will not see any size decrease, as the information is still there, but the container will now tell video players that is only X pixels high instead of Y.

  • joe

    Sorry, a little lost now! Are you saying after i do the normal encoding with setting set as “Do not Crop” and movie is finished and presuming off course the movie had black lines , i run it again thru ripbot but this ime select crop settings to automatic and this will remove the black lines and i wiull have a lovely full screen.

  • Adub

    No. That’s not what I said. If you did what you were suggesting, you would re-encode the movie twice for no reason.

    Look again at what my previous comment said. I mentioned MKVtoolnix (not RipBot) may be able to set a cropping value in its muxing settings. I’m not sure on this, as I don’t have MKVtoolnix in front of me.

    This will only work with the MKV container, as MKVToolnix (quite obviously) only outputs MKV files. It may be possible to do with an MP4, but I’ve never heard of it done.

  • joe

    Hi Adub, back again, hope you wont mind helping out here if possible. From our previous contact i seem to be going along ok, but eventually i wanted to try and see how i would go with ripping Avatar. I could not believe how long this movie took compre to others, i did some custom settings for experimentation. Anyway i originally ripped it a mp4, made a copy then converted to matroska …then to a m2ts. i stream line using media server and have no issues. As i have an older Yamaha amp as i have stated in the past i am only using a optical cable[ no hdmi support] thats why i do the conversion as i can not play aac audio thru my amp. MP4 video plays but not the audio. As a experiment i wanted to burn the movie on a disc, i did it but wont play on the ps3, dosent even recogonise the disc. How can i put the file on a disc, i dont care if i put the MP4 version on but then i wouldnt be able to hear the audio.I thought PS3 would play M2TS but wont here. Is there any way of burning a particular format to be able to play on PS3. IF i burn it on a disc would it play on another blu ray player instead. Its just i would like to be able to put a ripped file on a disc and be able to play on either a ps3 or blu ray player. It seems the audio is messing me around. thanks

  • joe

    Sorry Adub, forgot to menton imn my last email, what is difference between a MP4 video file from you tube with 2 channel aac, when streamlining they play on ps3, the movies that are on the net or when you rip one in mp4 format with aac audio, video plays but no sound. thanks

  • Adub

    There are two different formats for AAC. AAC HE and AAC LC. AAC-HE is a high efficiency implementation, but most hardware decoders do not support it. AAC-LC stands for “Low-complexity AAC”. My guess is that Youtube encodes to AAC-LC, as the PS3 only supports AAC-LC (source). So, if you want to encode for the PS3, make sure it’s AAC-LC.

    I’ve found that the best way to convert a Blu-ray to a PS3 compatible format is to use multiAVCHD. Simply rip the Blu-ray using AnyDVD HD, DVD FAB, or what ever your favorite ripper is. Load your ripped version into multiAVCHD and output to AVCHD or its special “PS3 USB” mode (a file compatible with USB drives that can be inserted into the PS3). MultiAVCHD should handle all of the conversion issues itself.

  • joe

    thanks again well looks like more homework on the acc audio issue. As for my other email dated on thursday 9th, i guess your second comment is releted to that, what difference would it be using the prog MULTIAVCHD if it still will be a avchd format which i believe is the same as what i have after using ripbot and encoding to a M2TS, is this not the same thing? I have no problem playing when streamlining just couldnt get it to play from a disc in the ps3. The file size is 3.89gb if that is any different. Thanks.

  • Tommytinkroom

    Hi Adub,Just followed your ripbot tutorial,and did my first blu-ray rip of my copy of “The Prestige”.
    I locked the size to 3gb,and when i played it back on my ps3 the quality was outstanding i could’nt see any difference between the original blu-ray disc.
    The only problem i had was with the audio.I had it set to aac 5.1 but on playing it back on the ps3 it was coming out in stereo.
    I know you say in your tutorial the ps3 will playback aac 5.1 but after a bit of searching i discovered that the ps3 downscales aac 5.1 to stereo.Can you tell me how i can encode the audio in ripbot to ac3 5.1 as i think the ps3 will play this back as 5.1 surround.
    When i select the audio settings in ripbot there are only aac settings to choose from is there a way of setting it to ac3 5.1. Thanks in advance for any help.

