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Burn AVCHDs and Blu-rays with IMGBurn

Well, since I already covered how to burn single layer DVDs using the free burning software, IMGBurn, and I have been doing some tutorials on converting your Blu-rays to AVCHD and other Blu-ray based material, I thought it was time to cover burning AVCHDs and Blu-ray disks.

Well, let’s get started. I assume you already have at least a BDMV folder you want to burn (and a CERTIFICATE folder if you are burning to a Blu-ray disk).

First, start up IMGBurn (obviously).


You will see a window like the one below. Click on the Write file/folders to disc button.

The IMGBurn main window with the "Write files to disk" button highlighted.


Now, in the left hand corner, you will see a window area labeled Source, like I have shown below. Click on the folder icon that I have highlighted to locate your BDMV (and if you are burning a Blu-ray, your CERTIFICATE) folder.

The load source folder button for IMGBurn.


You should see your folder loaded in the source window now. Remember, since I’m burning an AVCHD in this case, I will only have one folder. If I were burning a Blu-ray (BD-R, BD-RE, etc) then I would include the CERTIFICATE folder as well.

If you include the CERTIFICATE folder in a AVCHD compilation, you run the risk of confusing your Blu-ray player and producing a non-playable disk.

The IMGBurn source folder list with one BDMV folder highlighted.


Now, click the big Calculator button. What this will do is calculate the size of your compilation and analyze our source, which leads up to step 5.

The IMGBurn information window with the calculator button highlighted.


IMGBurn is smart. IMGBurn is so smart that it will detect that you are trying to burn a Blu-ray based disk and will automatically set a number of settings for you, like the UDF revision (which should be 2.50 or 2.60).

An alert window from IMGBurn concerning the use of a BDMV folder as a source.

You can see what I’m talking about by clicking on the Options tab and looking where it says UDF.

The IMGBurn burning options tab, with UDF revision set to 2.50.


Next, choose your destination drive. Since I only have one burner drive in my computer, this has already been set correctly for me. Choose whichever drive you desire (as long as it’s the one with your blank disk in it).

You may have noticed that I have the Verify option enabled. This is mostly through force of habit, but I find it useful as it helps me to ensure that a burn was successfully completed. Feel free to leave it off if you don’t want it.

When you are ready, click the big start button that I have highlighted below.

A image of IMGBurn's destination drive and highlighted start button.


Again, since IMGBurn is so smart, it may have noticed that we have not given our compilation a name. And, being the smart little program that it is, it will probably suggest a title like the one below. Feel free to edit your title, or just click OK.

Note: If you don’t do anything, IMGBurn will automatically click Yes for you in about 23 seconds, as you can see in the far bottom left corner of the alert window.

The IMGBurn volume label alert window.


Well that about covers it! With this guide, you should now be able to burn AVCHDs and Blu-ray disks whenever you want! Happy burning to you!

  • ted

    Awesome nfo, although any one that has used Imgburn a lot will already know how to create ISOs from files. But it’s good to know that it can handle AVCHD files; good stuff and a awesome program. Love open source.

  • Adub

    Indeed, I love open source too, but technically IMGBurn is not open source. It’s just free.

    However, I’m glad I was able to answer some of your questions about IMGBurn. It really is a fantastic program.

  • ted

    Yea dude, great site and +10 for the guides, I couldn’t tell u how many times I’ve searched for a guide on the net or in forums, only to just have waste more time. Good job and thx again.

  • Adub

    No problem, I’m glad to be of service.

  • Chazzy

    I have ripped the Blu-ray data to my hard drive. How do I transfer it to disc using IMGBurn? Can someone please give me a step-by-step instructions on how to do it successfully without wasting a disc? Thank you!

  • Adub

    Uh, read the guide above?

  • Chazzy

    Another wasted Blu-ray disc. I followed everything and when I try to load the movie on my PS3 I get the following error code every time. This is an invalid disc. (80029906) I have played other ripped blue-ray movies with no problem so I don’t waht to say now? I followed all the steps…….

