Hey all!

Just letting you know that I haven't disappeared. I've got a few other tutorials in the works for programs like MakeMKV and BDtoAVCHD.

In addition, Loilo has contacted me and asked me to write an updated review of their editing program. This is kind of wild, as this was the first post I ever made on Adubvideo!

I do wish that I could be posting more often than I am (my TODO list is getting ridiculous) but alas, academics comes first. Still, if you have any particular guides you would like me to write, or programs that you think I should look into, post in the comments.

One day I'll get all caught up... One day...

Oh, I almost forgot, I just updated the BD Rebuilder tutorial. It was getting a little old (I wrote it back in 2009! Jeez, time flies) and I had a few readers comment on its "out of date-ness".

Well, I think that pretty much sums up what's new with me. Keep experimenting!