As per a reader's request, I have put together this explanatory list of the different settings of AnyDVD HD. I tried to cover every single setting that I could think of, so peruse and learn something!

Feel free to leave a comment, and let me know if it helped you!

Status Window:§

AnyDVD Main Status Window

This window describes all available drives installed on your system, and any information about a disk in that drive.

Video DVD:§

AnyDVD Video DVD Settings

Remove annoying adverts and trailers

Pretty much does what it says. Instead of being forced to watch trailers and any other video clips that a production studio wants, you can enable this option to skip to the main content.  Where you jump to in the content is governed by the two sub-options, with the option to jump straight to the main movie, or the main menu. Choose whichever you desire, or disable if you don't care.

Show Dialog to set Video DVD settings for each individual drive

This allows you to set specific settings on a per-drive basis. Essentially, every time you insert a new disk, a dialog box will appear, asking if you want to change any specific settings. I usually leave this off.

Video DVD - Settings§

AnyDVD Video DVD Settings
Default Region§

This drop down box is used to set your base region code. It's normally best to leave it set for yourcurrent region (ex. I live in the US, so I set it to region 1). You can usually leave this at default.

Feature Removal§

This is a handy area to remove all manners of "features" (read: copy protection) from your disks. The standard is to leave all of these at default.

  1. Software Region Code: Removes the software region code from the disk
  2. **Hardware Region Code:**Forces your drive to possess a specific drive region.
  3. **Region Code Scripts:**Removes any nasty region code scripts from your disk
  4. Analog Protection System: Removes the most basic form of copy protection, Macrovision Protection. This was originally found on VHS tapes.
  5. Prohibited User Operations: Removes PUO's. Basically, all of those annoying "features" that prevent you from skipping the previews straight to the menu when you press the "Next" button on your controller. Usually, when these are still on the disk, when you try to do something that your disk "prohibits", you will receive an icon in the corner of your screen that looks like anything from a hand to stop sign. I really like this feature, as it lets me skip right to where I want to go, no need to wait.
  6. PC-Friendly (Autorun on Video-DVD): This prevents your disk from installing any software when you first insert it into your PC. Very nice feature.
  7. Copy Protection based on unreadable Sectors: Removes protection such as Sony's ARccOSprotection, which inserts a number of what are called "dummy sectors" onto your disk. These sectors choke up older disk rippers, like DVD Decrypter for example.
AI Scanner§

This drop down offers 3 different modes of operation. Essentially, the AI Scanner acts as a form of "smart decryption". What it does is analyze your disk for any abnormalities, possible structure protection, etc. If it finds any, it does it's best to clean it up. Leave it at default.

Video DVD - Subtitles§

AnyDVD Video DVD Subtitle Settings
Subtitle Transparency§

Does exactly what it says. Essentially, it allows you to modify the direct subtitle transparency on the fly. Why you would want to do this, I don't know, but it's there if you want it.

Video DVD - CSS Keys§

AnyDVD Video CSS Keys Archive
CSS Key Archive§

This is a bit of an older feature. Essentially, instead of decrypting your disk's CSS keys every time you play a disk, it stores each key on a per-disk basis. This allows for a faster lookup, but again, it's an older feature. All modern computers can handle the decryption in a few seconds, so you won't even notice the difference in time. I suggest you leave it off, as it's just unnecessary.

Video HD DVD§

AnyDVD Video HD DVD Settings

This section is the main guts for settings that deal with decrypting HD DVDs. Yes, it's a dead format, but some of us jumped on the bandwagon fast, and got us some cheap disks,  so we need something to decrypt 'em! Anyways, here is what each setting does.