  • Chazzy

    Update: The movie plays great on my computer using CyberLink Power DVD Ultra 9 The only problem is when ever I load the disc on my PS3 do I get the following error code: (80029906) Is my PS3 Bad?

  • Chazzy

    Update: I’ve been reading about this problem for the error code: 80029906
    Based on the latest PS3 Firmware update this is why I get the error code: 80029906 I hope Sony can fix this issue soon….

  • Adub

    Ah, Chazzy, you answered several of my questions all ready!

    I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with the firmware update.

    Quick question: Does your output disk have both a BDMV and Certificate folder in it’s top structure?

  • Chazzy

    Yes, has instructed it does have both files the BDMV and Certificate folder inside it. Loads perfectly fine on my PC but not on my PS3′s Blu-ray with error code. Odd, I played a Dawn of The Dead Blu-ray perfectly fine and had no issues and it was a BR-R 50GB Dual-Layer disc. Anything else I get the same error message 80029906

  • Chazzy

    Edit Correction:

    Now you guys should have already known that if you plan on ripping a blu-ray movie that you will need more then just the BDMV, Certificate folders. Do you know why I couldn’t play not one of the damn movies but only (1) is because I didn’t include all the following folders PS3_UDATE, PS3_VPRM. This would have been helpful to point out but but it clearly appears that no one had a clue. Anyway, there you go. Man, I just wasted a crap load of money on 10 TDK 50GB Dual Layer Disc’s. I can play them on my computer with Power DVD Ultra but as far as watching them on my PS3 via HDTV forget it because those folders PS3_UDATE and PS3_VPRM were not added. After the last disc I ripped I was able to play the movie on my PS3 only because I added folders PS3_UDATE and PS3_VPRM So for the record, that’s how you watch movies you’ve ripped from your PC to a PS3. Now I’ll have to throw away the other disc’s because no one could tell me what I was doing wrong. Disregard error code: 80029906 it’s because the PS3_UDATE and PS3_VPRM were not added once added your set. I wish I would have known. Anyway, I’m sure I won’t even get a firm answer on what I can do with the other disc’s I have that do not have the PS3_UDATE and PS3_VPRM added to them during the edit burn. I know the answer right in the trash can…….

  • Chazzy

    Someone should also make note that this tutorial is only for basic blu-ray player playback of burned blu-ray content. The will not work with any PlayStation 3 just a basic boring stand alone blu-ray player. I think buying a stand alone blu-ray player is worthless when a PS3 is more then just a gaming console. Anyway, that’s the low down hope it come in handy for someone else. Don’t follow the tutorial example because it will not even work on a PS3.
    It’s for a stand alone blu-ray player not a PS3.

  • Adub

    Actually Chazzy, it does work. You are the only person that I have ever heard of having this problem.

    Plus, think about it. Not a single production disk has any of the “PS3_*” files that you mentioned on them and they all work just fine, so I have a little trouble believing that this is required to make things work.

    In addition, I have tried these exact steps on my PS3 and everything worked just fine. A quick google search (literally 2 seconds) found this guide, which follows the exact same steps that I detail, and nobody has any problems with it. Apparently, on that website, a commenter says that the PS3 does not play nice with TDK media, that may have been your problem.

    I’m sorry that you had troubles Chazzy, but I do know that this process works and has worked for numerous other people.

  • Chazzy

    Well, if not the files then it must be a firmware issue with the PS3. I’ll wait for the next PS3 update just to confirm. The funny thing is that it loads perfectly fine on my computer with Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 Ultra. Anyway, only time will tell once Sony releases a new firmware update soon. I hope it corrects the problem. As for the TDK I have a dozen other blu-rays movies and there’s no problem at all playing them on my PS3. I hope to get the problem fixed soon or find out the real root of it at least….

