Convert Anything to iPad, iPod, Etc with RipBot

With so many people using devices like the iPad, iPod, PSP or the AppleTV these days, more often than not they will want to be able to watch videos on them. And their videos, not someone else's. Well, I'll show you how to quickly and easily convert videos for your swanky new device using a program called RipBot.

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Avisynth And Its Plugins

A question that people ask me on a pretty regular basis is "What the heck is Avisynth?" Well, I'll tell you. But be warned, this post can get a bit..."wordy".

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New Recommended Tools Page and More!

Recommended Tools

A Quick Update

Setup a Proper Decoding Chain in Windows 7

Well, after I completed my original decoding chain guide here, I realized that I needed to specify a few things with respect to the intricacies of Windows 7. Thus, this post was born.

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Setup a Proper Playback Chain in Windows

Since more and more people have been coming to this site, I have received a number of requests asking me to write a guide for setting up the software which is often used in many of the encoding programs that I have detailed in previous posts (ex. BD Rebuilder, multiAVCHD, HDConvertToX, etc...).

In truth, it's all quite simple to setup. Most of it is just download and install. However, some of the programs required need a little more configuration to get them working properly. That's why this guide is here.

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Convert Blu-rays to iPad with BD Rebuilder

Here's another one for the books! The great author of BD Rebuilder has just added another excellent feature to the already stellar Blu-ray backup program. iPad conversion. That's right, you read the correctly. Now, with just 1 extra click, you can convert your Blu-rays to an iPad friendly format. Let me show you how.

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Blu-ray to DVD with multiAVCHD

New Screencast for Blu-ray to DVD using multiAVCHD

Okay, I had a number of requests for a screencast version of my original Blu-ray to DVD using multiAVCHD post. So, being the awesome person that I am, I created one.

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