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Backing Up Blurays with AVCHDCoder

A few weeks ago I showed you how to backup your Blu-rays using BD Rebuilder. This week, I’ll show you how to do it with an alternative program, AVCHDCoder.

AVCHDCoder is a decidedly different program than BD Rebuilder. It’s feature set is much larger for one thing. For another, it can produce Blu-rays from non-Blu-ray sources. This is highly useful in the creation of AVCHD disks from home videos and the like. But that is for another tutorial. Today we are just going to be backing up our precious store-bought Blu-rays.

Let’s get started.

Step 1)

Make sure that you have Java installed and the usual suspects (Avisynth, Haali Media Splitter, etc…)

Step 2)

Make sure that AVCHDCoder is in BDMV-mode.

AVCHDCoder Select Blu-ray Mode.

Step 3)

Load your source and select the main movie playlist using the Playlist to convert drop-down menu. Press the Set button. Press Next if necessary.

AVCHDCoder select source of Blu-ray and the main movie's playlist.

Step 4)

You should now be on the Select Streams tab. Edit your streams until they represent your desired output. In this case I want to do a full resolution backup (1920 x 1080p), using just the first audio track and the first subtitle track. You can adjust your own settings or use similar versions of mine. Press the Add button when you are finished to add your Blu-ray to the final composition.

AVCHDCoder Select your desired streams and then add your project to the final compilation.

Step 5)

You should now be on the Output tab. Select your destination size (a single-layer DVD in this case, because I’m cheap). Remember, a greater destination size allows for a higher bitrate and thus higher quality backup. However, make sure that you can properly handle your output size. For instance, if you were to select the BD-25 option, make sure that you have a Blu-ray burner and a spare BD-25 disk lying around, otherwise you will have to do your backup all over again.

Go ahead and title your disk if you want to (it’s good practice, but I didn’t show it in the screenshot below), then select your output settings. I’m going to burn this disk using IMGBurn when I’m done, so I went ahead and selected the ISO option to keep things easy for me.  Select your destination folder and check the Delete temp folder after conversion option if you don’t won’t to keep your temporary files (most people won’t).

Lastly, click the Add to Queue button to finalize your settings and add the project to the encoding queue.

AVCHDCoder Select your output size and destination.

Step 6)

Now, before you go ahead and start the encoding process, you may want to adjust the encoder’s priority. You can do this by going up to Options->CPU Priority. Under normal circumstances when I am encoding something, I want to set the priority to Normal (like you can see in the screenshot). However, if you wanted to continue to use the computer while the encode process was going on, you may want to set it to something a little lower like Below Normal or Low. The reason you may want to use Normal is that it can result in a faster encoding process. It’s your choice.

AVCHDCoder Set the CPU priority to normal.

Step 7)

Last but certainly not least, press the big, colorful Convert button. Then sit back and enjoy the ride while your computer does all the dirty work!

AVCHDCoder Press the convert button to begin the process.


Once your encode has finished, you can burn your ISO (or files) to a DVD or Blu-ray disk of your choice. There are a variety of programs out there such as the (FREE!) IMGBurn or Nero that will be able to burn your shiny new ISO file for you. Enjoy your very own Blu-ray backup!

  • robert

    Thanks for the article, but could you please tell me all of the other programs needed, you list a few then etc.

    thanks again.

  • Adub

    Sure, no problem. You may already have these installed, but just in case.

    * AviSynth (Delivered with AVCHDCoder)
    * ffdshow (Delivered with AVCHDCoder)
    * Haali Media Splitter (Delivered with AVCHDCoder)
    * dbPowerAmp (Licenced Copy necessary if you want to use the WMVHD function)
    * Java
    * .Net framework 2.0

  • Tony

    This program is awesome!
    However, I haven’t got to run it successfully yet.
    The problem is that I followed the installation guide, installing avisynth, ffdshow, haali, etc, but no good.

    Running Vista by the way. Don’t know if it’s design for XP or 7.
    Vista sucks.

