Solve DVD Decrypter's Closing Error on Windows 7

The Problem

A reader of mine contacted me today about an error he was seeing with DVD Decrypter on his Windows 7 box. The error spoke about 'Failed to set data for  "DVDDecrypterPlayMovieDVDMovieOnArrival"'. Reading his email reminded me that I had seen the error myself before.

The error is actually ...

Ensuring Proper DirectShow Filter Setup in Windows 7

DirectShow problems

It's funny, I just recently built a new computer for my personal use, along with supporting my master's thesis research, and I went about installing Windows 7 64-bit.

I went ahead installing my standard media workflow, which includes, BDtoAVCHD, AVStoDVD, MeGUI, Avisynth, and LAVFilters. I continued ...

Backup Bluray and DVD to MKV with MakeMKV

Since I have been dealing with backing up both my Blurays and HD DVDs (yes, I have some of these) to hard disk recently, I stumbled across a pretty darn awesome program called MakeMKV.

What makes MakeMKV so special is that is unique. It is essentially a decrypter and remuxer ...

A small update

Hey all!

Just letting you know that I haven't disappeared. I've got a few other tutorials in the works for programs like MakeMKV and BDtoAVCHD.

In addition, Loilo has contacted me and asked me to write an updated review of their editing program. This is kind of wild ...

How to Hardsub Blurays with RipBot

A few weeks ago (sorry it took me so long!) a few readers asked me about hardsubbing (embedding subtitles into the video stream) videos from their ripped Blurays. They specifically wanted to do it with RipBot.

After playing around with it for a few minutes, I discovered that it is ...

Converting Anything to DVD on Mac Using Burn

For those of you who have been following along with this site, you may remember that I promised you some Mac tutorials to go along with the abundance of Windows tutorials that I have published. Well, here is my first Mac-based tutorial!

It's about the use of the free ...

Convert Home Videos to AVCHD and Bluray

Okay, so you just bought that brand new TV and your shiny new Bluray player. But your wondering what good is it actually for when you only watch movies every now and then? Ah, but then you remember all those home movies that you have recorded over the years. You ...

Mux? Demux? Remux? Huh?

Recently I had a reader contacting me about demuxing files. He wanted to know what it was, and why on earth would you want to do it?

So I sent him an email explaining what "muxing" as a whole is and how demuxing factors into it.

I thought that the ...

Convert Anything to iPad, iPod, Etc with RipBot

With so many people using devices like the iPad, iPod, PSP or the AppleTV these days, more often than not they will want to be able to watch videos on them. And their videos, not someone else's. Well, I'll show you how to quickly and easily convert videos ...

Avisynth And Its Plugins

A question that people ask me on a pretty regular basis is "What the heck is Avisynth?" Well, I'll tell you. But be warned, this post can get a bit..."wordy".

A Little History...

Avisynth is a program that started as a small software project by Berkley student Ben ...

New Recommended Tools Page and More!

Again, sorry I've been away for along my friends! As you may or may not have noticed, there is a new 'Recommended Tools' page linked to in the top nav above. I will be updating this page on a regular basis and it contains all of the programs that ...

A Quick Update

Just a quick update to all of my readers. I'm not dead.

Well, now that we got that out of the way, here's what's going on: finals. I'm currently in the middle of finals at my University, so I have had time for little else. But ...

Setup a Proper Decoding Chain in Windows 7

Well, after I completed my original decoding chain guide here, I realized that I needed to specify a few things with respect to the intricacies of Windows 7. Thus, this post was born.

Okay, the reason why you may want to reconfigure the defaults on Windows 7's decoding options ...

Setup a Proper Playback Chain in Windows

Since more and more people have been coming to this site, I have received a number of requests asking me to write a guide for setting up the software which is often used in many of the encoding programs that I have detailed in previous posts (ex. BD Rebuilder, multiAVCHD ...

Convert Blu-rays to iPad with BD Rebuilder

Here's another one for the books! The great author of BD Rebuilder has just added another excellent feature to the already stellar Blu-ray backup program. iPad conversion. That's right, you read the correctly. Now, with just 1 extra click, you can convert your Blu-rays to an iPad friendly ...

Blu-ray to DVD with multiAVCHD

Well, this is the video companion to my original post here. I highly recommend that you watch the HD version in full screen if you can, as it's way better than on the page, or watching the low-res version. If you have any questions, feel free to hit up ...

Using AnyDVD through DVD Decrypter

Recently I had a reader ask me if it was possible to use AnyDVD and DVD Decrypter together. This way he could use DVD Decrypter's IFO mode with the decryption processing being handled by AnyDVD. As a matter of fact, this is very easy to do, and I'll ...

DVD FAB Passkey: An alternative to AnyDVD HD

From the makers of DVD FAB comes the new transparent decryption software, DVD FAB Passkey. This is a direct competitor to AnyDVD HD, as it operates transparently in the background and supports both DVDs and Blu-rays. This means that you don't have to rip the disk first before using ...

