From the makers of DVD FAB comes the new transparent decryption software, DVD FAB Passkey. This is a direct competitor to AnyDVD HD, as it operates transparently in the background and supports both DVDs and Blu-rays. This means that you don't have to rip the disk first before using it.

Since DVD Fab Passkey is currently in beta release, it is free to use! A download link can be found here: DVD FAB Passkey.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with AnyDVD HD, or "on-the-fly" decryption software in general, let me explain.

Most decryption software operates by reading the disk in your DVD or Bluray drive and then transferring the data to your hard drive. This is called "ripping". Especially in the case of HD content (such as Blu-ray) this can take up a lot of space, often 30 gigabytes or more. In addition, this whole ripping process takes serious time, often 1 hour or more when ripping a Blu-ray. Ripping a DVD can often take only 15 minutes, but that depends on the software and your computer.

The advantage "on-the-fly" decryption software is that it does not require you to rip your disk before playing or otherwise using its data. You can play files directly on from the disk, using software like PowerDVD or ArcSoft Total Media Theater (both of which are payware). There is also the free alternative Media Player Classic Home Cinema, but this can only play the main movie files and doesn't support some of the advanced features of Blu-ray such as menus or BD-Live!

"On-the-fly" decryption software acts as a 3rd party filter between your DVD or Blu-ray drive and your operating system. Once the disk has been scanned and decryption has completed, your movie looks like any other disk to Windows or your favorite video player. It is because of this that you can use your encryption-free drive as a source for software such as BD Rebuilder.

For those of you who still want to rip a disk to your hard drive, but want the advanced decryption features of DVD Fab Passkey, I plan on having a tutorial up this weekend. Enjoy the free software!