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Solve DVD Decrypter’s Closing Error on Windows 7

The Problem

A reader of mine contacted me today about an error he was seeing with DVD Decrypter on his Windows 7 box. The error spoke about ‘Failed to set data for  ”DVDDecrypterPlayMovieDVDMovieOnArrival”‘. Reading his email reminded me that I had seen the error myself before.

The error is actually two errors which occur when you try to close DVD Decrypter on a Windows 7 machine.

The first error is “Failed to set data for ””. Here is an example image:

The second error is “Failed to set data for ‘DVDDecrypterPlayMovieDVDMovieOnArrival’”:


The quickest and most elegant solution to this issue is just to run DVD Decrypter as an Administrator. Simply right click on the DVD Decrypter icon and click “Run as Administrator”. That should fix it!

  • mka

    Excellent advise – immediately solved what had become a major problem for me

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