  • joe

    Tommytinkroom: I am no expert, you will have to wait for response from the master. But just curious if you had the format as AVCHD…if not , and you can play this format, try that , from memory i think audio will be AC3

  • Adub

    Indeed, Joe is correct.

    RipBot only supports AC3 output when used with it’s AVCHD mode. The PS3 does support AAC 5.1, but only if you are sending your audio via optical output to your receiver. This was indeed confusing, so I have updated the guide.

    In order for you to use AC3, you can either use the mkv2vob “hack” (h264 video + ac3 stored in a vob container) or you can output to AVCHD (aka. M2TS). Again, if you have a newer receiver, you can still use the AAC audio, but if not, I suggest you look into these other options.

  • joe

    Thank You Adub [ the master] I agree with your statement. You are always handy.

  • Tommytinkroom

    Hi Joe,It’s funny you should mention AVCHD,because after my first post i did a bit more experimenting with ripbot,and sussed out the ac3 5.1 option was only available with the AVCHD format (wonder why you can’t have it with the mp4 format?)
    So i just finnished reencoding “The Prestige” to AVCHD and set audio to ac3 5.1,and bingo ps3 reads it as dolby digital and does’nt downscale to stereo and my av amp has the red light on dolby digital.
    I would rather have the file as mp4,but you can’t have everything i suppose.
    There is one thing that is a bit of a quizer for me is the aac 5.1 and the ps3 issue.As we know the ps3 downscales it to stereo.
    Adub says i quote “The PS3 does support AAC 5.1, but only if you are sending your audio via optical output to your receiver” my audio is being sent via an optical output and it comes out in stereo.
    After doing a bit more digging on the subject i found the reason to be is you can only get aac 5.1 from your ps3 if you have a acc 5.1 enabled reciever and it is connected via an hdmi cable.
    Also finding a aac 5.1 enabled reciever is rarer than hens teeth apparently.
    Thanks Joe and Adub for your help.

  • Adub

    Hmm, it appears I was led slightly astray in my research. I will update the guide again. Thank you Tommytinkroom.

    However, when feeding your AAC 5.1 audio to your receiver over HDMI, you can set your PS3 to output in PCM 5.1. No need for a AAC 5.1 receiver, as pretty much anything built in the last 10 years supports PCM (which was the original sound format on DVDs way back in the day. It basically lossless).

  • joe

    Tommytinkroom: Hi, is there any reason you prefer MP4? just curious. I found originally when playing around with all this was that with the AVCHD it seemed easier to fast forward the picture[ thumb nail screens’ on PS3. This was the time when movies were like 12gb in size, and i personally found my tv would freeze when trying to fast forward.Once i converted to AVC/ M2TS it was a breeze to fast forward. As Adub said AAC audio will work if connected by HDMI. I presume this is only for 5.1 as 2 channel AAC works on PS3…strange!…As Adub mentioned i usually convert all the MP4′s thru VOB and select M2TS and get AC3 audio. This is all fun and games…so time consuming! Now i am on another project, messing around with a Dick Smith Set top Box with a usb which you plug in a thumb drive and record tv. ITs in a TS format so now have to find a prog where i can remove the commercials and join the files.

  • Tommytinkroom

    Hi Joe, Yeah i know what you mean about mp4 freezing when trying to ff on ps3 it’s quite annoying.The reason i would have preferred the mp4 format is because a mate of mine got this new tv (Samsung PS50C450), which has a usb connection that plays mp4 brrips.
    In fact i was so impressed with the tv that i’m gonna order one tomorrow.
    I,m a newbie to this blu-ray ripping game,and i can see it’s a bit of a learning curve.
    Lucky i came across Adub’s blog on it,i can see what he means when he says ripbot is awesome.The encodes i’ve done with ripbot are awesome and to be honest i can’t see any difference to the original blu-ray disc.
    I’ve been encoding them on ripbot at 1280×720 fps 25 and 2 pass locking the size to 3gb
    and they come out at 2.92gb.
    I’ve tried countless other blu-ray ripping progs and always the file is to big and with a severe motion judder.
    As Adub said to get acc 5.1 on ps3 you need a hdmi connection from tv to reciever,sadly my reciever does’nt have one, so a new surround system is next on my shopping list.