  • alan

    hi, does this work ok on a sony bdps360 ??,, i can see after looking on the main site that it works on the 350 ok.
    many thanks in advance

  • Adub

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell you for sure, but in all likely hood, with a high quality DVD or Blu-ray disk (read: not cheap), it should work just fine. I don’t have that player, so I can’t test, but if it’s older cousin worked, then this one should work as well.

  • Adub

    Your going to have to tell me more than “no good”, as I have no idea what that means. Does it crash, does it present an error, does it fail to boot, etc?

    According to the programs author, AVCHDcoder works just fine in Windows 7, so it may be a configuration issue on your end.

  • robert

    thanx adub

  • robert

    thanx adub for the response.

  • tytyho12

    Since I had a problem with BD Rebuilder, I decided to try AVCHDCoder and this is what happened. Errorcode: 0×0003, Error occured when demuxing with tsMuxer. Any insight on this issue. I will try BD Rebuilder again.

  • Dale

    Tell me what drives/burners i need to back up a blu ray disc on my Windows Vista Premium computer?

  • Dale

    I’m sorry I should have asked exactly what are all the components I need to back up a blu ray disc using Windows Vista Premium including GB space ect.
    Thanks, Dale

  • Adub

    You may have a bad rip, tytyho12, if you are unable to demux it properly. Make sure that you are using the latest version of AnyDVD HD and try re-ripping.

    It depends on what your desired output format is. If you want a full Blu-ray to Blu-ray backup, then you will need a Blu-ray burner drive. If you just want to backup to a DVD, then all you need is a Blu-ray reader to rip the disk and then a DVD drive to burn the DVD. Most Blu-ray reader drives can do both (read Blu-ray’s and read/write DVD’s).

    There are a number of drives available on sites such as Newegg or TigerDirect.

  • Adub

    That’s kind of a loaded question that depends on a few things. In short, you need at least 50 GB of free space to rip one Blu-ray disk. So, a shiny new 1 TB drive should work just fine for a long while.

    In order to encode your backup’s in a timely manner, the faster your processor the better. In addition, the more cores the better (aka. 2 core vs. quad core).

    In terms of RAM, I recommend 1GB+ minimum, preferably 2GB+.

    Plus the drive(s) I mentioned in the previous comment.

  • Dale

    What kind of picture quality is there when backing up a blu ray to a dvd5 or dvd9?
    Will this also backup the audio hd like dtshd or truehd?

  • Adub

    In all honesty, the picture quality can be really amazing. Depending on your preferences (and your eyes) some people have come out with transparent rips.

    As for the audio, I believe that the AVCHD format only supports AC3 and PCM, so no, I don’t believe that the HD audio will be kept. However, if you use a relatively high AC3 bitrate, I doubt you will be able to tell the difference.

  • tytyho12

    Tried a re-rip of a different movie this time and having the same error code. Are there any settings in AnyDVD HD or ACVHD that I shoul adjust. Should i rip to my harddrive or an image in AnyDVD? What gives? I don’t understand. Makes me want to just return the burner and stick with DVD’s.

  • $bill

    Thanks for the posts, I just followed all the tutorals and just finished ripping my 1st BD/dvd. The quality is amazing. It took 18hrs to rip a 43Gb movie to 4.7Gb!

  • Adub

    @$bill, I’m glad that you had such success! Isn’t the world of HD great!

    Make sure that you are able to play the ripped version of your disk before trying to back it up. If you can’t play it, you can’t encode it, and you will need to work on getting your codecs setup properly before moving forward.

  • orion

    Been using this program to do AVCHD movie to play on PS3 and it is awesome.great program,I recommend it

  • Adub

    orion, I’m glad that it worked so well for you. Good luck with your backups!

