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This here is a general tutorial to all things DVD Decrypter. I tried to keep it simple and cover most of the basics, so if it runs a little long, forgive me. It’s just that DVD Decrypter is such a fantastic program!

Programs mentioned in the screencast:

  • Dawn

    Thank you soooo much for this tutorial! I am diving into vidding (making fan videos) and someone recommended DVD Decryptor to me as a great program, but I had no idea where to start! After watching this I have a good idea on what I can do to get the clips I need. Thanks again! Great tutorial!

  • Adub

    You are very welcome. I am glad it helped you.

  • ses

    Great Work! I’m a regular user of DVD Decrypter but still found your demo very useful. Why don’t you do one with RIPIT4ME mated to DVD Decrypter. There has been only one film that I failed to copy and I put all our films on our computer just because our kids scratch them so that they are unusable. On that film I continued to get error messages stating that the disk was dirty or damaged, which it was not. I tried 3 different disks of the same film, got the same message on the same files, I think it’s something evil that Big D put into just that film.

  • Steve Green

    Thanks. This is so helpful. Where do I donate?

  • Adub

    Well, no where yet. Since you seem interested, I’ll look into getting one setup.

  • Delroy

    Dear adub i have downloaded the dvd decrypter which was fine .But after i have riped the dvd onto file .I then burn the file dvd which is ok but when i try to play the disc in my dvd player it can not read the disc to play it. Could you please tell me what i’am doing wrong and guide me in the right direction. As it would be very much appriciated many thanks from Delroy.

  • Adub

    Unfortunately you have not given me enough information. What mode did you rip your disk in? If you want to do a straight 1:1 copy, rip in ISO mode, and then burn to a blank disk with DVD Decrypter in one fell swoop.

  • Bdoublya

    Is it possible to copy of your video tutorial so that it can be re-viewed without having to go on line each time?

  • Adub

    Is there a particular problem with my website that prevents you from viewing it online?

  • Mark Foell

    Thanks for the vid. It was a great help initially. It takes about 90 minutes to rip, then another 90 to burn.. Is this normal? Thanks, Mark

  • Adub

    No, it’s not normal. I can usually rip a disk in about 15 minutes. Check that you are using DMA with your drive under Device Manager. Also, what ripping speed is your drive rated for?

  • Larry G

    Loved the tutorial on DVD Decripter, have used it for years butlearned more about it from your video. Thanks so much.

  • Marcelo

    Thank you! Great video

  • Joe

    Thanks for the video, it was very helpful, but I have a quick question. Is there a way using DVD Decrypter to create only one file for the movie and keep the chapter information; so when playing the movie back you can jump to different chapters?

  • Adub

    Sort of. If you go into the Tools->Settings, and then click on the “IFO Mode” tab, you should see a drop down box that let’s you set the file splitting to “None”. With this set, you can rip your DVD in IFO mode, and it should result in one (well actually two, but the second one is *tiny*) file(s) that you can drag and drop into something like Media Player Classic Home Cinema, and play just like you desire.

    Another option is MakeMKV, but let’s see if we can get you what you want just using DVD Decrypter first.

  • Rich Merrill

    I’m looking at using DVD Decrypter for the following reason. I’ve been using DVD Shrink to make backups of my dvd collection. Recently I found one of my original disks destroyed so I attempted to make a backup of the copy. For some reason it won’t copy the copy. Do you know of the reason for this and if DVD Decrypter can help me? Your help is greatly appreciated – Thanks.

  • Adub

    Yes, standard DVD’s have a shelf life of several years. After that, the data contained in them begins to corrupt. At this point, you are kind of stuck. Many people have been backing up to harddisk and leaving it there, as the actual harddrive space is so cheap.

    At least, I assume this is your problem, as you didn’t state what “it won’t copy” means.

  • Rich Merrill

    Thanks for the response – The original has been broken in two – so attempting to copy that is not an option. I’ve already made a backup of the original. I’ve tried to backup the backup (copy the copy), and DVD Shrink begins the encoding process and then mysteriously just stops. Someone told me there is a problem making a copy of a copy and for some reason it would be different than copying an original – this is what I’m trying to find out about. As I’m writing this I’m trying to use DVD Decrypter (would not have even tried without the tutorial). Thanks again for your help. By the way – the backup is a one for one copy of the original.

  • Adub

    Ah, I see. You shouldn’t have any problems other than the corruption issue I mentioned above (and even that is kind of rare). Weird that DVD Shrink was having troubles. However, DVD Decrypter should work just fine.

  • nicamanjaro

    Dvd decrypter is a fantastic tool but im havin problems now i have this brand new dvd which i tried to back it up to my pc but at the end a message shows sayin something about checkin the disc surface or something like i dont know what its the problem can somebody help me thanks.

  • nicamanjaro

    by the way i took a screenshot of the problem check it i uploaded it in imageshack:

  • Adub

    If it is a brand new DVD, it may be using a protection that DVD Decrypter does not support. In all honesty DVD Decrypter is pretty old, but it still works for most dvds. Most. It can have troubles on the newer DVD’s and their more enhanced copy protection(s). For a free ripper that has a very high chance of working, take a look at DVD Fab HD Decrypter. If you want a paid program that is guaranteed to work, use AnyDVD.

    Please post back if you are still having issues.

  • nicamanjaro

    Im gonna try AnyDVD to see if it works and yeah its a brand new dvd.