  • joe

    thanks for reply Tommy, yeh the legend Adub, is pretty good with all this stuff, i am glad too i came across the blog. I have found too not much difference in quality. In the early days i was so adamant about doing high def in 1920 res, files were bigger, then saw some rips from likes of Secret Myth, 3Li etc etc and all were 720p and were brilliant. I still think they play around with colours etc and make them better, but i am happy with straight out rips. I too will be in market for reciever with HDMI, as my older Yamamha does not have it. Anyway keep at it. Only problem i have , which i havent worked out yet, is the hard coded subs which are not burnt into the movie itself.Seems llike a lot of work from my understanding. Was Disappointed slightly when doing Avatar, quality wa good, but could not get the non speaking english parts to work. Oh well, maybe something to learn in 2011. lol!

  • Tommytinkroom

    Hi Joe,Yes i had the same problem when i encoded “Salt”,there’s quite a bit of Russian spoken on it.
    I’m completely baffled as to how you put the hard coded subs on,maybe Adub could do a tutorial for it.

  • Adub

    @Tommy and @Joe

    I’ll look into the Hard Subbing. I have done it several times with RipBot, but only with DVD sources. I know that RipBot does some subtitle handling and supports hard subbing, but there may be a few extra steps required as the subtitle files stored on a Blu-ray are in a different format than what is normally supported by Avisynth’s subtitle filter.

    However, RipBot does do some conversion of PGS subtitles to SUP subtitles. Interesting. It may actually be easier than I thought.

    I’ve got another guide in the process, but I’ll look into this very soon. School has picked up again, so my free time has pretty much disappeared, but I promise to look into this ASAP.

  • joe

    thanks adub! your a legend! Would be interesting to see how it all works….some ppl reckon theres a fair bit involved, sometimes not worth doing it if its so time consuming.waiting in eagerness!

  • Richard

    Adub is very good. I haven’t posted a query on here for ages but I still check the site most days for updates and new articles.

  • Tommytinkroom

    Hi Adub,As you know i recently came across your tutorial,which i must say is excellent,and i’ve had some outstanding results.
    But like Joe i’ve got this problem with putting the hard coded subs in,for example i did a rip of “Salt” which has lots of Russian on it.
    The one thing that i did do different to you was in step 5 where you have subtitles set to subtitles(pgs),English,i thought this would put subtitles through the whole movie so i set it to no subtitles.Have i made a mistake here would this have put the english subtitles over the Russian in “Salt”if i had set it same as you in step 5.
    I don’t know what (pgs) stands for.
    Just one other thing do you know why ac3 5.1 is only available when using the AVCHD format.Thanks for all your help.

  • Adub

    Yes, Tommytinkroom, I have figured out how to hardsub PGS subtitles (which are the Blu-ray subtitles), and I’ll be writing up a tutorial as soon as I can.

  • Tommytinkroom

    Thanks Adub,Iwill look forward to it.

  • joe

    thank you as well.Hope all is going well with you Tommy, lots of experimenting. LoL ! Time flies when doing all this stuff.

  • Batou

    In step 4, you say that “The main movie is (usually) the largest .m2ts file”, which is true. However, many new releases, like Inception and Toy Story 3, the main movie is comprised of multiple smaller files.

    How do you go about loading in the entire set to RipBot?

  • Adub

    In actuality, RipBot may actually be smart enough to piece the main movie together automatically.

    I actually have Inception ripped on my machine, but my version at least is all in one file.

    I do know that when I load some old HD-DVD sources of mine that have split video files, RipBot will automatically join them for me. Your best bet is to choose the first video file in the sequence.

  • Tommytinkroom

    Hi Adub,I’ve recently tried using ripbot to encode an old HD-DVD i’ve got but i can’t seem to get ripbot to automatically join them together,could you explain how you did it,
    I did each file separately and now i’ve joined them together in Sony vegas and reencoding them again.Yes extremely time consuming.
    I tried joining the 2 files when they were pevob evo with tsmuxer,evodemux etc etc, but without success.If you could show the process you went through when you did it on ripbot would be an answer to my prays.

  • Tommytinkroom

    UPDATE: Aborted Sony vegas when it showed 15 hrs and riseing as eta.

  • Adub

    That is very strange, because I just tested it with King Kong, which has the main movie split over two EVO’s.

    Here’s proof:

    Note the playlist at the top of the window. All I did was select the first file “Feature1.evo”.

    This was with RipBot 1.16.4.