  1. Enable HD DVD support: Pretty self explanatory.
  2. Remove first play title from HD DVD: Basically, jumps right to your main content (usually the main menu or main movie). The first play title means a video clip that plays once, during the first time you have ever played the disk.
  3. Remove user prohibitions from HD DVD: Exactly like the Prohibited User Operations above, but with respect to HD DVD's.
  4. **Remove parental restrictions from HD DVD:**Remove's any parental protection from a disk. You can use this if you don't care about your kids seeing the disk, or if you don't have kids. Some people may want to disable this feature.
  5. Remove highest XPL file (New Universal titles with PowerDVD Ultra): A quick fix for a couple of problematic disks put out by Universal when they are played with PowerDVD Ultra.
  6. **Remove all menus from HD DVD (Studio Canal titles with PowerDVD Ultra):Another quick fix for some Studio Canal Disks and PowerDVD Ultra.

Governs where on your computer you want to store any of the excess files and scripts that can be left over from a rip. You can either delete everything when you are done, or just leave it at default.

Video Blu-ray§

AnyDVD Blu-ray Settings

The main Blu-ray section of AnyDVD. Basically, controls all protocol for the decryption of Blu-ray disks. Go here if you ever want to change anything that corresponds to the decryption of your Blu-ray disks.

  1. Enable Blu-ray support: Again, pretty self explanatory.
  2. Prohibited User Operations: Same principals as corresponding DVD and HD DVD settings.
  3. Removing anoying adverts and trailers: I'll give you one guess.
  4. Disable BD-Live: This little feature turns off Blu-ray's "Live" feature. Basically the "Live" feature is equivalent to jacking into the internet with your Blu-ray player and downloading "additional content". Use if you want to.
Blu-ray Disk Region§

Removes Blu-ray's equivalent of DVD's Region Code Encoding. This is normally used for ripping disks that are from other regions (ex. You bought a disk from over seas), and can be used at your discretion.

Audio CD§

AnyDVD Audio CD Settings

This is a nice, but little known/used feature of AnyDVD. Basically, it removes what little copy protection it can from any audio CD's that you insert into your computer while AnyDVD is running. Useful for some new releases from Sony BMG and others.


AnyDVD Drive Settings

A handy little section to control several aspects of your disks, such as speed and which drives to enable decryption on.


Enables you to govern the speed in which you rip specific types of disks. In the old days, when drives were still expensive, this feature was handy, as you could throttle the speed of your rips. This throttling enable you to conserve power and extend the life of your drive. Nowadays, with drives so cheap, it's a little pointless. Use it if you want.

Drives - Selection§

AnyDVD Drives Selection

Pretty simple, just check the box next to which ever drive you want to allow AnyDVD to handle.

Program Settings§

AnyDVD Program Settings Window

This section details the settings for the overall running of AnyDVD itself.

  1. Enable AnyDVD:I'll give you two guesses!
  2. **Autostart:**If checked, the program runs on Windows startup.
  3. **Safe Mode:**According to Slysoft, this activates a "high compatibility" mode. Enable this if your computer behaves strange upon the installation of AnyDVD.
  4. Hide Icon: Hides the AnyDVD fox icon in the lower right of your screen. This is NOT recommended, but you can check it if you want.
  5. Automatically check for new AnyDVD version: Again, self explanatory. AnyDVD connects through the internet to Slysoft's servers and checks if there is a newer version available or not.
  6. **Show information window for new media:**If enabled, when a disk is inserted, AnyDVD brings up an information window concerning the details of this disk, and how files were modified to remove any copy protection.
  7. Show Balloon Tip while AnyDVD is scanning disks: When checked, a little Balloon Tip pops up in the bottom right corner of your screen, saying that it is "Analyzing the disk!" and other useful information.
  8. Disable power saving while using AnyDVD ripper: Prevents your computer from entering standby while ripping a disk. Which is a real PITA when it happens, by the way.

Program Settings - External Program§

AnyDVD External Program Settings

Kind of an interesting feature, but AnyDVD can start programs or run scripts when a disk is inserted into your drive. Useful if you want to change the refresh rate of your monitor automatically for example.

Language Selection§

AnyDVD Language Settings

Simple enough. Just select your desired language, and the whole program reconfigures to display everything from program options to balloon tips in your desired language.


AnyDVD License Information

Displays information about AnyDVD, such as the version and the name of it's creator. It also displays information about your license, which I have bleeped out for obvious reasons.