  • Blu-Fan

    Ho Adub… I did everything in your guide;

    without any errors and now this guide right here… My problem is… when I let it load into my blu-ray player it just wouldn’t read. I Included BDMV and the Certificate folders as what you have stated here. I tried to play in my powerdvd software… still no luck. Why isn’t it working? I’m totally confused…


  • Adub

    I’m going to need some more information.

    What media are you using? Blu-ray? DVD-/+r

    Did you try playing the original disk in either PowerDVD or your blu-ray player? Did it work? Exactly what errors are you getting?

    How did you decrypt the disk?

  • Blu-Fan

    Hi Adub,

    I didn’t expect you’d reply quicky… here are the info’s

    Played the original blu-ray disc which is zombieland on powerdvd which played fine on my LG blu-ray player.

    Decrypted disc using anydvd version using the rip disc method which produced an iso. Loaded the iso after conversion using virtual clone drive.

    Did your bd rebuilder guide. I did the system inspection first before doing your BD-Rebuilder which produced the following;

    - Windows Version: 5.1 [2600]
    - AVISYNTH Version:, Ok
    - HAALI Splitter: Ok
    - FFDSHOW: 3439, not recommended version
    - FFDSHOW VC-1 set to “wmv9″, Ok
    - FFDSHOW MPEG2 set to “libmpeg2″: Ok
    - FFDSHOW AVC set to “ffmpeg-mt”: Ok
    - BD Rebuilder v0.33.0.7, Ok
    - X264: Ok
    - AFTEN: Ok
    - FAAC: Ok
    - MP4BOX: Ok
    - WAVI: Ok
    - TSMUXER: Ok

    BD-REBUILDER result that took a day to do and results seems promising;

    [20:11:34]PHASE ONE complete
    [20:11:34]PHASE TWO – Rebuild Started
    – [20:11:34] Rebuilding BD file Structure
    [20:11:43] – Encode and Rebuild complete
    [20:11:43]JOB: ZOMBIELAND finished.

    Tried running the file on my powerdvd and it wouldn’t run. Did this guide right here to burn using DVD-R sony disc. Tried to play on sony blu-ray=No success. Tried on my LG-Blu-ray burner=Still no success.

    I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I did everthing in your guide but this one is bugging me BIG TIME… can’t proceed to convert another till I work this one out. Thanks again bud.

  • Blu-Fan

    Hi Adub,

    Should I be copying what Chazzy has been saying here about copying the PS3_UDATE, PS3_VPRM folders too? Sooo tempting to just burn the whole on the dvd…..

  • Adub

    Hmm… okay, I have some ideas.

    First, update you AnyDVD HD version, because there were some fixes introduced that may cure things. Use the “Rip to Image” option, mount using virtual drive, and see if that disk plays in PowerDVD 9.

    If it does, then encode again. Using IMGBurn, set everything up like I present in my guide (especially the UDF 2.5 option) but use the “Create image file from files/folders” option instead. This will create a new ISO for you. Mount this one and see if PowerDVD plays it. If it does, burn the ISO and test in your set top box.

    If it doesn’t work in your set top box, then you have a predicament. It’s either bad burning media, or your set top box doesn’t like/support DVD-R disks.

    Side note: Where are you seeing the PS3_UDATE, PS3_VPRM folders? Is this before or after you encoded using BD Rebuilder.

  • Adub

    Also, what model Sony Blu-ray player are you using?

  • Blu-Fan

    Hi Adub,

    Blu-Ray Player model is BDPS360

    I did what you told me. I rerip zombieland to rip to image. So far all the rip to image I do all work with powerdvd10. It is just after BD-REBUILDER I am getting stuck on.

    This is what I did… after doing Target size BD-5 I made an iso image using image burn. Loaded it up to virtual clonedrive and yes, it plays with powerdvd10.

    Now if the iso image works on powerdvd10 shouldn’t that work with me burining that iso image into imgburn?

    I burned the iso image into imgburn, using a sony dvd-r(DVD-5) media. Tried playing to both my sony blu-ray player and my LG blu-ray burner and they just hang and did nothing.