  • Batou

    This is the most active RipBot thread I know so forgive me guys for adding yet another new topic. I’ve been using AnyDVD HD and RipBot without issues at all. All of a sudden, after selecting the file and choosing the settings, whilst analysing the file, it just does nothing. It hangs/freezes. Now I can’t use my favourite tool! Anyone had this issue or know how to remedy it?

  • Tommytinkroom

    Hi Adub,I had another go at using ripbot with my HD-DVD copy of “Troy”after checking out your last post,and this time it worked.
    When i tried before i separated the two files into a new folder maybe that messed it up.Thanks for the screenshot.
    I was wondering if ripbot would automaticaly select multiple m2ts,although i have’nt come across a blu-ray disc with multiple files yet.

  • Adub

    Yes, it should. This was actually how I came to realize that RipBot automatically joins files, as I was dealing with a multi-M2TS main movie Blu-ray.

    RipBot is usually very smart.

  • Adub

    @Batou, I would recommend deleting your current RipBot directory and downloading the latest version. Another possibility is that you changed your system’s codec setup somehow. Make sure that you can play whatever files you are trying to load into RipBot first.

    Oh, and for future reference, the REAL RipBot thread is here:

  • Tommytinkroom

    Is it just me?but i can’t get on the doom9 forum tried using ie9 and ff.My pc seems fine.

  • joe

    Tommytinkroom: Hi hows it going? Just curious with all the experimenting that you are doing are you streamlining or burning to disc. From our past emails it seemed you wwere streamlining. I still having trouble after ripping a blu ray[ into M2TS] to burn it on a disc so the PS3 will play. Just wondering if you have tried. I just came about on the weekend to find out that my ps3 wont even play avi’s on a disc, i thought it may of been the disc or Nero, but it plays fine on my dvd player.So wondering if there is some setting on the PS3 that i dont have set right. Any ideas? thanks

  • Tommytinkroom

    Hi Joe,Yeah i’m still experimenting in the lab.I ‘ve got a bit of trouble with ripbot at the moment,i’ll have to ask Adub for some help in another post.
    After i encode a movie i put it on a pendrive and copy it on the ps3 hd or stream it from the pc.
    If i’m making a straight backup of a bluray i use imgburn,when i burn an encoded rip to blu-ray disc i use Sony vegas pro 10 or Magix video pro x2 and they play ok on the ps3.But theres no point really of burning an encoded blu-ray rip as it just increases the files size when i can just watch it on the ps3 as the encoded rip.

  • joe

    So looks like you have been busy then. I had a bit of a breather with all this stuff, had other things that needed attending. Then a mate dropped off his video camera the other day , wanted to see if i could convert his video or sought of back it up. Its a Panasonic digital HD Video camera and the files are in TS format and in 1920 res. As its for someone who he recorded it for its unknown as to what equipment will be playing it. I have tried different video programs with different results.But i just cant get the files to work on a disc and play on the pS3.Streamlining not a issue, have tried all the video formats MPEG, AVI, MT2S, VOB and MP4…but put these on a disc no go. Starting to think it might be disc issue. I thought just as a test i will put some tv shows that i have downloaded and put on a disc, wont play on PS3 but plays on my dvd player. I then found some older shows that were on a disc that we use to play on the Pioneer dvd player, and they work….strange! I have used these discs for a few years now, perhaps i have some shonky discs as i am getting near the end of the container which originally holds 50 discs. Never really had a issue with these discs till now. They are LG brand dvd-r. Been thru about a dozen now. I have got a disc of a mate which is a different brand, so will put some tv shows on that and see if that plays. Also wondering if something to do with PS3 upgrades of softwares that come out .. I usually get the updates but was told if you dont play games dont really have to upload the new software all the time…Well its back to drawing board for me.Have been downloading trial versions of video converters and testing them out, so still in the middle of doing all that. Been on this all week. Another learning curve.

  • joe

    Tommytinkroom: in regards to burning on disc, after ripping a bluray and say its under 4gb when using any of the mentioned programs what format do you make it to play on PS3. I wouldnt normally do it, but again if i have a ripped blu ray and someone wants to play it on their bluray thats why i wanted to know, thinking that it will also play on PS3. I am getting to a stage now where i think i will just streamline for me pesonally, if ai have any home videos etc will convert them, and if other party dont have a usb on their appliance , bad luck. will back up all important files on a external harddrive and thats it. Too many headaches.