  • sbowling

    ive been using dvd decrypter for sum time now. lately ive been having trouble with blank discs it will only go so far which varies 40% , 75% OR WHEREVER THEN IT WILL STOP AND SAY INCOMPATIBLE FORMAT. are these bad discs or what?

  • Adub

    It’s definitely possible. If you have a friend with a DVD burner, test the disks on his computer.

  • sbowling

    it does it on both my laptop and pc

  • Adub

    Yep, sounds like you got bad disks. Get some TDK’s, Verbatim’s, or Taiyo Yuden’s, and you should be just fine.

  • jack

    is there any way to change the region code from an all region disc to a particular region?

  • Adub

    Yes, with tools such as PGCedit. DVD Decrypter doesn’t do it (atleast, not that I remember), but take a look at PGCedit. You should be able to edit the region, and a whole host of other options as well.

  • jack

    I believe i found a way to do it with decrypter, I decryped the image of the disc to my hard drive then went to the tools tab then down to IFO tab and used the region patch tab and then changed the region for the downloaded IFO files. this seemed to work.

  • Chris

    I just got a copy of this last night, but haven’t used it. I have Evangelion in ISO format. Could I use this to pull the subtitle files out of the ISO? I’ve already tried extracting the ISO, but obviously I only get the VOB files which contain the video/audio/subtitles in one file. The program I use to make my AVS files will separate the audio from the files, but for some reason won’t pull the subtitle tracks out.

  • Adub

    Yes you could, however it wouldn’t make much sense to do so when there are smaller/faster programs that take less steps. If you extract the ISO to the vobs, you can use something like VSrip ( to rip the subtitles for you. If you are using something like HDConvertToX or MeGUI, you can have the program do it for you automatically.

  • Chris

    Oh I just thought of something, if I mounted the ISO in a virtual drive, then DVD decryptor should see it as an actual DVD, correct?

  • Adub

    Yes, but again, it seems like more work is required that way. However, that would do it.

  • Chris

    Oh alright, I’ve been using a very out of date VirutalDubMod for my encoding, and I can’t think off th top of my head the program I use to make the files for VirutalDub

  • Chris

    Thanks for the help though, I’m going to install MeGUI tonight, so that should be all I need to do it then.

  • Adub

    No problem. I have a couple of tutorials already on MeGUI if you need some help. Or contact me for specific help and I’ll right a custom tutorial.

  • Chris

    Will do. I’m attempting to break my Anime DVDs up into separate episodes for easier viewing on my PC, MeGUI seems like a program I’ll be able to pick up on pretty quickly, but I’ll definitely get in touch if I need any help.

  • tEd:P

    MOAR detail on settings plz! (or post a link to a thorough settings tutorial webpage) I just started using DVD Decrypter (in IFO mode) to rip/archive TV episodes to HDD but am still figuring out how to preserve stereo/surround audio tracks, chapter info, and director’s commentary but ditch the stupid previews, warnings, etc. Am playing back with VLC player and really like being able to toggle subtitles/commentary in play, but can’t get it to jump chapters. Do I need to set DVD-D to record a chapter file for this, and if so which type? TIA

  • tEd:P

    Aha. A better Google search found me this: (yours?)
    but that doesn’t say much about the different “Create Additional Files” options for chapter info, nor does it explain what Enabling Stream Processing accomplishes if you have no desire to remove or demux any stream…

  • Adub

    I’m glad that you were able to find some more info (and that page is from an acquaintance of mine). In terms of chapter files, the one that I see used the most (usually because it is directly compatible with MKV files) is the OGG format. Simply select that format in the “Create Additional Files” menu, and you will see a Chapter.txt file generated in the output directory of your rip.

    If you have no desire to remove or demux any stream, then why are you looking at “Enable Stream Processing?” If you want everything then just continue with the defaults and leave stream processing alone. You should only be using it if you intend to demux a particular stream, or remove extra audio.

  • ellie

    Thanks for the tutorial!
    Have been using DVD decrypter …mainly ripping to ISO then viewing via Daemontools. But now I am wondering if there is any way to convert to AVI files or the like to view via other media players as ISO files take up a lot of space.
    Not particularly savvy with the more technical details of the programs.
    Thanks again.

  • Adub

    There are tons! Take a look at several of the other programs that I have detailed on this site (with more in the works). Also, breeze on over to either or’s forums for the latest and greatest details on conversion programs.

    If you want to create AVI’s (which are getting rather dated, just so you know), you can look at programs such as AutoGK, MeGUI, HDConvertToX, Staxrip, Ripbot, and many others. Most of these will also convert to MP4 or MKV (which are far better than AVI, and are receiving greater and greater support all the time). For example, MP4′s can be played on everything from your iPod to the PS3!

  • Rick

    What is the best DVD Decrypter nowadays? I tried decrypting Transformers 2 and it failed using the
    The latest DVDFAB 6 Decrypter. Tried the older DVD Decrypter and it failed also.
    Any other software that you might recommend?

    Thanks! Keep up the great work!

    Do you have these posted on youtube? As I would like to download them and keep them for reference!

  • Adub

    Update to the latest version of DVD Fab Decrypter. The author just released support for your movie.

    And yes, as of now, DVD Fab Decrypter is the best free decrypter. AnyDVD is the best payware decrypter.

