Well, for those of you who are as much into video as I am, you may have noticed that NAB is in full swing again.

For those of you who don't know, NAB essentially a trade show of sorts, were all of the big names in the video industry can come out and strut their stuff. The company that I interned with this last summer, NVISION Inc, will also be making an appearance under the name of Miranda (who bought them up just this last year).

Companies in many of the following fields will be in attendance:

  • Codecs
  • Encoders and/or Decoders
  • Audio/Video Routers
  • Master Control
  • Streaming Media
  • Media Distribution (think Bluray/DVD)
  • and a whole host of others...

Here is an interesting article from Ben Waggoner (one of the developers of Microsoft's VC-1 codec) that I came across. It details some of the recent developments of Microsoft's Silverlight package, such as the addition of supporting CDN's (Content Delivery Networks),  compression tool vendor support, DRM (digital rights management) service provider support, and last but not least, Microsoft's new "Smooth-Streaming".

Well, that's all that I have for you guys today! Enjoy!