  • Adub


    If you want an adaptable disk that can be played on most Bluray players and the PS3, and you want it to be around 4GB in size, aim for an AVCHD. BD Rebuilder and RipBot (along with a host of other programs) can output to AVCHD format.

    It’s basically a Bluray on a DVD disk, with a few minor caveats.

  • joe

    Hi Adub, back again with a query. I just got a blu ray movie that is in a VCI format.When ripbot went to open it came up with a message….

    Directshow Source couldnt open file F:\temp\Ripbot264temp\job1\video.mkv:The system cannot find the file specified. [ F:\temp\Ripbot264temp\job1\getinfo.avs.line2

    is it something to do with video format of VCI. Been cleaning up some old files hopefully didnt delete something of importance to do with ripbot. Thanks joe

  • Adub

    The best thing to do is to follow the error.

    Notice it says to look on line 2 of the getinfo.avs file? You may see a line that has XXXSource where XXX can be a multitude of words. Find where that source is pointing to.


    The above Source filter is looking for the blah.d2v file under my C:\Tests directory.

    Do the same with your getinfo.avs file. Track down the source that it is pointing to. If it does not exists, then it was never created, or was deleted somehow. We need to find what it was looking for.

  • joe

    This is what i have found….means nothing to me, hopefully you have a better idea. thanks……..job 1…











    get info………DirectShowSource(“F:\temp\RipBot264temp\job1\video.mkv”,audio=false).ConvertToYV12()
    WriteFile(“F:\temp\RipBot264temp\job1\info.txt”,”Height “)

  • joe

    Hi Adub, as per email, all working now, dont understand why it came up three times with same error, but now its fine. I have tried two different ones, all is working. thanks again, sorry to of wasted your time.

  • Toyz

    Adub. Good stuff here! I’m having an issue you talked about above but I don’t see a fix for it. I’m getting the “please wait – gathering information” message forever. Never goes away. It’s not a hardware or connection issue as I’ve been using ripbot for a long time to rip blurays. I use an internal BD drive in my dell xps, core i7, windows 7. I don’t know of anything that has changed, one day it worked, the next I’m stuck with this message. I’ve tried it with M2TS files from my HD and I’ve tried pulling directly from the BD on several movies. Nothing works. I’ve upgraded to the newest version of ripbot and all other components (haai, fffdshow etc.) and i’m getting the same thing. Maybe some kind of windows or java update? Help, I’m lost without my ripbot!

  • Adub

    Hmm… Toyz, something did happen, but it may have not been your fault.

    My first suggestion is to ensure that you can play the m2ts files, both directly and through a custom avisynth script similar to the one fashioned by RipBot.

    If one of those two options fails, figure out why. You will need to track down which decoder/splitter is failing and fix it.

  • Tommytinkroom

    Hi Adub,Is it possible to rip a 3d blu-ray with anydvdhd and then encode it with ripbot,and will the encoded file be able to playback in 3d on an enabled 3d tv and blu-ray player(ps3).Thanks the tinkster.

  • Adub

    Tommy, sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

    As for 3D Bluray backup, it’s still relatively young. Right now, the only successful 3D backups that I have seen have been from Bluray to Bluray. I believe the MP4 spec has theoretical support for it (don’t quote me on that), but the amount of free tools available for working with 3D is still relatively low. And again, backing up to a 3D MP4 is still not dynamite.

    A good guide that I have seen is available here:

    In short, dealing with 3D still has some kinks.

  • Tommytinkroom

    @Adub,Thanks for the info.Like you said i can see it’s still in it’s infancy.I checked out your link and boy does it look complex.
    On the Anydvd forum one of the mods says you need a special mvc encoder software like this.
    I don’t know about you but this is a bit over my budget.

  • Tommytinkroom

    Hi,Do you have any info on how to encode dts audio with
    ripbot,I’ve tried extracting it with tsmuxer putting it in ripbot,but it still comes out as pcm.

  • Jason

    How can I resize for 480*272 and crop out the black bars, having a little trouble making it come out right, any help is appreciated.

  • matarel

    i have three issues, maybe someone can help me to add the option of deinterlace video in custom profile I can select only one part of a. vob.
    approximately 25 minutes only. and then the next 25 minutes
    3.I’m trying to upscale video but nothing happens. only stay be patient…
    the source file .mkv 180mb (x264 mp3)
    thank you.