  • Pratheepan

    I just Like to create ISO …but my File located in E ..i Like to change to …..any other drive..
    How to Change Explain me

  • Adub

    If you want to create an ISO from a ripped VIDEO_TS folder, use a utility such as IMGBurn and it’s “Build” mode. Simply select the VIDEO_TS folder as your source, and set your destination to your desired drive.

    Hope it works out for you!

  • Pratheepan

    I Like to Rip Video Songs from DVD.friends told me to use DVDdecrypter to convert DVD to ISO like chapters…and convert with WIN avi….but….In DVD Decerypter I use IFO mode ….in that source…i hav to change any other Drive…how to change the Drive

  • Richard

    Many thanks for your tutorial. When setting up a destination file, can the title be change to something more recognizable?

    I have been trying to copy a DVD that has no protection but after four attemps, I’m getting frustrated. Each time I try to play the finished disc, they won’t play due to ” no DVD title list”. What am I doing wrong?

  • Adub

    I’m not sure that I really understand your question Praheepan. If you want to change the source drive, simply use the dropdown box in the source selection area to change from one DVD drive to another. If you want to move files from one Harddrive to another, simply drag and drop in windows. If you want to convert a directory of files to ISO, see my previous comment.

    When setting up the destination, unfortunately the best you can do is to store it in a specially named folder. Other than that, the ripped files keep their names no matter what. They actually keep them that way due to the structure of a DVD. If you were to rename them, you would start to get weird results when you tried to play them.

    As to the no DVD title list, there could be a couple of things. If you are copying in File mode, make sure all files are selected. Or copy in ISO mode and mount to a virtual drive. If your receive the error in IFO mode, then what player are you using?

  • Richard

    I didn’t pay attention to any of those terms you mentioned so no wonder I have destroyed four DVD’s so far. I am using a Sony DVD player. What combination do you suggest I try on my next try? By the way, I am not much of a computer person so I don’t understand the difference between ISO and IFO modes or what you mean by “mount to a virtual drive”.

  • Adub

    Okay, so if you want to rip a DVD and then copy it back, then you will want to create what’s called a 1:1 copy. Assuming that you only have single-layer DVD’s (cheapest), you have 2 choices. If the disk you are ripping is single layer (4.3 GB or less) then you can rip in ISO “Read” mode, and then pull your disk out, put a blank disk in, switch to ISO “Write” mode and then burn your recently ripped ISO file.

  • Richard

    I will try the ISO burn next and see what happens. I have a dual layer external DVD burner but I have never used the dual layer option. Can I burn directly from the internal DVD to the external burner and skip the file copy altogether?

  • Adub

    If your DVD is unencrypted, then yes, you can go straight from your reader to your burner. Most modern burning software supports this option (Nero, Roxio, etc…)

    However, if you wanted to do this with an encrypted DVD, you would need a software such as AnyDVD to decrypt the DVD on the fly while you burn it.

  • Richard

    The ISO burn worked. Thank you for your help. Is ISO a compress format?

  • Richard

    One more thing……perhaps you can tell me how to record only audio (no video) on a DVD. What I have in mine is to record two hours of music (WAV) that I saved from the internet on to a DVD, simply because a CD only holds 80 mins. and no I don’t want to use the mp3 format. I know it can be done because I figured out a way to do it on my stand alone DVD/VHS player/burner by fooling the machine into thinking I was also feeding it video signal in addition to the audio, by just feeding a “blue screen” video signal from an old VCR. It works but I can’t figure out how to do it on my computer. Any ideas?

  • Adub

    ISO is not a compressed format. Just a compact one (one file).

    Yes, it is possible to create Audio only DVD’s. You can look at this page from VideoHelp to get you started. Also, google is your friend on this one. I personally have never needed to, but there are tons of tools out there that will let you do so.

  • Jeepers

    I inserted DVD into drive it ripped the files and saved on to my harddrive but I cant open the files? not sure what I am doing wrong here

  • Adub

    What are you opening them with? Make sure you are using a proper player like Media Player Classic Home Cinema or similar.

  • George

    I downloaded a movie from Limewire last night and when I tried to play it it was encrypted and said I needed DVDDecrypter to view the movie. I already have it but when I tried to open the file with it DVDDecrypter couldn’t open it. What am I doing wrong?

  • George

    DVDDecrypter won’t open my Limewire file for some reason but I’m probably doing something wrong. Got any ideas?

  • Adub

    I don’t offer support for pirated media.

  • christina

    Wow!thanks so much for doing this;I know your videos are not made just for me but it sure does feel that way…I am a computer dummy! I can mess up even the simpleist attempt like saving a written document…Go figure!I have been trying to download a decrypter but couldnt figure out how to use it, now i’m going to try and see how I do after watching this.Another thing i enjoyed about your video is explaining of comouter terms, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT ISO/ RSS/(wutever it may be) actually means…. so I But i related to your example about ripping dvd’s-for the sake of kids scratching them-,instead of wanting to pull your hair out (or better said their hair),you can save your energy.SO AGAIN THANX

  • christina

    OOPS I APOLOGIZE.i did not mean to send that just yet.My last couple of sentences were scrammbled. i meant to say I am not sure what other viewers preferr but I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR TIME!Then i went on to agree with the kids and scratched DVD’s..

  • Adub

    It’s quite alright Christina!

    I’m glad that I was able to help you out as much as I did. After dealing with so many media troubles in my own family, I decided to go ahead and start this website to help others figure out the little intricacies of the video world.