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  • tytyho12

    Does memory have anything to do with errors during backing up of blu ray discs? I noticed that AVCHDCoder was working better when I cleared some space on my system drive but then the low memory space flashed then it came up with an error code. I am in the process of upgrading my system hard drive to 1TB. Do you think this will solve the problems I’ve been having with backing up blu rays. Also, once you rip a blue ray with AnyDVD, can you play it on Windows media player or do you nee a blu ray program like PowerDVD? Finally, do you need dbPoweramp for AVCHDCoder to work properly? Thanks for all the info.

  • tytyho12

    What are all the programs I need for AVCHDCoder?

  • monstaA1

    Excellent, amazing and wonderful! Ever since following and installing AVCHDCoder, I had successfully converted 3 movies to AVCHD-DVD so far.
    Since building a new computer for my son during christmas, I ‘ve been itching to try this Blu-ray on DVDs. Initially I had 4 unsuccessful attempts but found out that I miss installing AVISYNTH because alI others was already present.
    All I can say about the quality is nothing short of amazing – FULL HD.
    Thank you very much.

  • Tony

    Adub: Upgraded to Win 7 and the program runs fine now.
    However, when I do the test to check if everything is installed correctly, I get
    a “failed” warning for VC1 Decoding. The rest are fine.

    What could it be? I checked the settings and they are all fine.


  • Adub

    Windows Media Player will not be able to play Blu-ray disks. If you want to be able to play Blu-ray disks with a menu, you will need a player like PowerDVD or Total Media Theater.

    As to your low space issues, yes, working with a 1 TB harddrive is recommended and may solve you problem. And dbPowerAmp is not necessary, unless using the WMVHD function of AVCHD, as described on the program’s website. The website also describes all of the necessary programs if you are still curious

    I’m glad that you that it worked so well for you!

    You may not have a proper VC-1 decoder installed. For one, make sure that FFDShow has it’s VC-1 setting set to wmv9 and that Windows Media Player 11 is installed.

  • kris

    New to this so stupid question. Will backing up a blue ray disc to a blank blue ray disk using this method retain the full sound qulaity? I simply want to duplicate the original blue ray onto a blank blue rasy recodable disc. thanks.

  • Adub

    Yes, if you set the audio target to “Untouched”, you will have perfect audio. However, I question why you would want to run your disk through a program like AVCHDCoder, if you are just going to burn it back to a Blu-ray disk.

    Provided that your source disk is not too large, or that you have a large enough Blu-ray disk to burn to, you can simply rip your Blu-ray disk and then burn it right back. No need for compression or further tweaking. However, you can ONLY do this if your disk match in size, or the source disk is smaller than the destination disk.

  • tytyho12

    Okay so I had a 1TB system drive installed with Windows 7 Ultimate. I ripped a blu ray with AnyDVD checked that it played. Sill getting error code (17:02:24 Creating AVS file: DirectShowsource(“C:\Users\Quan\Documents\AVCHDCoder\Temp\Up – item 1\joined.m2ts”,fps=23.976,audio=false).AssumeFPS(24000,1001).addborders(0,0,0,0)
    17:02:24 Encoding Pass 1: “C:\Program Files\AVCHDCoder\Tools\X264\32bit\x264.exe” –pass 1 –vbv-bufsize 40000 –vbv-maxrate 40000 –bitrate 28005 –level 4.1 –stats “C:\Users\Quan\Documents\AVCHDCoder\Temp\Up – item 1\Up.stats” –keyint 24 –min-keyint 2 –ipratio 1.1 –pbratio 1.1 –fps 23.976 –sar 1:1 –weightp 0 –nal-hrd –aud –output NUL “C:\Users\Quan\Documents\AVCHDCoder\Temp\Up – item 1\Up.avs”
    17:02:27 Converting video pass 1: Errorcode: 0×0401,Error occured when converting video). Any insight? Also, I tried to redownload BD rebuilder but it keeps saying that I need FFDshow to work but it’s installed. Any insight on that? Thanks for any info you may have.

  • Adub

    Wait a minute. Which program are you using? AVCHDCoder or BD Rebuilder? Also, which version are you using?