  • sempei

    Hi Adub, Long time since i have been here.Trying to remember how to do this again. Wondering if you can help me here, just got a blu ray that has 3 episodes on the disc. Is there a short cut to set this up to rip or do i need to do each one seperately. I know normally you select the largest file but there are 3 that are all similar. I presumed that they were the 3 episodes, having done each one seperately it turned out to be the same episode. So what i have done wrong please.

  • sempei

    Hi Adub, in my last message, i got it slightly wrong. It must of been something i done but the three episodes were different, not the same, i must of selected the same one all the time. So, my issue still , is can i do it quicker then selecting each episode individually, and waiting 3 hours before i can commence the next one, and keep repeating, it takes too long.

  • Adub

    Ripbot is a batch capable application. You can add each job to ripbot one by one without pressing the “Start” button. Simply keep using the “add” link in the bottom right hand corner, continue to add your episodes, and then when you are ready, press “Start”.

  • sempei

    thanks for reply, but eventually worked it out. Still is a good prog but takes a long time especially when 2 passing.from what i also see can only change the file size when 2 passing?

  • dawor

    how to change temp. folder from C to other partition,I have only 3 gb space left in C ???

  • Adub

    This I can’t confirm until I get home, but I’d wager that you can edit the temp location in the Ripbot ini file. You should be able to assign it to a new drive.

  • quade

    Hi thanks for an insighful tutorial I managed to get my movie from 40gb down to 2.5gb at 1080 such a file saver!

    The problem I have and perhaps you can help: I selected the largest file and performed the actions and it produced a brilliant conversion in 5.1… BUT!!! the intro and the credits appear to be written in spanish or portuguese – the soundtrack, subtitles etc are all english but any text on screen is in a foreign language.

    To confirm I have watched the movie from teh originals ource and these items showed in English on my dedicated player.

    I take it some Movies cater for many languages and therefore have different credits or an intro card to localise the movie to that country based on the language of the player and the movie just swaps to a certain frame or chapter to play the correct element, but how do you define the country or setting to get the correct language shown on screen for these items.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer

  • Adub

    I’m afraid that it sounds like BD-Rebuilder is having some troubles reading the playlist for that title.

    Your best bet is to notify the author, Jdobbs, over on Doom9′s forums :

  • matthew

    Been using Ripbot for a while now, but now all of a sudden when I click the preview button MPC starts up and just shows Opening… and nothing loads!

    If I got to the Ripbot temp folder and play the Preview avs file it will play fine in MPC, any ideas?


  • Adub

    Did you add anything new to your Avisynth plugins folder recently? Or change your ffdshow/haali media splitter installs?

  • matthew

    Atak_Snajpera , recommend I uninstall Ffdshow, Haali & Avisynth all then reboot ,then reinstall software. I did try this but still Ripbot didn’t load preview.

    I have since updated Java and now Ripbot seems to be working…. Possibly something was blocked in my firewall!


  • darkwstuff

    Hi Adub. Now that Ripbot has support for 10 bit encoding! I was wondering if you use it and what yours thoughts were on using it over 8bit? Im not too sure now, but i did find an interesting blog:

  • Adub

    10-bit encoding certainly has it’s uses, however it may not be exactly what you think at first.

    For instance, you can still take advantage of the 10-bit encoding support on 8-bit sources, however the output will still be 8-bit. So x264 handles it like so: 8-bit in -> process and perform calculations in 10-bit (which is higher precision and thus greater quality, if a slower encode) -> output a (dithered) 8-bit file. You get some quality benefits and a more accurate encode at the cost of encode speed.

    Now, true 10-bit sources are a LOT more rare than 8-bit sources. Almost all commercially available video is 8-bit. Pro-codecs do support 10-bit video, and it has been around for a while in a number of editing suites, but it’s not as widely available to “us” as one would hope. Nonetheless, if you have a 10-bit source, rejoice! And encode that sucker in 10-bit to get the highest possible output quality.

    Like I said, 10-bit encoding support with 8-bit sources will give you some quality benefits, but it will also be slower. It’s kind of up to you as to if you want to use 10-bit or not.

  • Adub

    Hmm, it appears that I was slightly incomplete. It is possible for x264 to read in 8-bit->encode as 10-bit->output as 10-bit. Apparently a number of anime groups are using this to ensure excellent color fidelity. Again, it’s up to you (the encoder) to choose your desired output level.