    Again, thanks for stopping by!


  • RetiredTech

    After copying chapter 11 from Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back”, I noticed the saved file had the words “Muren” at 3-6 seconds, “Burtt” at 36-39 seconds, and “Lucas” at 1:15-1:18. Any Idea why this occurs? It was not in the original DVD.
    Could it have to do with removing the removal of copy protection?

  • Adub

    What exactly do you mean? Do you mean that subtitle with those words were displayed? Or were those words somehow embedded in the video?

    My ultimate suggestion is to try with a more up to date ripper like DVD FAB HD Decrypter (free). It may be better able to handle your Star Wars disc.

  • RetiredTech

    The words were embedded in the video centered left to right, about 1/3 the way down the screen with a silver font with a black surround. The type size was not overly large but easy enough to read (maybe 24 pt or so) It was in a bubble script font with the words previously mentioned and at the times listed. The script lasted about 3 to 4 seconds and disappeared until the next one appeared.
    Very strange indeed!
    If you have a copy of Star wars you might wish to try it. This was from a boxed set “trilogy” in full screen mode that came out about 5 years ago.

  • Craig

    What is the best ripper for the 5% of newer dvd that don’t work on DVD Decrypter?

  • Adub

    There are several, all of them will work for you.

    Top 2)

  • Bill

    Just a short message thanking you for a great tutorial on DVD Decrypter. Thanks again for the nice work.

  • nicole

    I know this is very late after this was posted, not sure you are still reading, but hoping you can help.

    I’m trying to get videos from a mini dvd-r (camcorder recordered stuff) onto my pc. Afer a lot of research it seemed like DVD Decrypter could help, but now when I put the dvd into the drive (yes, it’s definitely the right drive and a DVD drive) DVD decrypter does not recognize anything.

    I should also mention I was trying DVD Decrytpter because the disc is not finalized, for some reason I cannot finalize on my camcorder and I really want to get my home videos. The disc is otherwise fine as I can play back the videos on the camcorder. Thanks!

  • Adub

    I’m afraid that DVD Decrypter won’t be able to help you here.

    A simple Google search found this: but I’ve also heard of ISOBuster being of some help to people.

    However your statement “I cannot finalize on my camcorder” makes little sense. All disk recorders must be able to finalize their recorded disks. Otherwise there would be infinitely more reports of this problem on the web.

    Now, are you receiving an error when you attempt to finalize your disk? If so, what is your error? Punch that error with your camera model into Google or read your manual and you should be able to find something.

  • nicole

    Thanks Adub. Unfortunately the only error message I get when trying to finalize is “cannot finalize disc.” I’ve never had this problem before, all my other discs finalize fine, it’s obviously the disc, but since I can still view the videos on the camera itself I thought maybe one of these programs could help extract it.

    I’ve tried Isobuster but it doesn’t recognize any data either.

    Anyway, thanks again for your help. At least I won’t try for countless hours getting the dvd decrypter to work for me.

  • Adub

    Did you try the CDRoller program like that thread I linked to suggested? It may be able to do what you ask.

  • John B

    Would like to know best settings.
    When I rip the file in IFO mode ( i rip them convert to MKV, but before that) I decryt the dvd, the play back is good. but it seems like I can see the pixels. or blocks where I do not see them on the original dvd. what should be the best settings so I do not get that pixilation? thanks!

  • Steve

    I have windows xp pc. I just bought the Iron Man 2 movie on dvd. I’m trying to decrypt the dvd and then convert the movie to h.264 format so I can put it on Samsung Galaxy cell phone. I used file mode in DVD Decryptor it created about 94 VTS files of 3 types: IFO, VOB BUP. The VTS_02_0.IFO file looks like it has the whole 2 hr movie. I can watch the VTS_02_0.IFO file in VLC Media Player on my pc and it plays the entire 2 hr movie just fine.

    It looks like the other 93 files are just segments of the entire movie.
    AlI know is the VTS_02_0.IFO file plays the entire 2 hr movie in VLC Media Player.

    So now all I need to do is convert the VTS_02_0.IFO file to h.264 video format so I can watch the movie on my cell phone.

    So I then tried to open the VTS_02_0.IFO file in Handbrake (a video converter program) to convert the IFO file to h.264 format so I can watch it on my cellphone. Handbrake gave me an error message saying it could not read IFO files. I’m not sure what kind of file formats Handbrake can read and convert – their user manual doesn’t say, but it doesn’t recognize an IFO file.

    Can DVD Decrypter convert the IFO file to an mp4 or h.264 file so I can watch it on my cellphone or not? What can I do?

  • Adub

    IFO files are do not actually contain the data of a movie. They are more like playlist files, they simply point the way to the correct combination of .VOB files.

    And no, DVD Decrypter cannot convert video files. It’s just a decrypter and that is all.

    Now, I would wager serious money that the movie is NOT split up into 93 different segments. That’s too much overhead. You should be able to narrow it down to max 7 files, each one about 1 GB big. That should be your main movie.

    However, I believe Handbrake will accept DVD folders, specifically the VIDEO_TS folder. It should be able to determine the main movie on its own.

    If you want to go about using the IFO file, then I suggest you use something like HDConvertToX or RipBot.