    If you are using AVCHDCoder, the installer should install and configure FFDShow for you. Did you let it do that?

  • tytyho12

    I used AVCHDCoder first and when it gave me an error message I tried installing BD rebuilder. I installed FFDshow separately. And I’m not sure which version I’m using. Which ones do you recommend? I noticed on the link you sent me that FFDshow, Haali splitter, and AviSynth should be delivered with AVCHD but they weren’t. I had to download those separately. Is there a site where I can download all of the software together? I could start from scratch. Thanks again for the info.

  • Twan Wintjes

    Hi, I am the author of AVCHDCoder. I want to clear some things up.
    First of all AVCHDCoder never messes with your system by itself. All action come from the user. This means that you have to install all apps manually. The correct installers can be launched from within AVCHDCoder. The installation Guide will tell you what to do. For Windows 7 you need to do some extra steps. If you don’t do it you are not be able to get it to work on Windows 7.

    On my website you can always find a list of the currently known bugs. Next release is planned for Februari 1st. It will contain major fixes.

  • tytyho12

    Thanks for the info.

  • tytyho12

    Thanks Adub and Twan for all the help with AVCHDCoder. I have finally been able to start using the program. I’m not sure of the results as of yet, had to go work, but the program is running and I should know something by tonight.
    I had one more question, how do you set up IMGburn to automatically burn the iso when it’s done?
    Again thanks for all the info and support.

  • Twan Wintjes

    Automatically burning the iso is not possible because AVCHDCoder works with a Queue. Let’s say you could burn. That means the queue hangs because you are not at home and a disc is required. I think creating the iso is enough. Burning the iso is better to do that manually. Now you can check the result before burning :)

  • tytyho12

    Ok thanks.

  • tytyho12

    Thanks guys my first disk was a success. It took 15hrs from start to finish but it works and everything looks and sounds great. Thanks again for all the help.

  • Adub

    I’m glad that you were able to get everything figured out tytyho12!
    Since it took so long, you may want to look at using a faster profile if you don’t care that much about quality. Or get a faster computer :)

  • Big bad john

    I’m looking for an app that will back-up a blu-ray to a single mp4/h264 file. So that I can store this on my NAS and replay back through various media streamers. I notice that this app will have different outputs but will it do what I want it to do?

  • Adub

    No, not really. Your in luck though. I was planning on writing a tutorial this weekend on how to do exactly that using a program called Ripbot, which takes most of the guess work out of converting a Blu-ray to MP4. Would you like me to write one this weekend?

  • Big bad john

    I was thinking of looking at ripbot the other day but AVCHD Coder got installed. Anyway I have used AVCHD and think it is great except for my prob above but I guess it I’d not designed for that. Well done to Twan anyhow. As for the guide If I had the time I would. Too much nagging from the wife for DIY. :-) thanks for the heads up on Ripbot (264 I’m assuming).
    P.s Blu-ray conversion took around 3hrs just main movie on a intel i7 2.80 Ghz.

  • Adub

    Okay, well I plan on putting up the guide this weekend, so if you still want to do it in the future, you can use it as reference. Also, there are several other programs that can achieve the same output, so I might write up on those as well. Let me know if you need more help.

  • vwa3guy

    I’m having trouble getting past step 3 part 2. I select blu ray and i can point to the BDMV folder but when the playlist to convert shows up and I hit the set button nothing happens and I can not access the streams tab. I have tried 5 different movies and it’s the same result. Can someone please help?

  • Adub

    And after hitting “Set”, what happens if you click the “Next” button?

  • vwa3guy

    nothing because the next button never shows up.

  • Adub

    Huh, now that is odd. You do have the latest version of Java, correct? It may be a bug. Since the author checks back here on occasion he may see this problem.

  • Twan Wintjes

    That is odd. You do see a list (or only 1 item) of playlists after opening the BDMV folder? (So it isn’t empty?) Maybe it is related to the problem described on: (Problems) You can try to move The BDMV folder to the root of your harddisk drive. If it doesn’t help just email me.

