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An accompanying screencast to my post on BD Rebuilder and it’s uses in backing up Blu-rays.

Note: I recommend that you turn HD on and use the Fullscreen option.

  • Yuwannano

    Great video, and tutorial of how things work. I do have one question though. In the settings section for the audio it has an option that says “Keep HD Audio for BD 25 encoding”. I have a BD burner and have 25 gb disk. If I enable this option, what would be the pros/cons of it? Also, since I do not need to worry about compression, which options are best for the absolute greatest output. Thanks!

  • Adub

    The pro’s would be that you would be able to keep your HD audio (and it’s higher quality fidelity), instead of sacrificing it’s quality for a smaller filesize if you were to keep that option unchecked.

    Quick note: Just because you have a bd-25, doesn’t mean that you won’t have to worry about compression. Based on the size of your original Blu-ray (which can be up to 50 GB sometimes) you may actually have to do some compression work if you were keeping the entire disk. If you were keeping just the main movie, chances are you wouldn’t have to compress, but that’s not guaranteed. Movies like The Dark Knight have main movies that are over 25GB (30GB I believe), so you would still need some minor compression to reach the 25GB mark.

    For best settings, I usually just do a movie only backup, with my Encoder Settings set to Highest. If my main movie is already under 25GB, everything should be handled just fine by BD Rebuilder automatically.

  • iStorm

    Hey A-Dub,

    First off, I would like to say that I love your videos and step by step guides.. You seem very knowledgeable so I thought I would ask you some questions..

    Here is what I want my end result:


    * Codec ———–> H.264
    * Resolution —–> 1920×1080
    * Average Bitrate ———–> 3.6
    * Framerate ——> 24fps
    * Audio ————> AC3 Dolby Digital 5.1CH Surround (384Kb)
    * Subtitles ——–> english subs for african dialogue
    * Extension ——-> M2TS
    * Source———–> Blu Ray Disc
    * This file is kept under 4 gigs for easy storage (Dang FAT32!) Hi quality 2-pass H.264 standard encoding.

    As you can see, I want full 1080p picture with a file size of 3.99gb total for video and audio.. so obviously 264 video in a regular m2ts file so I can easily transfer right to my External Hard drive to plug into my ps3 and direct steam it and obviously I want to get rid of the DTS Master Audio and go to a AC3 5.1 CH. What is the best/easiest/fastest software to use to go about this? I have some blu rays that I want to back up on my external fat32 hard drive and just want 1 m2ts file in the end result with digital sound and 1080p picture.. If I have to go down to 1280×720, that will work at well.. but like I said.. I really want the above end result. Please provide me with the best software (i don’t care if it is not freeware) so I can set the file size, change DTS to AC3, and end up with just an m2ts file. I would greatly appreciate the help :)

  • Adub

    Hmm… there are a couple of programs that can do this for you. MeGUI is one of them (it’s a little bit more advanced, and you would probably be working with it’s One Click Encoder).

    Another is RipBot. RipBot was originally designed to be simpler, with a more streamlined albeit reduced workload. It even offers support for exporting to AVCHD/Bluray. You can limit the file size using the “Lock Filesize” option. Here is a link to the program. If you need a tutorial, let me know….

  • jason

    Thanks for tutorial I have a problem when I used bd rebuilder it doesnt have a BDMV or certificate folder I am trying to back up a 45gb blu-ray to a 25gig blank when it finished it is just a bunch of files no folders and no iso any suggestions

  • Adub

    Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure that I understand your question. Does your source not have a BDMV folder or your destination? If the latter, it sounds like you are either looking in the wrong folder, or your backup did not fully complete. Are you sure that there were no errors in your log?

  • jason

    when I used bd rebuilder to shrink 50gb disc to 25gb it is just files no BDMV or certificate folder
    there were no errors and the only folder was called work files is there somewhere else

  • Adub

    Inside your output folder, there should be two folders. One called WORKFILES and the other should be named according to your source (ex. THE_DARK_KNIGHT). Inside the latter are the BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders.

  • jean

    hola buenas estoy comprimiendo un blu ray de 29 gigas a 22 gigas al finalizar , el BD REBUILDER hace todo el proceso perfecto pero al terminar todo el trabajo queda en el archivos directorio de trabajo (workfiles) y crea una carpeta que tiene dos carpetas (BDMV y CERFICATE ) ESA PESA 3;28 GIGAS

  • jean

    hola buenas estoy comprimiendo un blu ray de 29 gigas a 22 gigas al finalizar , el BD REBUILDER hace todo el proceso perfecto pero al terminar todo el trabajo queda en el archivos directorio de trabajo (workfiles) y crea una carpeta que tiene dos carpetas (BDMV y CERFICATE ) ESA PESA 3;28 GIGAS y la de workfiles pesa 22;gigas que proceso estoy haciendo mal o si configure el BD REBUILDER el programa dice que realizo los dos proceso perfectamente y no es asi porque no esta creando la carpeta (BDMV y CERFICATE )completa ya que cuando lo abro desde mi total media theatre solo corre hasta el menu mas nada no esta termiando de hacer el archivo completa gracias

  • Adub

    I’m afraid I don’t speak spanish well enough to answer your question. Sorry.

  • ftb32

    Great video, and tutorial.

  • Adub

    Thanks ftb32! I’m glad you liked it and I hope it helps you!

  • Nogiman

    Have done many succesful transfers with BD Rebuilder. Currently having trouble with Blu Ray version of CONTACT. Getting just a green screen on transfer. Any suggestions?


  • Adub

    “Green screen on transfer” <- Your going to have to explain this one a little bit more. What is green? The whole movie? Is it actually green or are there green artifacts? When you say "transfer" do you mean upon ripping, or the final encoded version output by BD Rebuilder. Does the original material display this defect as well?