  • Steve

    Is there anyway to get DVD Decrypter to decrypt the DVD into just one .vob file?
    In File Mode, Its converting the movie into about 7 .vob files each showing the same size (about 1.5 gb)
    For example: vts-04-1.vob is the first 18 minute segment of the movie – vts-04-2.vob is the next 18 minute segment of the movie ( 18 minutes to 36 minutes). vts-04-3.vob is the next 18 minutes of the movie…and so on. So the whole movie is about 7 .vob files (each the same size at 1.5gb). If I have handbrake scan the Video TS Folder its going to have to select all 7 .vob files to convert the whole movie.
    If I use ISO Mode, will it convert the entire movie into just one .vob file?

  • Adub

    Yes, there is a way to set it to just one output file. Under DVD Decrypter’s settings, go to the “File Mode” tab and set File Splitting to “None”.

    But, yes Handbrake will automatically load all 7 vob files. You don’t have to set the file splitting mode to none in order to use your decrypted files with Handbrake.

    ISO mode will rip to a solid ISO file, which requires a virtual drive in order to be used correctly. I recommend you stay away from ISO mode generally.

  • Marvin

    Steve, I totally understand what you’re talking about. The 94 files are comprised of the same movie files in different languages. It’s weird the way Paramount stored language data into the DVDs.

    Adub, ISO mode is the way to rip in DVD Decrypter from an options standpoint. You can either mount the ISO into Daemon or use WinRAR to unzip the TS_VIDEO folder, which is what you’ll get when you decrypt using file mode.

  • Adub

    Yes, you are correct Marvin.

    But if you are just going to mount the ISO (which reveals the VIDEO_TS) folder, or extract the VIDEO_TS folder with WinRAR, then why not just rip directly to a VIDEO_TS folder in file mode in the first place?

    The only serious use for ISO mode is when creating a 1:1 copy of a DVD. Essentially, rip to an ISO, and then burn that ISO to disk.

  • http://? Aaron

    This video helped me out a lot. I couldn’t figure out how to make my movies ONE movie. I copied The Nutty Professor and it made like 8 different movies all about 15 minutes long. So the last little bit helped me out the most. THANKS AGAIN!!!

  • Damon

    First, THANK YOU so much for the incredibly helpful tutorial. I am very new to all of this, but having a great time learning. You are very good at communicating complex concepts in easy to understand ways, thanks so much.

    For many of the reasons you mentioned, I want to back up my DVD’s. Last year my kids left the carrying case with all their movies in a hotel in Disney World, and I learned the HARD way how much it cost to replace them.

    I’ll try to be as clear with my question as possible. First, I want to playback two different ways…and if I misuse tech phrases please forgive me, just learning here. The first way is through a media streamer like Boxee or WD TV Live Video Hub. I have both actually. For this playback I have no problems so far. I use DVD Decrypter to rip in file mode, and everything works perfectly, chapters, top menus…everything. The second way I want to play back is through a DLNA server inside my two Sony Blu-Ray Players. That’s where I am running into trouble….sometimes.

    First, I think i’ve learned that DLNA really wants ONE large vob file, not Video_TS and Audio_TS files. I have had success on only one DVD doing it this way, and the problem is (since I’m an idiot) I don’t remember which set of options I clicked to get it to work….OR if it’s just that this particular DVD was easier to rip. I do know that the file that DOES work has a .vob extention, and is associated with the VLC player running on my machine.

    Your tutorial was really helpful and leads me to believe I can use either ISO mode or IFO mode, and disable file splitting….but still no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…and by the way, if you know of a better way to do this (meaning play ripped DVD’s over DLNA), I am all ears!!! I get the feeling DVD Decrypter may be outdated at this point.

    Thank you so much!!

  • Adub

    What are you using to stream over DLNA? I’ve heard very good things about Tversity.

    Secondly, streaming raw DVD’s appears to be problematic. Most often, I see people recommend converting to a format like MKV or MP4. With programs like MakeMKV, you can rip an entire DVD to a single MKV with chapters, audio and subs. No menus though, but DLNA has trouble with menus from what I hear. In addition, I believe MakeMKV has a UPnP server built into it, so you can just insert the disk, click “Stream” and it should work with any UPnP enabled device.

    You are going about it in the right way. ISO mode will likely not work, but setting file splitting to None (in the DVD Decrypter preferences) on either File Mode or IFO mode may work. Again, I don’t think it supports menus, but it should work with chapters, audio, and subs.

  • Kory

    Hi Adub, I was wondering if there’s a way to rip a dvd to my hard-drive, with all menus, chapters, etc active; and view it from my pc or from other devices (like my internet-capable tv) as though i was watching the disc–i.e. complete with menus, ability to jump to chapters, etc.



  • Adub

    Kory, the best way to do this is just a direct file rip. This is the “File Mode” under DVD Decrypter, and is the default rip mode in both AnyDVD and DVDFab.

    It simply creates a folder and file structure on your harddrive that represents the standard DVD structure. Pretty much any media player can handle it. My personal favorite is Media Player Classic Home Cinema (which is free), but like I said, almost any software player can handle it.

  • Matt

    Is it possible to have DVD decrypter decrypt a subfolder on the DVD drive? I have some DVD’s that have ‘autorun.exe’ programs built in for a ‘better and more in-depth PC experience’ and so Decrypter does not know what to do with all that info. It seems like something that should be fairly easy to get around but I cannot find anything anywhere online to tell me how to do it.

  • Adub

    Are you saying that DVD Decrypter chokes while parsing the disk, or while ripping the disk? Does this occur in all modes?