    Note: AVCHDCoder originally had no BDMV support. It was added in a later stage. It wasn’t designed for Blu-ray import. BDMV import depends on eac3to. So maybe it is a bug with AVCHDCodereac3to.

  • vwa3guy

    It’s weird after I tried a few more I gave up and installed powerdvd so I could at least watch my blu rays on the laptop and ever since I installed it, the program works fine now. Is it normal for it to take like 16-18hours to convert to a BluRay25 ?

  • Adub

    Chances are you are now using PowerDVD’s decoding filters, so that’s why it started working.

    Since you are encoding on your laptop (and I assume your laptop isn’t some beast of a rig with a ridiculous processor) 16-18 hours isn’t outside of the realm of possibility. If you want to speed up the process, try using a faster (albeit lower quality) profile.

  • vwa3guy

    2.93ghz core2duo and 4gb ram. I thought about trying it on my desktop which is a 2.4ghz core2quad with 6gb ram but I’d have to hook up the drive via esata and I wasn’t sure if that would kill the throughput speeds.

  • Adub

    Esata is just as fast as SATA, which means that it WON’T kill the throughput speeds.

    You laptop has some impressive specs! I’m a little surprised that it does take as long to encode. This may be due to an inefficiency in PowerDVD’s decoders though.

  • vwa3guy

    i’ll try uninstalling everything and starting fresh with the latest version of AVCHD

  • Adub

    There is a new version of AVCHDCoder, so some of your problems may clear up. Usually the problem is with VC-1 decoding, so make sure that you have a proper decoder installed (like FFDShow set to WMV9 in it’s codec setup).

  • Captainbob

    I’m trying out the latest AVCHDCoder on my iMac running WinXP under VMWARE Fusion. It seems to be running fine except slow (to be expected).

    I’m trying a Bluray 6.7 GB mkv 1080p file I got from a torrent. Roxio Toast wanted to make a 16 GB ISO.

    Is there a way to get full quality video and sound from a single HD movie onto multiple DVDs? I assume what I will be getting from this run is a single ISO file. What If I were willing to put 1 to 1.25 hour of video per disk for a 2.5 hour movie. I should get two ISOs. Would AVCHDCoder be able to do that? Would the improvement in quality be worth the trouble?

  • Adub

    First, lets get a couple of things clear.

    You CANNOT improve the quality of a video encode. Further encoding will only reduce the quality. Even if it is normally imperceptible, it still occurs.

    You have not stated what format your want your DVD’s to be. Do you want them to be AVCHD’s, MPEG2, or other wise?

    If you had a SOURCE Blu-ray (which you don’t) you could split the video up onto several DVD’s and not see a reduction in quality. This is simply a multiplexing trick using a splitting size. But since you don’t, there is really little point in splitting this file across multiple disks. The quality will not improve.

  • Louis

    Hi. Does the result (DVD-5) is in 1080p? Does it play in a DVD player?

  • Adub

    Yes the result can be in 1080p (as long as you specify it to be so).

    But no, the resulting DVD will not play in a DVD player. Standard DVD players only support MPEG2 at SD (480p) resolution. Sorry.

  • bestcoder

    This tool sucks big time, better use bdrebuilder for bluray backup.

  • Twan Wintjes

    AVCHDCoder cannot output to 2 discs. If you do want to achieve that you should split the source into 2 files. Then add 2 discs to the queue. Each disc containing 1 part of of your source. Now you ask why not 2 disc support? Answer is easy: You can add 32 items to a disc. Why splitting the output of you can make 2 discs of 16 items each. But I am looking for a easy to use way to achieve 2 disc output without adding complex menu’s etc.

    @bestcoder, why does is sucks bigtime? Why do you prefer BDRebuilder?

    (Remember AVCHDCoder originally wasn’t designed for Blu-ray input. While BDRebuilder only takes Blu-ray input)

  • tytyho12

    @ Bestcoder, being a user like yourself I’d have to say that AVCHCODER is a great program. I had my issues with it initially but after configuring everything appropriately it’s been awesome.