  • kevpc

    hi Adub. have followed your directions on using AVCHD to get 3 movies into 1 file. problem i had, as i have informed you under the ‘Converting multiple DVDs to AVCHD / Bluray using multiAVCHD’ topic you have posted, is that the resulting file is 33gig. dont know why. my question to you under this topic is, can i now use BD Rebuilder to reduce the file size i have atm on my HDD so it will fit on a 25gig Blu Ray disk, keeping everything, ie movies, sound options and menus?

    tnx for your time

  • Adub

    Yes, you an use BD Rebuilder to resize, but it is unnecessary. See my response to your previous question in the other thread.

  • kev

    have responded in other thread, Adub. hope that’sok

  • gabmycar

    Hi, I was trying to back up My Take To Soul Bluray from 33gb to 25gb, all is Ok but when I watched the movie only 1 hour was recorder, the total length of the movie is 1.40 hours. I Thought was a mistake and tried it again, all was the same. Then I tried to make only movie backup and the result exactly like the previous. I made another bluray backup like The Next Three Days, Unstoppable and all was ok, but with this particular My Take To Soul I cant figure out whats going on, Could you have any idea? Thx a lot.

  • Adub

    This sounds like a problem with the disk structure, and BD Rebuilder’s parser. How did you rip “My Soul to Take” (which is not My Take to Soul, btw)?

    I’d suggest updating your ripper and/or BD Rebuilder, as it maybe a problem with either.

  • gabmycar

    Hi and thx a lot for ur answer, nothing happened, is the same, then I tried with another one “The Next Three Days” (44gb to 25gb) and all was ok, but with “My Soul to Take” only 1.04 hour of movie is recorded (full Backup, only movie backup), at end I´m going to record it into a 50gb bluray disc. Thx.

  • Adub

    Huh, what a strange issue to have with My Soul to Take. It is definitely disk-specific.

    I wish you luck with your alternate method.

  • gabmycar

    Hi and thx a lot for ur answers, let me tell you that all was recorder it into a 50gb bluray disc in a good way, at least I have the entire movie My Soul To Take, I dont know what happened with the BD Rebuilder and DVDFab never recognized the folders neither the .iso too.

  • Susana

    Hi. Thanks for Tutorial and video BD Rebuilder. I’ve followed all the steps (including AVCHD Patcher + IMGBurn) and recorded my 25GB Blu Ray (Bruce Springsteen Live In Hyde Park), however it doesn’t work in my “Panasonic BD-80″, only in my computer drive. Sometimes I got it, depending of the movie/show. I enable the options in the settings section for the audio ” Do not convert DTS to AC3″, “Do not reencode AC3″ and “Keep HD Audio for BD 25 encoding” cause I wnat to keep the quality fidelity. Any idea of what am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

  • Adub

    The BD80 is a notoriously finicky player. You have to ensure that your final output is very strictly compliant. I suggest you try everything at default first (including the audio options) in order to ensure maximum compatibility.

    Searching for BD Rebuilder and BD80 will show you some history on the internet about people who have struggled with the player in the past.

  • Susana

    I can’t remember which were default audio options or general encoding ’cause I’ve changed several times, but thanks anyway. I’ll try. I’ve found out that I couldn’t use AVCHD Patcher sometimes and it worked for Springsteen.

    By the way, do you know any new version of AnyDVD HD (My is or similar to rip the image of Blu Ray? New Blu-Rays are my problem, ’cause this version didn’t “recognize” them.
    I tried with DVDFab8, too.

    Thanks, again, for your help.

  • Adub

    Rip the image of Bluray? Which Blu-ray? AnyDVD HD should be able handle anything you throw at it.

    The latest version is, so try using that version. If your rippers are not recognizing your disks, it may be a problem with your drive and/or operating system.

  • Susana

    Blu-ray like “Mr. Popper’s Penguins”, “Fast & Furious 5″ or “Cars 2″. Maybe my operating system is my problem, I don’t know. It works in my drive, but AnyDVD HD asks for upgrade when I try to rip the image of some new blu-rays, that’s why I asked you about it. I’ll try that new version. Thanks.

  • Mark

    Mr. AW,
    Interesting SW. I am just beginning to attempt BD copies, although I have been doing DVDs for many years. I currently use AnyDVD, and will be upgrading it to HD shortly.

    I am looking for something similar to your offering, except I want to maintain the option to encode un-compressed “movie-only” BDs, for pristine quality.

    If a movie is 28 gb, I might consider compressing to a 25 gb backup, if it still looks great – but normally I would not want to compress at all – just do a movie-only backup.

    So does your SW support “full” as BD backup (up to 50 gb) or 1:1 copies? If so, what affect does that option carry with respect to the settings you described in your How-to video?

    I also desire original preservation for the audio track, (DTS, LPCM, or TrueHD etc.). Is your “Rebuilder” the software for me – or would you recommend I look elsewhere?

    I do like the setup simplicity of your GUIs, sort of reminds me of the old “ultimate” free program “Shrink”. Thank you for your obvious expertise and your time.

  • Adub

    To be fair, this is not my software, it’s JDobbs’. And yes, all of those features are supported. It’s main site is here :

    However, if you want a 1:1 copy, there is no point in even using BD Rebuilder. Just rip with AnyDVD HD and burn with IMGBurn or your favorite burning software. No need to process.

    Good luck!

  • enrique

    good tutorial. Any reason why after the update it seems to run a lot slower than previously? I’m doing movie only to bd-25

  • darkwstuff


    Thanks for the guides and information you have provided. Just started backing up blu-rays. If you leave RB_DB set to Automatc quality setting does it just use Good(fast) profile or does it alter depending on the compression needed?

    thanks mate.