    One alternative that may work is using DVDFab HD Decrypter (a free part of DVDFab). It is vastly more up to date.

  • Harold

    Please bear with me as I try to get most of the details.

    My Task:

    I have a retail version of a show that consists of two episodes per disc (TV – movies). I want to customize it so that only 1 episode is on a disc.

    In addition to having only 1 episode per disc, I would like to retain the two menu screens that are specific to each episode along with the English subtitles. The first menu screen of the episode describes the episode and the second menu screen of the episode has the chapter/scene selection.

    My Activities So Far:

    Since the disc is a retail copyright protected disc, I recently downloaded DVDFab 8.1 to rip all the VOB files. Under the options available under “DVD Ripper” within the DVDFab software, I chose the “Generic” option.

    After the ripping aspect was complete, I proceeded to edit the VOB files in AVS Video Editor. I was able to trim the VOB clip that played within the timeline of the AVS Video Editor so that it contained only one episode.

    My Dilemma:

    Remember that I also wanted to use the two screen menus for this episode. Therefore I also trimmed the original Main Menu VOB clip so that it only included the two menu screens pertaining to this specific episode. Within the AVS Video Editor timeline, I placed the trimmed menu clip before the episode clip with the hopes that the menu screens will serve as the only menus of the disc.

    However, the AVS Video Editor processed the menu clip as part of the episode and therefore the menu screens were not functional (I could not select a scene from the menu). Since I didn’t create a menu from the choices available from AVS Video Editor, it chose a default one for me.

    My Question:

    How can I have the AVS Video Editor, or any video editor for that matter, process the two previously mentioned menu screens as the actual menus as oppose to part of the episode?

    Any guidance will be appreciated.

  • Adub

    I’m afraid what you are trying to do is either hard or impossible. Your best bet will be to use PGCEdit and/or Vobblanker in order to generate a working title.

    DVD Menus are much more complex than just trimming down a menu clip. They are combined with associated IFO (and usually BUP) files.

    The only way that I think you can get this to work is via PGCEdit. It is not a beginner friendly program however, yet there are numerous guides online for its use. I never had occasion to use it extensively, so I’m afraid I cannot be of much help to you here.

    For more depth, I highly suggest that you post onto Doom9′s forum, as there are several experts on that forum who will be able to help you for more than myself.

  • Alex

    For stream processing, does selecting ‘Raw’ give a better rip than ‘Direct Stream Copy’, or is there no difference at all?

  • Adub

    Direct Stream Copy is often more compatible with other processing software. I have never used Raw.

  • joanna

    as usual, the same b…y problem, how to finalize my mini dvd-r on windows 7? :(

  • Adub

    Do you no longer have the device that it was recorded in? Usually Mini-DV’s are produced in handheld camcorders. These camcorders have a finalize function built into them.

  • Collin

    Thank you very much sir! Great video and it helped me all the way; keep on rocking.

  • Susan

    I have many home movies that I have written to DVD. I always have people who would like copies of specific video. Since when I originally made the videos I put many different clips on each DVD. What I want to do is be able to put the DVD into computer and rip from it, pull the file into a video editing program and write a DVD for my family and friends with only the video they want. Another question, what is the latest version of windows this program will work with?

  • Adub

    The best way to go about doing this is using the IFO mode of DVD Decrypter. It will let you drill down into the DVD and rip out specific titles of the DVD. It should do exactly what you need.

  • anna

    hi, all i want to do is use dvd decrypter so i can turn the movie into a file and add subtitles in my parents’ language. i am able to create the file using IFO mode and i add the subtitles, but here is my problem. when i play the movie on Media Player Classic or Windows Media Player, the little tracker on the bottom that follows the timing of the movie does not work. the little tracker goes all the way to the end and i can’t control rewind or forward on the movie. what am i doing wrong? thanks.

  • Jan

    I’m a complete novice so bear with me. I want to put some of my dvds on a Kindle fire. Using the dvd decrypter is ripped a movie to my desktop. It arrived in sections instead of one whole movie. What did I do wrong? Thanks.

  • Adub

    You did nothing wrong. DVD’s are stored in chunks on the original disk, this is the way the standard was designed. However, the Kindle Fire will not play DVD’s in their standard format. You will have to convert the video to an H264 MP4 using something like RipBot, MeGUI, or Staxrip (to name a few). I have guides for a variety of programs for how to do just this very thing on my site if you want to take a look.

  • Adub

    It appears that your DVD hasn’t been remuxed properly after adding the subtitle.

    BTW, how are you adding the subtitle? There is an excellent guide for doing so here:

  • Jan

    I ripped the video according to your instructions using file mode and main movie files. They downloaded in sections again.I tried to use to convert to MP4 format but they were not accepted by freemake. I don’t understand what subtitle is ? Thanks.

  • Adub

    Jan, only the “You did nothing wrong.” comment was meant for you. The other was for another poster.

    I don’t use Freemake because I don’t find it dependable. However the programs that I did suggest (RipBot, MeGUI, or StaxRip) WILL work just fine for creating your MP4 from your ripped files.