  • Craig Hudson

    In order to use AVCHDCoder, must you rip the blu-ray movie using AnyDVD HD, before beginning.

  • tytyho12

    Hit my first snag with AVCHDcoder. I ripped the blu ray using AnyDVD as usual then used the BDMV file for AVCHcoder but it failed to extract the data this time. Any thoughts?

  • Adub

    Hmm… first, make sure you have the latest version of AVCHDCoder (10.02.01).

    Next, what is the exact error? You say it “failed to extract the data” but I’m not entirely clear what that means. Do you have a log file or screenshot?

  • Micro9mm

    Does this method give rebuild the whole disk, ie does it keep the menus? Or is the resulting disk movie only?

  • Adub

    No, it does not keep the menu’s. If you want to keep the menu structure, use BD Rebuilder in Full Backup mode.

    Or you can try multiAVCHD’s re-author feature.

  • Alphamale1956

    Q: Which format has the higher compression? Blu-ray or AVCHD? Which will allow a higher bit-rate for the same size of content? I ask because I have a BD burner (capable of playing AVCHD) and was wondering would I get a better picture with AVCHD or with Blu-ray. You may not be able to tell the differnce visually, but if AVCHD allows more compression, then I might be able to include a better audio track. Does this make sense? See, I have a true 7.1 audio set up and if I can elect to have the uncompressed version (PCM) of BD discs that have true 7.1 channel audio ( I know there’s not many currently but that will change with time), I’d prefer to select that rather than AC-3 5.1 channel sound.

  • Adub

    The compression quality is the same, byte for byte. AVCHD is a standard that is used when dealing with DVD-5/9s as your output, while “Blu-ray” was for Blu-ray disks.

    In all honesty, AVCHD is just a substandard of Blu-ray, with an outlook towards smaller media (it has a limit on a few things, like audio tracks and subtitles, etc).

    Both use the same compressor, however, so the quality will be the same. However, remember that you can only use AVCHD for DVD-5/9s and Blu-ray for Blu-ray disks. Some set-top boxes may be confused if your try and put a Blu-ray structure on a DVD-5 disk for example.

  • Taurus

    I wanted to made a DVD-R DL, chose all the right options and even selected a menu. Unfortunataly the result was to big to fit on a DVD-R DL and ImgBurn came up with an error. Now, what to do? I thought like in BDRB the size fits automatically on a disc if you choose the DVD-R DL option. Is that something you have to expect?

  • Twan Wintjes

    I get some more reports lately about this problem. I only switched to a newer x264 and suddenly some outputs are slightly to big. Too bad nobody is actively helping me in tracking down the real problem. So please contact me on my email and please give me the following information:

    Copy of the log (Just add the movie to the queue again with EXACTLY the same settings and then copy the log) and how many MB’s the iso is too big.

  • monstaA1

    Guess I am back to square one. Its been a while since I’ve use AVCHDCoder.
    I’ve since upgraded to version 10 as well as AnyDVD to
    At the last window, I got an Error Code: 0×0401 – An error occurred while encoding video. It use to work perfectly the first go but not now.
    Please help.
    Thanks guys.

  • monstaA1

    I haven’t done any encoding for a while. Just a few days ago I have upgraded to version 10 and also my AnyDVD and now I got an Error code 0×0401 – an error occurred while encoding video. Failed process!
    Please help.
    Thanks adup.

  • Twan Wintjes

    I did get multiple reports of the 0×0401 error after upgrading AVCHDCoder but after installing 3 tools again it did work normal again. So reinstall: ffdshow, avisynth and haali media splitter. All tools can be found here: Help–>Installers.

    Go to tools–>Decoder Tester to test if the decoders are working correctly. This is also explained in the Installation Guide.

    I think it fails because of the new encoder settings. Only a couple of people seem to have the same problem.