    My understanding is BD-Rebuilder shrinks a BLU-RAY size that you can burn and fit into a DVD-5, DVD-9 and a BD 25 disc. Is that correct?

    Do you think its the media? The PS3_UDATE, PS3_VPRM folders are before and after. After AnyDVD HD does its job it created a total of 6 folders which are;

    and one file called PS3_DISC.SFB

    Let me know what you think =)

  • Adub

    Okay, I think we’ve got it. Just to be clear, after burning the (WORKING!) image to disk, the disk will not playback in PowerDVD 10?

    If that is so, then it does sound like bad media.

    Actually, just to be sure, when you burn using IMGBurn, be sure to turn OFF anyDVD HD, as it can sometimes affect the burning process.

    As to the PS3 folders, they aren’t standard and are only used by a Playstation 3, which you are not even using.

    Again, to be clear, the PS3 folders are not appearing in the working folder produced by BD Rebuilder correct?

  • Blu-Fan

    Yes, after burning the image the disc does not play both my BLU-ray players.

    PS3 folders do appear after BD-REBUILDER process. The folders were already even there checking my the anydvd original rip.

    So you mean, it should work just like your guide just by burning the two folders BDMV and the CERTIFICATE, and I should be good to go. Just use a different media? Correct?

  • Blu-Fan

    I even tried doing slow burn which is 8x and it still does not play to both my Blu-players

  • Adub

    Wait, do you have 2 set top boxes? I thought you just had one. You are testing the burned disk using PowerDVD, correct?

  • Blu-Fan

    Just one Bud. an LG Burner and a sony blu-ray player… I tested the burned disk using power dvd 10 with the sony media DVD-R and it didn’t play. Both LG burner and sony player couldn’t play the disc.

  • Adub

    Ah, okay that’s what I thought.

    If you are burning the ISO (created using UDF 2.5) that works when mounted using a virtual drive with PowerDVD HD, with AnyDVD HD disabled, and the disk is still not working in your set top box or PC, then it is most likely your media.

    Chances are especially high if you bought the stack of disks a long time ago.

    I recommend DVD-R’s from Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden if you want a suggestion.

    If you are just compressing Blu-rays with BD Rebuilder and then burning straight to DVD-R using IMGBurn, you can save a step by enabling the “Burn with IMGBurn” option in BD Rebuilder. BD Rebuilder will handle all of the necessary settings configuration and will burn all necessary folders.

    Actually, one last try with your current DVD-R’s may use the technique I just detailed.

    And yes, you are correct about your previous “BD Rebuilder just compresses….” statement.

  • Blu-Fan

    Thanks Adub…

    In conclusion on what works and whats not working;

    Creating the ISO=works
    Playing the ISO on PowerDVD=works

    Sony Media DVD-R(DVD-5)=Not

    Overall, its just the media I’m using that’s giving me the RED LIGHT? Also when compressing future BD-REBUILDER only two folders should be included in the ImgBurn? The BDMV and the CERTIFICATE? Also whats the difference with 2.50 and 2.60?

  • Blu-Fan

    I will try a different media next time and also your suggestion with the “Burn with ImgBurn” in BD-REBUILDER =)

  • Blu-Fan

    Hey Adub,

    Breakthrough, I managed to let my uncle play the iso I made which he said played just fine with all the extra features as well. My question is why doesn’t mine play it on both my Blu-Players? Especially on my powerdvd10 which is the burner I use to burn the disc? Its strange but I will still pursue the media as the suspected cause. Thanks again.

  • Adub

    Wait, the ISO file, or the burned disk?

    If it’s the ISO, then that’s a good thing. Chances are he used a different DVD media, so if it works for him, then we know that you are doing something right.

    If it is one of your burned disks, then that is very, very strange.