  • Warren

    Dude…..thanks man! I been wrestling with this program and I am still new to it and you answered a few of the technical questions I been looking for……..Im tryin out the whole movie into one VOB file….I got kids and they are trying to be helpful and by bring me my DVD collection one disc at a time after they open them…..*laughing*…..thanks again for the video!……

  • Jan

    The reason I choose Freemake is because it is so easy to use. The DVD Decrypter does a great job. I finally figured out how to choose the files to decrypt just the movie without all the bells and whistles. However, when I play the whole movie back on Kindle Fire it is corrupted (not synced picture to video). I assume this is due to Freemake. Do you have a video for dummies on how to install and use MeGUI? All I want to do is format to MP4. Thanks.

  • Betsy

    Hi, I am new to DVD decrypter. I am using it to transfer movies from a dvd onto my computer and then using Videora ipod touch converter to make them ipod ready. My problem is that when I use DVD decrypter, it saves 3 files. VTS_01, VTS_02, VTS_03. When I select the file in Videora, i am only able to select 1 file, so I choose the first one. When i view it in Itunes, it is the first 45 minutes of the movie. I did go to the setting and change file splitting to none. I get good picture and sound quality. I would like to know how to get the whole movie into one file.
    Thanks for any help!!!!!

  • darkwstuff

    DVDDecryptor in IFO mode has the option to combine all the VOB files together for an external program like the one your using.

  • Adub

    Yup, darkwstuff is correct again! Simply use IFO mode with file splitting set to “none” in the program settings, and you should be good to go.

  • darkwstuff

    not sure if its been mentioned but, when development of DVD Decrypter was stopped LIGHTING UK took the burning engine and made a very cool program called imgburn.

  • Ed

    Hello!!!!! What an amazing effort to help us better understand this dated but still incredible program! Thank you very much!

    I have a question that really hasn’t been addressed here at all. I would like to make a 1:1 [exact] copy using a DL (Dual Layer) disk (no compression etc.).
    I was told that dvd decrypter can do this AND KEEP THE LAYER BREAK AS ORIGINAL. I had been using pgcedit w\ imgburn and i’ve also used CloneCD as it will do this. However, CloneCD for some reason creates disks that are problematic for some older players (they play sporatically). The pgcedi\imgburn method has been great except again, our older set top dvd player has problems with some of them depending upon how the layer break is setup. Our newer sony player never had a problem, but it died. I had this idea that if i could use dvd decrypter do a 1:1 copy it could (like CloneCD) keep existing original layer break intact and copy would retain that same layer break. Is there a guide showing how to do this type of dvd9 1:1 copy on a DL disk keeping original layer break?

    Thank you so very much for any help!

  • Ed

    Howdy again!

    I feel the need to further clarify the problem(s) with the older set top player and pgcedit & imgburn vs CloneCD method of backing up a dvd9 disk keeping layer break same as original.

    pgcedit\imgburn: The disk will always ‘boot up’ perfectly, it’s just that sometimes when it hits that layer break it will freeze briefly. Most of the time i check the Seamless layer break option since our newer sony player NEVER had a problem with that setting. However, our older panasonic is picky about that but at least disks play, just some will pause.

    CloneCD: This method will do a Dvd9 1:1 keeping layer break intact (CloneDVD seems to wipe out the layer break). And our newer sony never had a problem with these disks. However, the older panasonic player sometimes has problems reading these at all. It struggles to read the disk and sometimes it will load and sometimes not. Now these disks burned using pgcedit\imgburn method play don’t have this problem of struggling to read. They simply read right away, so i believe it is something that CloneCD is using to finalize the disk that is doing this.

    I would like to try DVD Decrypter for this dvd9 1:1 to see how it plays. I’ve been told that it does retain layer break but that’s as far as i know.

    Hopefully this helps and there is a simple way to do this. I also have anydvd but don’t think it is needed for this (Criterion) disk we purchased.

    Thanks again for any help!

  • Ed


    What i did was take the disks made with CloneCD, have DVD Decrypter ISO them, and burned them (using the .mds file) with imgburn. Layer breaks came out perfect (so far they play with no pause at all) and instead of having problems loading, the new disks load perfectly. Too bad i didn’t know about this earlier… could’ve saved a few DL disks.

    No doubt CloneCD was doing some crazy bitsetting or finalizing to the disks. Crazy thing was, these disks WOULD play, but only after playing one of the same [brand] disks burned with pgcedit\imgburn. After that, the CloneCD burned one would load. But as soon as i loaded another DVD5 or different [brand] DL disc, the CloneCD burned DL would again fail to load. I’m sure some DVD Guru out there could explain this phenomenon, but i surely haven’t a clue. Perhaps it has something to do with the way the laser aligns after reading the same brand disk burned differently and properly bitset or finalized as described.

    Thanks again for this wonderful information!

  • darkwstuff

    @Ed, it would probably be worth posting on the slysoft forums if you havnt done already. Out of interest what DL brand of media are you using? I’ve only had problems when using cheap media, tend to stick with verbatim or tdk discs.

  • Ed

    Using Verbatim +R DL (only DL we’ve ever used). Yeah, if Slysoft can’t tell me what’s up with this i doubt anyone can. Thanks for that idea. Player is an old Panasonic DVD-F87 and it reads every disk we’ve tried – the only problem(s) being with these CloneCD burned ones. Again, since the same brand disks read perfectly when burned using dvd Shrink or most other methods, no doubt it’s something that CloneCD does. But all those disks never gave us any trouble with our newer Sony player that recently died. So it is a combination of things at work here (as with most computer\IT related problems). At least now, thanks to dvd decrypter, there’s a way to improve the situation.