  • Gabriel

    Okay this is what I want to do. I have my bluray disk and want to save some of them to computer so I don’t wear anything out or even damage the disk if I drop it. Everything is setup tested and passed but have a question. I want to keep video and audio the same so when I get bluray burner in a few months I can just burn it and be able to play it on any bluray player without any problems. If I choose remux from the encoder speed will that cause me problems in playing it say on my set-top bluray player or even on my bluray on computer?

    Just kind of confused what remux means. What I have read is that it doesn’t change the video which thats what I want but then I see the big message saying that it doesn’t have a test to see if it will play in bluray players.

  • Adub

    If you want to keep the audio and video the same, than why even bother with AVCHDCoder in the first place? Just rip with AnyDVD HD or DVD Fab and keep it in the ripped form on your harddrive until you get your Blu-ray burner. If you want to do something like a dual-layer Blu-ray -> single-layer Blu-ray conversion, something like BD Rebuilder or multiAVCHD are much better suited for the job. AVCHDCoder was really created with Blu-ray/other to AVCHD in mind.

  • Gabriel

    What I wanted was remove the audio that I don’t use but keep everything the same. Have tried other software and it makes me encode the video which I don’t want. Just wanted something to remove video as is, and audio I choose so size is close to at least blu25 disk size.

    LIke say I have a season of 24 and only want english audio and video with eng subs. Just looking for a way to remove what I need and keep all movies,audio,subs on a bluray. If you can help thanks, I am trying out tsmuxer as I have found that it accepts all video codecs blurays come in and doesn’t encode anything. If you can say if this is the best software to do this please let me know. Don’t know where else to go came here from videohelp as I was looking for a how to the software.

  • Adub

    Yes, TSmuxer will work. In fact, TSmuxer is the backend used by a majority of programs, including BD Rebuilder, multiAVCHD, and I believe AVCHDcoder.

    You can strip away streams using multiAVCHD, it’s actually quite easy. MultiAVCHD is smart enough to recognize if it will need to re-encode the video or not, so you shouldn’t have to worry there.

  • Gabriel


  • monstaA1

    Thanks a lot Twan and sorry for the late reply. I did what you say and dealt with the 3 culprits and all is good now. Love your AVCHDCoder and no doubt the best and easiest program to use from Blu-rays > AVCHD on DVD 5/9.

    Got an audio question – If I am able to include the DTS as well as the AC3 stream when using DVD 9 disc, will that be a bonus or waste of time? I always prefer to encode in High Quality mode and with some movies or most, will just nudge past the 4.7 GB hence the extra space for use.

  • tytyho12

    Does anyone know what error code 0×0003, “an error occurred while extracting file” is and how to fix it? Thanks. AVCHDCoder

  • Gatecrasher

    I want to use this software to shrink my m2ts rips on my media streamer. Some of them are huge and don’t need to be!

    So for example I want to take INCEPTION (29GB) and make it 20GB. I want the same Audio and subtitles. Simple.

    Except after 10 hours I get what look like a perfect 20GB duplicate except when I play it the sound is out of sync and gets worse as the film goes. It’s about 2 seconds out by the end.

    I am using 32bit but running on Windows 7-64. Other than that everything is standard.

    I have just reinstalled all the utilities in case I had an older one installedand set of another run. Should be done in 10 hours!

    Any ideas why this might be?

  • Twan Wintjes

    Synchronization issues for Blu-ray/BDMV input should be history in the latest release of AVCHDCoder (11.05.07). In previous versions tsMuxer caused these out of sync issues.

  • Gatecrasher


    I think installing all the versions in your distribution has sorted it. I must have had older versions knocking about on the machine.

    Just ran through Inception, got it down from 30GB to 20GB with original DTS soundtrack and commentaries and it looks excellent. Very impressed.

    Is there any major advantage to getting 64Bit working? Is it going to be a lot faster or just a little faster?

    I’ll try a few more and if successful a well earned donation with be forthcoming, you are about to save me a lot of disk space :)