Convert Bluray to DVD with AVStoDVD

A few readers have been asking me about creating DVD version out of Blurays. Since I happened to be working on that very problem just recently, I thought I'd whip up a tutorial on how to convert your Bluray rips to DVDs using the free AVStoDVD. It's a ...

Burn Single Layer Video DVD's With IMGBurn

Today I will be covering how to burn your  single layer video DVD's using IMGBurn. Usually you will do this after you have already ripped and compressed the DVD using some of the many programs out there.  I will cover compressing DVD's in a later tutorial.

First off ...

Encoding Blu-ray's to MP4 with RipBot

Since I haven't written anything in a while and I have been experimenting with the awesome program, RipBot. I thought I would go ahead and write up how to use this awesome program to convert your Blu-ray rips to something more manageable like a console (Xbox 360, PS3) compatible ...

Backing Up Blurays with AVCHDCoder

A few weeks ago I showed you how to backup your Blu-rays using BD Rebuilder. This week, I'll show you how to do it with an alternative program, AVCHDCoder.

AVCHDCoder is a decidedly different program than BD Rebuilder. It's feature set is much larger for one thing. For ...

Encoding Videos for Your Motorola Droid

Since I just happened to get this phone for myself recently, I have become more and more intrigued about the possibility of adding videos to this awesome device. There are multiple ways to do this (and perhaps I will post them all eventually), but today we are going to use ...

Backup Blu-rays with BD Rebuilder

Update: This tutorial was getting slightly out of date, so I updated it to version BD Rebuilder 0.37.05 (on 2/19/2011).

Well, I've been getting more and more into Blu-ray backup recently, so I thought I would go ahead and post this nice tutorial and screencast ...

Blu-ray Backup with BD Rebuilder

An accompanying screencast to my post on BD Rebuilder and it's uses in backing up Blu-rays.

Note: I recommend that you turn HD on and use the Fullscreen option.

How To Stream Audio/Video to Your PS3, Xbox 360, and more!

Well, it's time to give a little update, since it's been so long (oops....). Since I have been messing with video streaming in my apartment recently, I thought I would publish an article on how to stream music, videos, images, and more from your Windows PC, Linux PC ...

How To Encode Videos For Ipod Using EncodeHD

This may be the simplest way in existence to encode videos for your iPod Classic/Touch/Phone etc. The secret is EncodeHD.


Okay then, let's get started. First off, run the program (duh). You will be presented with a screen similar to the one below.



In the ...

Basics of MeGUI's Avisynth Creator

Okay, I thought I would go ahead and post this little explanation of MeGUI's excellent Avisynth Creator tool. It's a fantastic tool, and not just with respect to use with MeGUI. I (and many others, I'm sure) have used the Avisynth Script Creator to create scripts for ...

X264 Defaults Changing, Plus a Few More

Well, it has been a while now hasn't it? Okay, well lets start off with some "industry" news. It appears that Dark Shikari over on the Doom9 forums has announced that the defaults for X264 (the free implementation of the H.264 encoder standard) are infact changing. The reason ...

How to convert Blurays with HDConvertToX

Okay, since I myself have been getting more and more into Bluray backup and the like, I will be posting a series of articles on Bluray conversion, both to MKV and to Bluray/AVCHD. This article is a tutorial on converting a Bluray disk that you have already rippedto ...

AnyDVD HD Settings Explained

As per a reader's request, I have put together this explanatory list of the different settings of AnyDVD HD. I tried to cover every single setting that I could think of, so peruse and learn something!

Feel free to leave a comment, and let me know if it helped ...

How to rip DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray with AnyDVD

Okay, since I know a lot of people visiting this blog are completely new to backing up their media, I thought I would take a couple of minutes to sit down and talk about one of the easier ripping programs to use.

That program is AnyDVD.

Now, it's not ...

Ripping with AnyDVD

Here is an accompanying screencast for this post. It outlines the basics of ripping a backup for a DVD, HD-DVD, or Bluray disk with only a few clicks.

DVD Decrypter Explained Announcement

Okay yall, I have a new screencast for you!

This weeks topic is -DVD Decrypter!

Now, some of you may be scratching your heads or rolling your eyes, but hang with me. A majority of newcomers to the video world often come from the field of DVD editing and personal ...

DVD Decrypter Explained

This here is a general tutorial to all things DVD Decrypter. I tried to keep it simple and cover most of the basics, so if it runs a little long, forgive me. It’s just that DVD Decrypter is such a fantastic program!

NAB : Day 1

Well, for those of you who are as much into video as I am, you may have noticed that NAB is in full swing again.

For those of you who don't know, NAB essentially a trade show of sorts, were all of the big names in the video industry ...

MeGUI One Click Encoder Introduction

After seeing many people struggling and complaining about how "complicated" it is to use MeGUI, I thought I would go ahead and through a quick tutorial together showing you how to use one of the main encoding features of MeGUI.

LoiloScope Video Screencast Review

In this screencast we will take a look at a cool new video application from Loilo, a Japan based software company.



  • Incredible Performance
  • Very Intuitive Interface
  • Decently Priced for an introductory product


  • Small number of video effects
  • Still a couple of major bugs