  • darkwstuff

    @Ed, im sure adub will reply when he gets a free moment. be interested in responses you get on slysoft forums,so please post back!

  • Adub

    Indeed, it is certainly sounding like a fault with CloneDVD. DVD Decrypter is very particular about it’s mds creation and layer break placement. Since the internals of CloneDVD are a corporate secret, we don’t really know how it handled everything.

    Still, it’s good to hear that you got everything fixed. FYI, if I remember correctly, DVD Decrypter can generate mds files from any ISO, even ones that it didn’t create. That might save you a step. Another option is to look into IMGBurn, which is a more up to date version of the DVD Decrypter burning engine (both are written by the same guy).

  • Joseph

    I would like to make copies of some original DVD’s I have. I downloaded Decrypter program to make a copy. My question: Will decrypter alter, in any way, my original disks. Will the original disks still be uncopyable, after having made copies using decrypter? I don’t want to alter my originals. Thanks for answering my questions..

  • Adub

    No, it won’t alter your original disks. It can’t.

  • ZombieLoveChild

    Great tutorial. Really helped me with doing TV Series. I’ve used the program for a while now & i just came across this tut. Didn’t know you could use the IFO mode to pull out one episode of a TV Series. Man that helps me a whole hell of a lot. DVD Decrypter is still a great program. Thanx for the tut! :0)

  • VincentPriceGirl

    Hey, how can you change the settings in the decrypter to make the vob video size bigger after ripping? All of my movies I’ve decrypted lose some quality because the decrypter rips them really small; and then they’re pixelated when I convert them. help?

  • Adub

    The quality of the files that result from DVD Decrypter’s rip is the same as what is on the original DVD. There is NO conversion done by DVD Decrypter, and what you see when you play the DVD is what you will see when you play DVD Decrypter’s files.

    Now, if you are seeing pixelated output from your conversion, its your conversion settings that are the problem. Try uping the bitrate, or using a better encoding profile (I have no idea what you are using to encode though).

  • Dale

    Is it possible to decrypt a movie file after you have recorded it onto your hard drive?

    I see that you can decrypt a DVD then record on hard drive, but my question is I have already recorded a encrypted movie and it does not view properly is there any free software available to provide decryption of already saved movie on hard drive.

  • Adub

    Yup, DVDFab Free should do it: (

    Scroll down a bit, it’s the last product on the page.

  • John

    HEY HELP me I put my mini dvd and it freezes after 9% I smashed my cam corder because it’s stupid any help PLEASE ?

  • Adub

    You smashed it because it’s stupid? Did you finalize the disk first? Is the disk damaged in anyway?

  • Jack Zilli

    Thank you very much for this tutorial. You have cleared must of my dubts.

  • Starling

    Hi, newbie here. I ripped a TV series from DVD and had it saved onto my external hard drive but my TV says that it doesn’t recognise the audio. I didn’t change any settings other than destination folder, no idea what they mean. I just didn’t want to have to hunt for the DVD box every time I want to watch something. Do you know how I can fix that? Thanks.

  • Adub

    First of all, what is the exact error that you are getting? Does the TV actually say “Audio not recognized”? How are you playing the video file? What TV is it?

    Most TV’s these days will be able to play AC3, the native DVD audio codec, as long as they have media playback capabilities (I remember the days when TV’s where only used to display a movie, before they played anything).

    You can confirm the audio codec on the file by tossing it into your favorite media player and checking its properties, or using something like MediaInfo.

  • Starling

    Yes it says Audio not recognised. I have it on an external hard drive so I just plugged it into the USB slot on the side of the TV. I don’t know much about TVs but it’s made by LG and it says FullHD on the corner. I probably just need to change the output in Decrypter and copy it again.

  • Adub

    Hmmm, it’s very strange that you are getting that error. Unless, your TV is unable to play VOB or MPEG-2 files. The best thing to do is lookup the model number and see what the supported audio/video formats are. If it doesn’t support MPEG-2 video and AC3 audio, that would be your problem.

    If that’s the case, find a format that IS supported and convert your ripped files to that format. Or just use a DVD player.

  • Starling

    I’ll look it up if I can find it. I’ve probably done something blonde with it. I tried to play it through the USB slot on the DVD player too and it says that same thing. Thanks for helping.

  • mattv

    I love this program use it quite often and the only problem I have run into is that when copying tv shows it only give me the first episode. So I guess im asking how I can edit the paraphrasing of the files

  • Aldene

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial. now i am a real novice to all of this so bear with the stupid question. i used the DVD decrypter and it came up with a Video_ts file how do i convert this to the actual movie?

  • Adub

    It’s a VIDEO_TS folder, not a file. All of the .vob files under that directory are the actual movie. You can play them with your favorite media player such as Media Player Classic Home Cinema, or VLC.

    When you say “convert to the actual movie”, what do you consider the actual movie? Because you already have the actual movie.

  • Khiangchor Foo

    I refer to your tutorial on dvddecrypter, it is useful and wonderful.
    I could rip it into individual vod id with a default sound track, but not 2 channels. ie. the stereo and mono as in .avi or .mpg format. Thus cannot play as karaoke.
    Pls assisst if there is any other commands to achieve the above.

  • Khiangchor Foo

    my email address is :

  • Fox Fetterworth

    25 wasted minutes of totally useless bloviating gibberish. What an idiot.