  • Blu-Fan


    the burned disk that I did. It worked on his allure blu-ray player… but not on mine.. whyyy…

    Also tried to convert another today using BD BUILDER… had an error… could check pls…

    [14:51:15] Collecting video information
    – Source Video: VC-1, 1920×1080
    – Rate/Length: 23.976fps, 285 frames
    – [14:51:15] Reencoding: VID_00017, Pass 1 of 1
    – Encode failed. Retrying.
    – Encode failed. Retrying.
    – Reached retry limit. Aborting.
    – BD-Rebuilder v0.33.07 (beta)
    – Windows Version: 5.1 [2600]
    – AVISYNTH Version:, Ok
    – HAALI Splitter: Ok
    – FFDSHOW: 3439, not recommended version
    – FFDSHOW VC-1 set to “wmv9″, Ok
    – FFDSHOW MPEG2 set to “libmpeg2″: Ok
    – FFDSHOW AVC set to “ffmpeg-mt”: Ok
    – X264: Ok
    – AFTEN: Ok
    – FAAC: Ok
    – MP4BOX: Ok
    – WAVI: Ok
    – TSMUXER: Ok
    [14:51:25] – Failed video encode, aborted

    Thank you. This one is from your guide doing full backup.

  • Adub

    Blu-fan, I am really not sure why your process is not working. Have you updated your player to the latest firmware?

    As it turns out, the author of BD Rebuilder owns a BDPS360 himself, and says that it plays pretty much anything you throw at it.

    As to your error, do you have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed? This is necessary to support the VC-1 codec. Also, a new version of Haali’s Media Splitter was released recently and it fixes a number of bugs concerning VC-1. Might be worth an update.

    In all honesty, I suggest that you get an account on Doom9 if you don’t have one already, and post in the BD Rebuilder thread as you will be able to get direct support from the developer that way. He will be better able to help you as he has the exact same player as you do.

  • Blu-Fan


    Another breakthrough… wohoo!!! Updated my BDPS360 firmware and I am now able to play the converts I did during the past days. As for the error I’m getting, I updated my Windows Media Player to version 11 and have now gotten error free. 2 down and only one problem to go and that is…

    the burned ISO disc. I can’t play it in my powerdvd10. It makes like a glitchy noise and then it stalls. Its so weird. Looks like my last choice is to do a Verbatim burn. Which is the media. That is the only problem I have left.

    Also, how often should I update my avisynth, ffdshow and haali’s Media Splitter? I mean if I got a good working thing going should I update? The author of BD-REBUILDER has just release a new version which is 33.09 should I update this one too?

    Thanks again for your valuable help. Its been a learning and exciting process =)

  • Adub


    Forgive my late reply. School has been very active recently.

    Anyways, when it comes to updating software, it’s usually pretty safe. However, I am a firm believer in the “If it aint broke, don’t fix it” paradigm. The one exception may be BD Rebuilder, since it’s still in Beta and the author is adding new features and fixing bugs with every version upgrade.

    FFDShow is usually pretty safe to update. The authors are mostly doing maintenance releases which just add safe new features, so go nuts on this one.

    Haali’s Media Splitter is a little more volatile. Stick with the stable releases, and really follow the paradigm that I mentioned earlier.

    As for the PowerDVD problem, it’s probably not the media now. I’m honestly not sure why it’s having issues. One thought is to check if there is a newer version. It could be a remote bug in their software, but I’m not sure. Sorry I couldn’t help more on that front.

  • Blu-Fan

    Not a problem Adub, yes, I believe in that paradigm as well.

    I will update the software you recommended. Right now I’m happy to convert but I cannot play the burnt disc after burning it into ImgBurn. into my powerdvd. Somehow it just stalls and would not read it. As you pointed out it could be powerdvd but I tried in others software it just wouldn’t play it. I seem to be able to play it by making an iso first and powerdvd likes that.
    Still I will keep on experimenting. Overall, it plays fine with my Sony Blu-ray player.