    Oh, and I’d wager that 10-bit hardware playback is practically non-existent at this time. Keep that in mind.

  • tommytinkroom

    Just updated to 1.17.1.Could someone explain to me what the encoder client is for and what it does and how to set it up.

  • Adub

    The Encoder Client and Encoding Server are to support RipBot’s distributed encoding features. If you have multiple Windows machines on your home network, you can take advantage of this. The author has bundled a guide with the program download, so take a look at that for more details about using those features.

    However, neither the Client nor the Server are necessary for normal RipBot use. They are just extras.

  • tommytinkroom

    Being as i have’nt got multiple windows machines on my home network,i suppose this is of no use to me?

  • darkwstuff

    Thanks for replies Adub,
    For now anyway, I might stick with using high 4.1 profile, until hardware catches up with software!
    The author of Ripbot says new 10bit setting can improve quality even up to 20 percent;
    The only thing I have noticed is that 10bit encodes do use up more Cpu than a normal 8bit encode!, really nothing to worry about though.

  • Adub

    Yes, it is of no use to you right now.

  • Kyle

    Hi Adub, i don’t know why but i’m trying to convert bluray movies for my portable device (a PSP), there seems to be a problem, the images look really sharp but the edges seem to be pixelated on heavy and vivid colors, like when the scene is dark and there’s a shade of red, or bright scenes and colors of say green, purple, etc..the edges would look pixelated but with the actors faces and other things no pixelation happens..conversion is almost perfect except for that small kind of spoils it..i hope you have an idea on how to tackle this, i did some googling and it seems like deblocking is the key though i don’t know how to do that in ripbot, i’m just a noob..

    lol, i even went to the Doom9 forums where this program was available but they’re not very noob friendly, i hope you can help somehow…thanks in advance..

  • Adub

    It does sound a bit like blocking. Have you tried raising the bitrate of your encode a bit? Blocking often occurs when a video is slightly starved for bitrate.

    I know it might not be easy to do, but a picture is worth a thousand words in the case.

  • Kyle

    yeah, i used 1000+ bitrate so that the file size would be very reasonable, at least below 1 gb…hmm, i don’t know how to script…can’t find a sample script with deblock in it anywhere on the net? is MeGUI much better…that program is quite intimidating and it’s slower in my experience..

  • Kyle

    btw, here’s the image..the original source does not have it..this is what happened after i convert it..

  • Adub

    Hmm, that is an interesting little artifact. It looks almost like mosquito noise…

    Have you done a preview of the script that RipBot creates? Does the noise appear there?

    Oh, and MeGUI is an excellent program. Yes it can have a bit more of a learning curve, but it can be quite useful at times. And the compression engine used in RipBot is the exact same that is used in MeGUI (x264). There is no speed difference between the two if you use the exact same settings. It might only appear slower if it’s using a different profile than RipBot.

  • Kyle

    hi, thank you for your response, much appreciated..(currently at work, sorry this reply might be long, thank you for your patience)

    funny thing is that the preview window does not show it, after the conversion’s done and i placed the file in my psp that thing appears, mostly in parts where there are vivid colors though i can let the other pass since it appears on the background and does not focus on the actor so it’s not really distracting..that part of the movie is the most noticeable..

    i don’t know if i remember the things i experimented with but here is at least the functions that would affect the overall encoding..

    i change to CQ to see if the cause of my problem is with the 2-pass method but that exact same thing happens still..

    > i set it to 16 (i think it says CRF)
    > i don’t know the exact wording but the vbv bufsize and maxrate (i think that’s how it is said) i changed it to 12500 (btw i changed that since when i switch the profile to 4 and higher that’s what is being used so i tried it in the MAIN profile)
    > i tuned to grain then film afterwards and without (i converted it 3 times but the same thing’s still showing)
    > i only used Default (i didn’t tried the other options: slow, slower…placebo)
    > the spline thingy, i changed it to Spline64Resize and i did Sharpen(.35)
    > what else, hmm..crop was set to automatic and i pick the x,xx:1 for the size

    i’m thinking it’s the sharpen that affected it perhaps but i think .35 is just mild and it won’t be that intense, but anyway what do you think?

    also, do you know of a video trimming program/software (that can be easily understood), so that i can test that part of the video only and try different settings?

  • Denny Chan

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