  • HugeMorningWood

    Blu-Ray fans,

    Im now in process of burning my first blu ray disc. Thank you for your guide from start to finish. My only issue is when im at the stage to calculate it hangs at 95%. But it seems like its pushiing forward with the burn anyways.

    I will update once the disc is finished and burned.

  • Tmb

    What do you mean by including the certificate, how is this done. Thanks!

  • Arianna Kory

    some really marvellous work on behalf of the owner of this internet site , dead outstanding subject matter.

  • Hawthorne

    I am having difficulties burning blu-ray movie files I have downloaded from a site I very reliable site I use called Pretome. I originally used Cyberlink Power2go 7 to create a data blu-ray, but which failed to replicate the 1080p quality contained in the original file. Then, I used MuliAVCHD 4.1to convert the file to AVCHD and which spawned 4 folders which I then dragged/dropped into Imgburn “write folders to disc”(UDF 2.50). This did not produce a playable disc however. Am I doing it wrong? My blu-ray player, a Sony, does play AVCHD and BD-R/BD-RE discs. I even tried both creating an .ISO burning that image–no dice–then attempting through MuliAVCHD again to format according to BDMV. This created three folders which I then attempted to burn using the same process I utilized for AVCHD through Imgburn. Again, no dice. Help!!!???

  • MIchael

    Hi, I used multiAVCHD and then IMGburn to burn my AVCHD files to a dual layer Verbatim disc. When I watch the disc thorugh my Bluray player I am ony able to see to first layer, there doesn’t seem to be any second layer at all although IMGburn said it burned 8 GB. Do you know what the problem could be?

    Kind regards

  • Adub

    How do you know you are only seeing the first layer?

    What happens if you play the AVCHD files on your computer before you burn it? Can you play the whole movie?

  • Michael

    Hi Adub,

    Thanks for the quick reply. Ignore my last question though,I can now see both layers. Another question though, I get à line showing the time of the recorded material in the right bottom side, how do I get rid of this? I assume it is a setting in multiavchd regarding subtitles?


  • David

    I have a couple of questions or issues I need help with. When I burn a DVD (single layer), all goes well until the program goes to run Synchronising Cache…, when it gets to this step the program will not do anything (not-responding) and the status bar does nothing, I have to force the program to close and also restart CPU to get disk to eject. I am trying to burn files (DVD cartoons) downloaded from peers and e-mail from other people, (not directly ripped from other CD). Thanks for any help. I’m sure its something I’m doing wrong, (like not converting a file to right format). Thanks Again David

  • Adub

    You may want to take a look at this thread:

    Apparently, it can be an issue with your drive’s firmware. As long as you are converting the media properly, you should be fine with burning in this manner.

  • Eric

    Ive been having problems with burning to verbatim dl bd-r 50gb discs, ive went through 3 already and they wont play on anything which has now cost me a small fortune as theyre now coasters.Ive been using a pioneer bdr s06lxb drive and I keep getting error messages when im running through the verify process, heres an example of 1 of the error messages.If anyone knows how I go about fixing this problem please let me know as its driving me mad.

    Miscompare at LBA:6485224, offset: 348File:

    Image file: 0x2B
    Device: 0x6B
    Total errors in sector: 1

    would you like to continue verifying the remainder of the disc?

  • Adub

    If you keep receiving verify errors while burning your disks, then that is likely the reason why you are unable to play them in your player.

    Make sure that your burner firmware is fully up-to-date, and that you have the latest version of IMGBurn.

    Also, ensure that your disks are not scratched or otherwise damaged in any way.

    The number one cause of verify errors is a bad disk. That’s why the verify phase exists in the first place.

  • Kazi

    Hey Adub,
    am having problems with burning blueray video on cds. Every time I burn the discs as UDF 2.5, when I insert it my PS3 it shows as a data disc! please help me I dont know if there is any setting I should change on IMGBurn!

  • Adub

    Burning Bluray’s to CD’s will likely result in the PS3 rejecting the disk, as a CD is not listed as an accepted media for Bluray-formatted content.